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Belize's largest and most popular website. Belizean tours, scuba diving, lodging, history, travel tips,  large photo galleries, very active message board. Need information? Find it here.

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Also check out BelizeSearch.com for your Belizean related internet searches, BelizeCards.com for your electronic greating cards, and AmbergrisCaye.com, the largest and most popular website on Belize, and BelizePhotographs.com for our picture of the day.

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 Love FM
lovefmblank News and Music Power
95.1 and 98.1 mhz, Love FM offers a daily entertainment service to listeners who enjoy an adult contemporary sound. Click here

News directly affecting the North of Belize.
Click here.

 The Toledo Howler
caye caulker chronicles An excellent community-based newspaper produced quarterly.
Containing calendars of events, current events, restaurant guides, maps, lots of great information on the Toledo and southern Belize area. Click here.

 The Independent
The Independenttransparent
A non-partisan weekly newspaper that originated in Belize City. Distributed in all the major urban areas of the nation of Belize. For too long our society has been polarized by our contentious politics. The Independent is intended to give its readers a chance to decide for themselves.Click here.

 El Chiclero
El Chiclerotransparent
Published Monthly in Benque Viejo Del Carmen Cayo District. Click here.

 The Northern Star
The Northern Startransparent
First weekly, full newspaper coming out of Northern Belize. We are based in Orange Walk Town and we highlight the activities, events, concerns, and view points of the people in the North. Click here.

 The Independent Reformer
Independent Reformertransparent
Here are some issues of the old Independent Reformer newspaper... Click here.

san pedro sun San Pedro Sun
san pedro sun Weekly coverage from the largest island in Belize
Ron and Tamara Sniffin bringing you the best of La Isle Bonita. From the streets, beaches, and lagoons of San Pedro Town. Click here.

 The Reporter
the reportertransparent Independently Serving Belize since 1967
The Reporter is Belize's leading newspaper, offering the most comprehensive coverage of news from Belize. It is published every week. Click here.

 Breaking Belize News
Breaking Belize News Breaking Belize News
The site offers breaking news, blogs, and original content and covers politics, business, entertainment, environment, technology, popular media, lifestyle, culture and local news on Belize. Click here.

 Belize Live News
caye caulker chronicles Belize Live News is a newly established online media, specifically on Facebook. Our mission is to be a reliable online source for Belizeans in all sectors of the community. Click here.

 San Pedro Town Council  
caye caulker chronicles Mayor -Daniel Guerrero. Deputy Mayor - Ruben Gonzalez. Councilors: Hector Alamilla, Severo Guerrero Jr., Flora Ancona, Gary Greif, Gabriel Nuñez. Click here.

 Reef TV  
caye caulker chronicles Watch us on CCV Channel 20 for local programs and more. Click here. Listen online from anywhere in the world Click here.

 Belize Electricity Limited  
caye caulker chronicles Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) is the primary distributor of electricity in Belize, Central America. Click here.

 Amandala Online
Newspaper with the greatest circulation in Belize. Click here.

 Channel 5
channel 5 belizetransparent Operating the nation's largest television station
Broadcasting over the air since 1991 on Channel 5 in Belize City. Click here.
For their nightly video newscast, click here.

 The Guardian
the guardian
News from all over Belize!
News online from the UDP. Click here.

 Ambergris Today
ambergris todaytransparent
A great source of news about Ambergris Caye
Click here.

 Channel 7
channel 7 belizeFeatures: News - National
Click here.

 The Belize Times
belize times
Brought to you by the PUP Click here.

 Belize Water Services  
caye caulker chronicles BWS currently serves approximately 48,279 customers with a total average water demand of some 150 million US gallons per month. Click here.

 The Placencia Breeze
placencia breezetransparent
A publication of the Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association. Click here.

 The STAR Newspaper
The Star A Cayo-based newspaper produced weekly.
Published by veteran journalist Alberto August and edited by his wife Nyani Azueta-August. Click here.

International News Sources

ABC (Australia)
AOL News
Agence France-Presse
Al Jazeera
AltaVista News
Associated Press
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Boston Globe
CBC (Canada)
Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Tribune
The Christian Science Monitor
Chronicle of Higher Education
Daily Standard (UK)
Denver Post
Deutsche Welle (EU)
Dow Jones
Drudge Report
The Economist
Financial Times (UK)
The Globe and Mail (Canada)
Google News
Guardian (UK)
Hindustan Times (India)
Huffington Post
Independent (UK)

International Herald Tribune
Irish Times
Los Angeles Times
Miami Herald
New York Daily News
The New York Observer
New York Times
Outer Banks Sentinel
Oregon History
PBS NewsHour
San Francisco BayView

San Francisco Chronicle
The Scotsman
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The Smoking Gun
Sky News (UK)
St. Petersburg Times
Telegraph (UK)
Times (UK)
Times of India
USA Today
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
Yahoo! News

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