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November 25, 2015


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Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Celebrating our island children!
Island school children rallied on Friday, November 20th to celebrated Children’s Day. From preschools through high school, events were held in honor of children and their rights under the theme “Stop the violence against the children”. While all schools celebrated the day with fun activities of their own, the main event was the children’s rally which saw students from San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School (SPRCS) parading through the main streets in town. The parade started shortly after 9PM on the corner of Tarpon Street and Barrier Reef Drive. Close to a thousand students dressed in colorful themed outfits cheerfully marched down the street. Leading the parade was SPRCS marching band, followed by the lower division students. The little cuties were dressed from princesses to superheroes and even fruits and vegetables. Following behind were students from the middle division dressed to represent Belize’s various cultures and ethnic groups and the flora and fauna. In last were the upper division students representing Belize’s National Heroes and the Holy Sacraments.

Letter to the Editor: Improving Ambergris Caye
I have lived on Ambergris Caye for 15 years. I have seen the caye change from an easy-paced, sandy street Caribbean island to a noisy, traffic-clogged, trash-ridden tourist mecca. These are problems that can be solved with money and determination and the will to resist political and financial corruption. But there is another problem I encounter that also needs to be addressed. The non-Belizeans who have chosen to relocate here (from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia, and other “first world countries”) are extremely critical of the traffic and the trash and the cost of living on the island and lay the blame at the feet of the Belizeans and the Belize Government. I think all of us gringos need to consider that we came here with first-world expectations. We want personal vehicles (golf carts, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs). We want a selection of consumer goods (frozen foods, 50 kinds of cereal). We want convenience (soda in plastic bottles, Budweiser in cans).

Sheila Montero is Miss Garifuna 2015/2016: Island celebrates rich culture
Ambergris Caye joined the many Belizeans countrywide in celebrating the Garifuna Settlement Day on the November 19th. This year’s celebrations were under the theme ‘Bungiu Lerebei Sun Katei Liden Nei Fureidei Luma Benefau Awanseruni’ (English: God strength of all things. Garifuna progress lies in education and hard work). The 2015/2016 Miss Garifuna Pageant began shortly after 7PM with the singing of the National Anthem in Garifuna. Immediately after the National Anthem was sung, Pastor Clive Welch delivered the opening prayer. Hosts Timrose Augustin and Eiden Salazar Jr. had the crowd’s attention on high as they began the program for the evening’s event. President of the local NGC, Elroy Castillo welcomed everyone to the pageant which had been dormant for the past 18 years. He thanked all attendees for their presence and invited them join in the celebration and to enjoy the show.

Ambergris Today

Remembering When WE USED TO… in San Pedro Village No. 7
SELLING FISH: In the order of jobs that kept this village going, fishing was fourth- the first three being cutting logwood, the chicle industry, and the coconut industry. Fishing is the part that I recall so vividly since it was in full swing in the 1950’s when I was a child. One of the things I recall fondly was selling fish to supply for the village needs. To obtain our stock of fish for the market, we USED TO go fishing in the evenings or night time. Now it was important to keep the fish alive so that it could be sold fresh to the villagers. To do so when we unhooked them we placed them in a submerged box which we called a “vivero”. I guess this word came from the English word vivarium, which is an enclosure, container, or structure adapted or prepared for keeping animals alive. Several dozens of fish could remain alive in a “vivero” for several days but the trick was to sell the fish the following day. TIN CAN CUPS: Oh yes we had our plastic cups or even more popular the porcelain cups, but our parents delighted in making cups using the tin cans of the few canned products like milk cans and juice cans etc. to make a long story short I will simply make one and you can imagine the children in the 1950’s drinking their tea, coffee, raspado or shaved ice with their tin can cups. You got it right- recycling in San Pedro big time.

Belize Awarded First Place for Immunization Program for the Fourth Time
Belize was awarded first place for the surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases (VPD) at the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) Managers’ Meeting, which was held in Guyana from November 17-20. As part of the week’s activities, awards were presented to countries who demonstrated improvement in the immunization program, specifically for achievements in the area of surveillance of VPD. The selection criteria are based on efforts, meeting the indicators for surveillance of diseases, and timely weekly reporting on the surveillance. Surveillance activities are conducted by all Health Care providers throughout Belize, including some of the private care providers who participate in the reporting of communicable diseases. The Ministry of Health recognizes and applauds the tremendous efforts by health care personnel, in particular the Rural Health Nurses and the Public Health Nurses, who on a daily basis actively search for suspected cases of diseases that are preventable by vaccine, and complete the investigation of such suspected cases as Acute Flaccid Paralysis for Poliomyelitis, fever-rash illness for Measles and Rubella, and Pertussis (Whooping Cough), among other diseases.

Pic of the Week - No Need to Feel Crabby in Belize
There was no reason for this beach critter to feel crabby as he was not on the menu or under any danger. He got a photo-opp with our cameras as he stumbled by our picnic camp. Mr. Crab was gently set free into his natural habitat. It's one of the many interesting encounters you will experience during a day on the beach on Ambergris Caye.

Shrimp Shortage Expected After $30Mil Shutdown Loss Affects Belize Industry
Belize’s million-dollar shrimp industry has been shut down after the Vibro bacteria was found in almost all of its exports earlier this year. It’s a dire state for the country’s industry as it has accounted for losses up to $30Mil; shrimp farms hurry to start production once again. The industry has been ravaged by the Vibro virus that has forced all farms in Belize to take the drastic step of draining their ponds, destroying all of their produce and starting over. It is the only way to get rid of the virus and start producing clean shrimp. It is also the only way Belize can start exporting again after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued stricter guidelines for the import, farming and harvesting of shrimp. New practices are being set in place in Belize to prevent another attack by the Vibro bacteria to the industry.

Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

Be sure to vote Belize‬ for San Pedro's very own Christina Syme at the Miss Earth 2015 Pageant
Remember to keep voting ‪Belize‬ for Miss Earth 2015 Photogenic and Eco-Beauty. Details below Photogenic: Go to link below, tweet & FB share (1 tweet = 1 vote, 1 share = 1 vote, vote twice!) Eco-Beauty: Go to link below, tweet & FB share (1 tweet = 1 vote, 1 share = 1 vote, vote twice!) Watch her Eco-Beauty video: Watch her video on YouTube then like, comment, and share! Link below: Share this post and help ‪#‎MissEarthBelize2015‬ Christine Marie Syme in her quest for the ‪#‎MissEarth2015‬ crown.

Christmas Expo 2015, Belize City
We're only a few days away! Don't miss out on the best deals and discounts in town! Western Union Customers!! If you send or receive money at BCCI Western Union office this Friday, you'll receive a free raffle ticket for our Gate Prize raffle where the grand prize is a FREE ticket to anywhere in the US courtesy of United Airlines!

Dance X BZ 2015
Take note of the show dates, as part of Dance X BZ 2015.

Streets in Arenal in most horrible conditions
the conitions of our roads were not good till politics "helped"! Please let me express that I still believe that our minister acted in the very best intention when he sent some truck loads of landfill. Unfortunately they sent the wrong material and since then our roads are in the worst conditions ever. I have now asked our Hon. Minister Erwin Contreras to donate 3 or 4 truck loads of stones or gravel, so that we could fix the roads ourselves. Let's wait and see if we get his support even if the elections are over?????

Channel 7

Nanes Shnitzer Skipped: An Avalanche of Outrage Ensues, Mex. & USA Angry
International fugitive David Nanes Shnitzer, known locally as David Banes is believed to have skipped bail - after he failed to show up at the San Pedro police station yesterday. That was one of the conditions of his Supreme Court bail which w...

PUP Calls For Senate Investigation Into Nanes Schnitzer
The PUP has also come out swinging. The opposition released a statement saying, quote, "The People's United Party (PUP) records its deep dis-satisfaction with the handling of the case by the Ministries of National Security and Immigration and expres...

The Former Rapper Turned Politician, Shyne Will Run For Mesop
Another man who knows a thing or two about changing his name is Shyne Barrow. He changed his from Jamal to Moses - but, unlike Nanes-Shnitzer, he didn't do it because he was a fugitive; he did it because he was looking for himself. And, now, he...

Teenager For City Shooting
A teenager has been charged for the weekend shooting on Antelope Street Extension. The shooting took place on Sunday morning around 7:00. Liston Myers and his friend were walking on Pitter Street when 2 men shot at them. Myers was shot to the abdom...

Ministry Lays Down the Law On Vice Principal Hewlett
Last night, we told you about Melvin Hewlett, the Vice Principal of Wesley College, who was charged by the Gang Suppression Unit of allegedly trafficking cocaine on the school's Yarborough Road Compound. We've still not gotten any comment from ...

Tour Operator Rejects Post Mortem Result
The owner of H2O Tierra tours rejects the post mortem results on tourist Edwin Simmons. As we have been reporting, 61 year old American tourist Edwin Simmons drowned trying to save his wife's life. Both Edwin Simmons and his wife Esther Simmons wer...

Citrus Future in Florida Looks Grim, Belize's Gain
For the past few weeks we've been reporting on declining world prices for sugar, but on the other side of the agroindustry coin, local citrus could stand to benefit from higher global prices brought on by a crisis in Florida farms. It's the effect o...

Spreading The Word On Gender Awareness
Everyone knows that when you go to a barber shop or salon, you'll leave with a new refreshed look but you also leave with a whooole lot of updates on gossip and I mean - surely, on that chatter list you won't find pressing social or national issu...

COLA: "El Espanol" Situation Bespeaks Corruption
Earlier on, you heard what COLA had to say about the court's decision to bail David Nanes Shnitzer. But, the president of the activist group also had something to say about Ernesto Alonso de Miguel, known as "El Espanol." As we told you the...

Lisa For Leader?
Earlier in the news, we told you how Jamal "Shyne" Barrow wants to replace his uncle, Michael Finnegan, as the UDP Standard Bearer in Mesopotamia. Well, equally of interest is PUP's Lisa Shoman who wants to be the next Leader of her Party. ...

Courts Christmas, Early
Christmas is about a month away, but Unicomer, the Parent Company of Courts and Tropigas, have been getting a head-start on the gift giving. They've been making donations to Homes for the Elderly around the country. Today, they invited us to the hand...

Citrus Greening in Belize
Earlier in the news we told you about the local citrus industry, and how it stands to benefit from a major downtown in the citrus harvest in Florida - where the disease called huanglongbing has decimated crops. But, that same disease has also been i...

Channel 5

Wesley College Vice Principal is an Alleged Crack Peddler
What’s next for embattled vice-principal and teacher of Wesley College, Melvin Hewlett? He is accused with drug related charges after he was allegedly caught throwing suspected crack cocaine wrapped in [...]

Has He Been Sacked from Post at High School?
Melvin Hewlett is out on seven-thousand-dollar bail bond after appearing before Magistrate Deborah Rogers and pleading not guilty to the charge of drug trafficking. The school board did not wish [...]

Ministry of Education Issues Release on Melvin Hewlett
Late this evening, the Ministry of Education issued a statement on the developments with respect to the arrest and charge of Melvin Hewlett for drug trafficking. The ministry cites sections [...]

P.U.P. Criticizes Government Over David Nanes Schnitzer Debacle
International fugitive David Nanes Schnitzer, alias David Banes, remains at large tonight after skipping a mandatory check-in at the San Pedro Police Substation on Monday.  There is no confirmation, but [...]

Opposition Senators to File Motion at Next Sitting
Collusion within the various government departments remains a serious issue for the P.U.P.  In this case, it has been reported that the signatures on Nanes travel documents were the same [...]

Analiz Perez is Granted Daily Visitation of Daughter in DHS Custody
In an update to a story we have been following closely since Monday of last week, twenty-two-year-old Analiz Perez Gutierrez, whose infant daughter was removed from her custody by the [...]

Should David Nanes Have Been Charged for fraudulently Acquiring Belize Passport?
And tonight’s question is: Do you believe that international fugitive David Nanes should have been charged for fraudulently acquiring Belizean passport and other documents? Send your comments and responses using [...]

COLA Questions Supreme Court Decision to Release David Nanes Schnitzer
The reported flight of Mexican fugitive David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer after being granted Supreme Court bail by Justice Denis Hanomansingh has also raised the ire of the grassroots activist group [...]

Does Nanes Schnitzer’s Wife Hold Belizean Nationality Too?
According to Brackett, while strong criticism of the decision to free Nanes on bond may be seen as contempt of court, the role of the justice system in releasing the [...]

Ministry of Agriculture Asked to Intervene in Sugar Price Crisis
Tonight, a tripartite body comprised of sugar cane farmers from various associations in the north is awaiting a response from the Ministry of Agriculture in respect of a request for [...]

B.S.I. Supports Request to Raise Cost of Sugar Sold on Belize Market
News Five also spoke with Belizario Carballo, Chief Financial Officer at Belize Sugar Industries Limited.  According to the CFO, while the first estimates for the 2015 crop cannot be adjusted, [...]

Malique Martinez is Charged for Burglary
A Belize City man was caught in the act on Monday as he exited an opening at a building of a collection agency in the south side of the City. [...]

Jaron Baptist Charged for Attempted Murder of Liston Myers
The city saw a decrease in violent crime in September and October and according to Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, the Regional Commander, Eastern Division South, murders are down. But on [...]

Guatemalan President Elect Embarks on Regional Tour
Jimmy Morales has embarked on a traditional tour of Central America and Mexico undertaken by incoming presidents of the region. In the case of Morales, who takes office in January [...]

Mixed Martial Arts Frenzy in Belize!
Mixed Martial Arts, better known as MMA, is readily becoming a popular sport in the world. It is a full-contact combat discipline that allows the use of both striking and [...]

Dance X Belize 2015 Celebrates its Seventh Year in Belize
Dance X Belize is in its seventh year and in 2015, the creative art experience has evolved to an eight-day event which started on Monday with several workshops and master [...]

What’s in Store for Dance Lovers at Dance X Belize 2015?
But Dance X is for most people synonymous with the name Jamie Thompson. A Belizean dancer living in the U.S. and a creative arts director, Thompson recently formed his own [...]

Coastguard’s Best Warrior 2015 is Chosen
The Belize Coastguard held its annual strong man competition over the weekend at different locations. Three days of grueling competition tested the physical fitness of the officers stretching their skills [...]


COLA Call GOB To Investigate Case Of International Fugitive
Where is David Miguel Na-nes Schnitz-er? That is tonight’s million dollar question and no one seems to have the answer. On Friday, the international fugitive known here in Belize as David Banes, received bail of $10,000 from Justice Denis Hanomansingh when he appeared in the Supreme Court after he was charged for uttering a forged document, the document being a Belize driver’s license. The fact that Schnitzer skipped town after receiving bail is raising eyebrows and putting a dent on the country’s justice system, after all, the man is wanted in Mexico for his involvement in the Allen Stanford Ponzi scheme which saw investors in that country swindled of some 42 million dollars. The first organization that is questioning Belize’s justice system is Citizen’s Organized by Liberty Through Action, COLA, who issued a release today questioning how does Belize's justice system reconcile granting bail to a man accused of grave crimes, who is no longer a Belizean and never truly was, while two young mothers are sent to jail over the weekend for a relatively minor offence.

PUP Call For Thorough Investigation In The Immigration Department
And sticking to the David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer issue, the People’s United Party is also concerned about the way the situation was handled and in a release today, recorded its deep dis-satisfaction with the handling of the case by the Ministries of National Security and Immigration. According to the PUP, although it was clear, two weeks ago that Nanes Schnitzer has obtained permanent residence, citizenship and a passport in Belize, and his Belizean citizenship was reportedly revoked and passport cancelled based on fraud on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015, it is clear that no proper investigation on the matter was in fact done. The PUP also notes that while the Minister of Immigration, Godwin Hulse, revoked David M. Banes citizenship since he registered by means of fraud, false representation and the concealment of material circumstance and by mistake back in November 2012, Nanes Schnitzer was never charged by any authority in Belize with obtaining nationality by “fraud, false representation and the concealment of material circumstance”.

Orange Walkena Yet To Be Charge For Human Trafficking
Today, 33 year old Rosa Anita Garcia, Guatemalan National and owner of Dominguez Bar located on Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk Town, remains in police custody as she is yet to be charged for Human Trafficking. When we spoke to police today, we were informed that the complainants are still being interrogated and as soon as the case file is complete, Garcia will be charged. So far the Immigration Department has charged Garcia with failure to comply with conditions of a visitor’s permit, to which she pled guilty for not undergoing a monthly renewal of her permit and failure to comply with conditions subject to which a permit has been granted, to which she pled not guilty in relation to allegations that she had been illegally engaged in employment here in Belize. As we reported last night, police conducted a raid at Dominguez Bar and there they found Garcia and a mother and daughter ages 48 and 27 also of Guatemalan Nationality.

COLA Says Case Of El Espanol Living In Free Zone Is another Example Of Corruption
Mexican businessman of the Corozal Commercial Free Zone, Ernesto Alonso de Miguel, aka "El Espanol, was executed on November 14th in Chetumal Quintana Roo. Alonso De Miguel, as we have reported, owned a store at the zone. But not only that, reports from several newspapers in Chetumal, indicate that he also lived inside the zone for several years before relocating back to Chetumal. Now, according to the regulations of the free zone no one is allowed to live in the free zone. But apparently El Espanol had the right connections and he was allowed to reside in the zone. Today, when President of COLA, Geovanni Brackett, spoke about the David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer case, he also made reference to the “El Espanol case to highlight how corrupt our system is. “This was a gentleman who was living in the Free Zone an areas that you are not supposed to have residency you are not supposed to live in there but he had a bunker, he had dogs, a big house and a big fence, basketball court, he was living the life of a super star within the Free Zone and you telling me that the police authorities did not know, Immigration did not know, I mean he was frequent by many politicians and police and other public officers, these people are well connected and you want to question if whether or not if money plays a huge role in Belize that you can get anything or is anything up for sale.”

Guatemala Confirms First Case Of ZIKA Virus
Guatemala has confirmed its first case of the Zika Virus, a disease that is transmitted by the aedes aegypti mosquito that also transmits dengue and chikungunya. This marks the first case in the region, although El Salvador and Mexico reported suspected cases that might also be of Zika. Laboratories of Colorado confirmed the presence of the virus in the 21 year old patient who hails from Zacapa. The patient started showing symptoms on November 11th and these included fever, chills, sweating, body aches, joint and conjunctivitis. We understand that two other suspected cases are being investigated. The Zika Virus has already affected countries in the Americas between 2014 and 2015, including Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico. While Belize remains free of the virus, the Ministry of Health remains on high alert. In order to prevent the disease the public is asked to destroy mosquito breeding sites in and around homes and surrounding areas by keeping water drums tightly covered, draining stagnant water from yards and neighborhoods and throwing out stagnant water from flower vases, old tires and other containers that may act as breeding sites.

Belize Awarded For Surveillance Of Vaccine Preventable Diseases On EPI
Belize was awarded first place for the surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases at the Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) Managers’ Meeting, which was held in Guyana from November 17TH to the 20th. As part of the week’s activities, awards were presented to countries who demonstrated improvement in the immunization programme, specifically for achievements in the area of surveillance of VPD. The Ministry of Health recognizes and applauds the tremendous efforts by health care personnel, in particular the Rural Health Nurses and the Public Health Nurses, who on a daily basis actively search for suspected cases of diseases that are preventable by vaccine, and complete the investigation of such suspected cases as Acute Flaccid Paralysis for Poliomyelitis, fever-rash illness for Measles and Rubella, and Pertussis (Whooping Cough), among other diseases.

Fifteen Year Old Female Goes Missing From San Pedro
Fifteen year old Anisa Alexandria McKoy is tonight missing and her mother is asking for the public’s assistance in locating her. The 15 year old left her residence in San Pedro Town on Friday wearing a blue and white dress with matching white sandals and a pink purse. She has not been seen or heard from since. Today, the child’s mother, Nerissa Montero, told us she believes her daughter is here in Orange Walk. Nerissa Montero “She disappeared Friday like one thirty in the afternoon and I tried contact her friends them and they say she went to Orange Walk and I try call her on her phone but she no answer.” Reporter “Did you two have any prior problems before she disappeared?” Nerissa Montero “No we laugh and talk everyday like normal but she has done this once before but at Orange Walk we got her from and if she is listening please come home and stop this nonsense I have other two and I have to work all the time she don’t have no reason why she has everything at home.”


PUP raises concern over fugitive’s Belizean Documents
Also expressing concern over the recent David Nanes-Schnitzer issue was the opposition party, the PUP. They too issued a release earlier today that reads, quote, “The People’s United Party (PUP) records its deep dis-satisfaction with the handling of the case of international fugitive David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer aka “David Banes” by the Ministries of National […]

Cola speaks on fugitive’s case
While the general public may not be overly concerned over the whereabouts of Nanes-Schnitizer or the crimes he is being accused of, the Coalition Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA) has made a re-appearance via a release being issued on the matter whilst comparing it to recent local incidents. The release begins by asking the […]

Nanes-Schnitzer assets frozen in Mexico
David Nanes Schnitzer, the man who had managed to slip his way into Belize’s system under a false name while attaining official documents ranging from social security card to driver’s license and Belizean nationality. As we heard from Minister Godwin Hulse yesterday, that nationality was revoked and immigration officials are now on the lookout for […]


Pair of shootings in Belize City
Police are investigating a pair of separate, non-fatal shooting incidents in Belize City on Sunday morning which happened only minutes apart in different areas of Southside. In the first, Police are seeking a man identified as Trevor Guy for shooting two Belize City men; who are now hospitalized at ...

Late Kareem Clarke remembered on 28th birthday
He was shot to death this past July for no apparent reason, ending his rising trajectory as a promising young journalist. But the late Kareem Clarke, who would have turned 28 on Saturday, November 21, will never be forgotten, at least not by his family or the local community of journalists and news ...

Baby Nina Goes to Foster Parents
PlusNews understands the Human Services Department has arranged for two year old Nina Charlotte Barrera-Perez, the child removed from her mother’s care in Orange Walk due to a Guatemalan Court order, has been moved to foster care in Orange Walk Town. We understand that the, Analiz Perez Gutie...

Cashier walks off theft charges
Former cashier at James Brodie and Company Limited, 22 year old Alfonso Marin, is free of multiple counts of theft after his old employers dropped the charges against him. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser struck out the five counts after being informed of the company’s decision in court this morning....

Accused burglar wins appeal
This morning, Justice Adolph Lucas set free labourer Clive Jones from a charge of burglary heard as an Inferior Court Appeal in the Supreme Court. Jones, represented by Anthony Sylvestre, had served 21 months of a seven year prison sentence on a burglary charge. He was accused and convicted of break...

Belize City teacher charged for crack possession
Belize City high school vice-principal, 35 year old Melvin Hewlett, was arrested and charged on Friday for possession of controlled drugs with the intent to supply to another after he was busted by members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). Around 11:35am Friday morning on Yarborough Road, GSU mem...

Landslide in Arizona Village blocks road for hours
Residents of Arizona Village had a difficult time getting home yesterday, sunday 22 November. That’s because a sizable portion of the mountain side that is currently being excavated by Teakettle resident Efram Usher collapsed. The accident spilled large rocks and boulders on to the road that ...


Ivy Pitts, stepping out on faith
We knew her as the editor of KREM Radio News – that was her position from 2008 to 2009 until she left to pursue studies at the University of the West Indies at Cave Hill Barbados. Ivy Pitts, 37, had her sights set on becoming an attorney-at-law. She would successfully complete her studies there, receiving a Bachelor of Laws or LLB, and then moving on to the Norman Manley School of Law in Jamaica, graduating two years later, in September of this year, with her Legal Education Certificate. On Friday, November 20, six years after shedding her editor’s hat for that of scholar – her objective was realized when she was officially called to the bar by Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin at Belize City’s Supreme Court, in the presence of some members of her immediate family, a few close friends and her sponsors, attorney Cynthia Pitts and Senior Counsel Phillip Zuniga. The somber scene where Pitts was officially welcomed to the Bar is a far cry from her childhood home – the notoriously famous city of South Central Los Angeles, now known as South L.A. She was born and raised there by Belizean parents, Leonora and Gilbert Pitts, who had migrated to the States in the 1970’s. Pitts lived most of her life in the States, but after returning to Belize, she reignited her desire to pursue, her studies further.

Two “sole providers” of 14 children get years in jail
Several countries in the world have adopted a more liberal approach to marijuana, and some of the states in the United States have legalized it, creating massive economic opportunities for their citizens. In Belize, however, the harsh drug trafficking law with its hefty mandatory fine and prison time remain. Kirk Dougal, 38, a fisherman, and Walter Beaton, 41, a taxi driver, were busted by police at the George Price Highway, police checkpoint near Mile 5, on May 11, 2013, and police say that the drug amounted to 25.1 kilograms of cannabis. The case against the men, charged with drug trafficking, has been winding its way through the Magistrate’s Court since January 13, 2015. It concluded on Wednesday before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser. Both men were found guilty and sentenced to the mandatory $10,000 fine plus prison time.

Barmaid, 27, alleges “forced sex” by female bar owner
A Guatemalan businesswoman who was arraigned in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court this afternoon on Immigration offences remains in police custody in Orange Walk Town, pending further charges in court on Tuesday on two counts of trafficking in persons after police—who had been tipped off on a report of sex trafficking—raided a bar in that municipality on Saturday afternoon, November 21. Immigration authorities have confirmed that Rosa Anita Garcia Julian, 33, was charged in the Orange Walk Magistrate’s Court today, where she was slapped with two charges: failure to comply with conditions of a visitor’s permit, to which she pleaded guilty for not undergoing a monthly renewal of her permit; and failure to comply with conditions subject to which a permit has been granted, to which she pleaded not guilty in relation to allegations that she had been illegally engaged in employment here in Belize.

Vice principal nabbed with crack cocaine?
In 2006, Belizean educator Melvin Hewlett came into the public spotlight when he initiated a community project for youth in the Fort George electoral division, sponsored by then Prime Minister Said Musa, and in 2009/2010, he came into the national spotlight as one of local research professionals who had teamed up with Jamaican anthropologist Dr. Herbert Gayle to release a comprehensive research report dubbed, “Male Social Participation and Violence Study in Belize.” Over the years, Hewlett, 35, the vice principal of Wesley College and head of its IT program, had built up a formidable reputation, so when the news broke recently that he was arrested for possession of crack cocaine, many were left in a state of disbelief. Hewlett knows the perilous outcomes of gang life and drug trafficking all too well. When the study was released, Hewlett relayed information taken from the PEER youth analysis, which revealed that their #1 concern is police-youth relations (88% of youth); second was drug use and supply; third was gang violence.

Profit Riders uses dead man’s signature and PM’s law firm’s address in scheme promising 200% return
The Office of the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) in Belize has issued a warning that PROFIT RIDERS Inc., which claims, via its website, that it can secure investors a return of as much as 200% a day, is not a legal investment company registered in Belize, Central America, as the company is claiming. Profit Riders claims that it is providing investment activities under registration number IFSC/60/560/TS/15, with registered office at 84 Albert Street, Belize City – the address of the Prime Minister’s law firm, Barrow and Williams. “I don’t know anything about it,” the PM’s law partner, Rodwell Williams, SC, told Amandala, when we contacted him about the claim made by Profit Riders. Williams suggested that the address, which is also the address of Alpha Services, a subsidiary of the law firm which is a licensed international financial services provider, appears to have been arbitrarily used by Profit Riders.

PM Barrow pays tribute to Garifuna icon, TV Ramos
When Thomas Vincent Ramos began Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations in 1941—then known as Carib Disembarkation Day, his vision was for the day of cultural celebrations to not just commemorate the 1823 (not 1832) arrival of the 500 Garinagu who came via dories from Honduras to Dangriga, but also to inspire hope in his people and to foster national recognition of their contributions across the length and breadth of the Jewel. This year, on the 74th anniversary of Garifuna Settlements Day and 192nd year of their mass arrival to Dangriga, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, speaking at official ceremonies held in the Culture Capital, paid a memorable tribute to the founder of Garifuna Settlement Day, TV Ramos, even as he also invoked the memory of other Garifuna legends, starting with the great chief, Joseph Satuye (also known as Chatoyer): “I consider it a privilege to be able to pay tribute, first of all, to Chatoyer and then to come down the line, and to say on this day, we particularly salute as well the memory of Alejo Beni, we salute especially the great Thomas Vincent Ramos, and we recognize that these are the people responsible for Garifuna survival, Garifuna triumph over adversity, Garifuna defeat of exile and current modern-day Garifuna progress. Please let us never, ever forget those examples. Please let us never, ever forget the inspiration of these legendary Garinagu heroes,” Barrow said, in remarks which he delivered extemporaneously.

T.V. Ramos Cycling Classic results
The Annual T.V. Ramos Cycling Classic took place yesterday in Dangriga. In the Junior category, first place went to Nashen Ysaquirre; second was Patrick Williams; and third was Darien Anderson. For the Weekend Warriors, first place was taken by Robert Mariano of Team Digicell; second place went to Dean Belisle; and third went to David Yearwood of Team Lampaz. From the big guys, the Elite Cross Country riders, 3rd place went to Herman “Hijo” Requena (Team Smart); 2nd was Richard Santiago (Team Digicell); and our brand new T.V. Ramos Cycling Classic Champion of Champion 2015/2016 is Keron Robateau from Team Westrac Alliance. C-Ray Cycling Team fought hard for Brandon Cattouse to repeat back-to-back, but it was a hard race this year. All categories had a very tight race.

PLB update, 2 mid-week back matches have serious playoff implications
Despite a few setbacks due to weather and other factors causing game cancellations, the Premier League of Belize (PLB) 2015-2015 Opening Season regular season is down to its final week of regular season games; and in the next few days it will be determined which are the 4 teams, from the 6 that participated in this Opening Season, who will go on to the playoffs. With the completion of last Wednesday’s back match between Placencia Assassins and Verdes FC, and the two Week 9 games played over the past weekend, two teams, Police United and Placencia Texmar Assassins, have already clinched playoff berths, having accumulated a total of 15 points so far. Verdes and Belmopan Bandits are both in a strong position to make the playoffs, while BDF still has an outside chance, should they win both their remaining games, which would give them a total of 14 points. (They presently have 8. See standings below.) In last Wednesday night’s Week 6 back match at the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence, home standing Placencia Texmar Assassins dropped defending champions Verdes FC, 2-nil, with goals from Arnie Whyte (3’) and Luis “Baaka” Torres (38’).

BECOL basketball teams advance to championship series
On Friday night, the BECOL basketball semifinal games tipped off with Belmopan Shock (#2) blowing out Cayo Insterstellars (#3) in the Female division, 45-6. Belmopan Shock was led by Enid Dakers, who netted the game high, 24 points, while Kaylani Reid finished with 9 pts. In a losing effort, Angelique Ayuso was the top scorer for Cayo Interstellars with 3 pts. In game 2, Yabra (#2) easily defeated Eagles (#3) in the Over 35 category, 60-27. Yabra was led by Charles “Dunk” Armstrong, who had 11 pts, while Vince “Post” Estrada tallied 10 pts, and Kevin Domingo finished with 8 pts. The top scorers for Eagles were Lupito Acosta and Joe Awe with 12 and 6 pts, respectively. In the nightcap, Falcon Ballers (#2) defeated Benque Power (#3), 63-46, in the Senior Division. Falcon Ballers was led by Anfernee Young with 19 pts, while Marlon Andrewin netted 11 pts, Mark O’Brien chipped in 10 pts, and Jamie Carbajal finished with 9 pts. On Saturday afternoon, Belmopan Shock (#2) got the 36-13 win over Cayo Interstellars (#3), to sweep the three-game series and advance to the Female finals versus Benque Power. Belmopan Shock was led by Anna Gonzalez and Jayday Brown, who scored 10 pts each, while Indira Rivero netted 8 pts. Cayo Interstellars’ top scorer was Sherlene Dawson with 4 pts.

Belize Celebrates World GIS Day 2015
For the 5th consecutive year, Belize joined scores of countries across the world in celebrating World GIS Day on Wednesday, November 18, as the highlight of the internationally recognized Geography Awareness Week, usually held in the third week of November. GIS Day is held annually to showcase what Geographic Information Systems or GIS is all about and how it has been helping with the development and growth of Belize. The first formal GIS Day took place in 1999 and today it is observed in 80 countries around the world, including Belize. It is organized locally by Total Business Solutions Limited (TBSL), the Belize distributor for ESRI, the leading GIS software company. GIS Day 2015 kicked off with a ceremonial opening featuring keynote speaker, Adriani Coleman, teacher at Belize Elementary School. Dr. Carol Babb, Chief Education Officer, addressed the audience on Belize’s GIS Education Portal, which features maps and apps that provide a new and innovative way to learn Geography, Social Studies, History and Science.

Justice for Nina
Analiz Perez Gutierrez, the 22-year-old mother who made the news last week after her child, Nina, a 2-year-old toddler, was removed from her care by a social worker attached to the Human Services Department, has begun a campaign to get her daughter back. The traumatic incident which resulted in the child being placed in foster care until January 2016 took place on Friday, November 13, when the Human Services Department, based on a custody order issued in Guatemala, swooped in on Gutierrez at her Orange Walk Home. As we had mentioned, the child was born in Guatemala, to a Guatemalan citizen, and when Gutierrez returned home to Belize, the father of the child was able to apply for full custody of the child in a Guatemalan court. It was granted in Gutierrez’s absence; she had by this time had returned to Belize and was now focused on the business of settling down in her hometown of Orange Walk. That set the wheels in motion for the child to be removed.

The trailblazing cousins: Lincoln and Ashley Wallen
Belize’s first private radio station, Radio KREM, is celebrating its 26th anniversary this week. When movie maker DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc.’s current Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Lincoln Wallen, left Belize in the 70s, United Black Association for Development (UBAD)’s newspaper, the Amandala, was less than ten years old. Lincoln Wallen’s first cousin, Ashley, the chief engineer at Radio Disney in Los Angeles, California says Wallen spent a year at St John’s College before leaving for England at age 14 to complete his education, where he earned “graduate degrees in math and physics and was a full professor at Oxford for 10 years before he migrated to the US.” These trail blazing cousins are nephews of Belize City’s Bishop Street massage therapist, the late A.P. Wallen. reports that Lincoln Wallen is a computer scientist. Wallen has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University in Scotland. Katie Collins wrote about Wallen’s appearance at Wired 2014 in a story entitled “From villain to hero: the computer’s role in the DreamWorks story.” Collins writes that, “The one thing that every great animated film you’ve ever seen probably has in common, is a spellbinding story; that of a villain. In the middle of the story, Lincoln Wallen tells about the history of his company, DreamWorks, the villain that pops up is none other than the computer.”

2 remanded for murder of boy, 16
Two men have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison until January, 25, 2016, on the charge of murder for the shooting death of a boy, 16, who was blasted with a shotgun in front of his family, although the boy begged for his life. Damien Donovan Velasquez Bowden, 20, of Young Bank area, Camalote, Cayo District, and Justin Giovanni Banner, 18, also of Camalote, were both taken to the Belmopan Magistrate’s Court this morning, where they were jointly arraigned for murder. Police accused both men of being the two killers who went into the home of Eluterio Choc in Young Bank, Camalote, and shot his son, Ivan Choc, 16. One of the two gunmen held the parents captive at gunpoint, while his accomplice shot Ivan in the leg with a shotgun, while he pleaded for his life, then shot him in the head, killing him almost instantly in front of the family. The killers then escaped. The men were arrested in Roaring Creek.

House goes up in flames
As students at St. Ignatius Primary School were trying to get back into the rhythm of classes after a holiday break; they were interrupted by smoke coming from a nearby structure. According to the school’s principal, Luren Ciego, the entire student body and staff had to be evacuated and taken to St. Ignatius Church. A home at #79 Allenby Street was on fire and was the cause of the smoke which interrupted classes at the school. Orin Smith of the National Fire Department said that the call reporting the fire came into the Fire Department at about 9:35 a.m. On arrival at the scene, the firefighters went to work on the fire, which they managed to bring under control and eventually extinguished.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize honored at regional health meeting
The Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) Managers’ Meeting is an annual event supported by the Ministry of Health, which is sponsored by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and is hosted by different countries in the Caribbean every year. It serves to inform participants of advances in immunization, development of […]

Belize Tourism Board gives out tourism related scholarships
Late last week, nine scholarships were handed out to selected outstanding female academic performers by the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), which are to assist them in furthering their education at the tertiary level. The scholarships varied in type, with three being given for two-year studies at a Junior College offering […]

Galen University launches public mural
On Friday in downtown San Ignacio, Galen University is to launch a community mural titled “A Painted Conversation.” Educator and artist Natalia Pilato of Penn State University partnered with Galen’s Social Problems course in 2014 to conduct a social inventory of the community, asking over 100 people about […]

Fisheries holds consultation with fishermen
The Belize Fisheries Department is inviting fishermen that use Turneffe Atoll Marine Reserve and South Water Caye Marine Reserve to attend a community consultation, where the re-adjustment, possible expansion and creation of zones within three targeted protected areas will be discussed. This comes as part of the Marine Conservation and […]

New Guatemalan President on regional tour but will not visit Belize
Newly elected Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales began a tour of the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Central American countries but will not be setting foot on Belizean soil. An article on the Prensa Libre website states that Morales’ first stop was in Honduras on Monday where he and President Juan Orlando […]

COLA calls out government over Nanes Schnitzer case
A press release recently issued by Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA), condemns the release of international fugitive and con-man, David Nanes Schnitzer, who walked out of the Supreme Court on Friday, November 20th after being granted bail, despite being wanted in Mexico for a Ponzi scheme in which […]

International fugitive granted bail in Belize skips town
International fugitive wanted in Mexico for his role in the Stanford Ponzi Scheme, David Nanes Schnitzer, was released on bail from the Supreme Court on Friday, November 20th and has not been seen in San Pedro since. Schnitzer is said to have scammed investors in Mexico out of US $42,000,000 […]

Police nab drug offenders in Roaring Creek
James Escarpeta of Neal Street, Roaring Creek Village, was arrested and is pending charges for the offense of “Drug Trafficking” on Friday evening, November 20th, following a search conducted at his house by members of the police’s Special Branch Tactical Response Squad. That search was done on the strength of […]


What’s the Weather Like in Belize? Where’s the Best Place to Look for Weather Forecasts?
I get this question A LOT. And more and more now, as announcements like the current “Widespread Winter Storm To Last for Days” headline hits which I speculate is one of, if not THE, most popular weather service when it comes to the USA. BUT…when people look at the weather forecast on that site in say…San Pedro, Belize…a grim tale is told. Sure, it’s warm….but RAIN! Every day? No, no, no. Let’s take a look above at yesterday. 90% chance of precipitation…thunderstorms…oh the forecast was grim. And we, on Ambergris, didn’t experience any rain at all. We fell into the 10%! Or, another way to look at this is, that the forecast is not the very best one to look at.

Belize Weather – Your Answer to the Winter Blues!
Tuesday 8 am Chicago, Illinois: Tuesday 4 pm Chaa Creek, Belize:

BTL Warning – Phone Bill Cramming
Read a note this morning from a friend regarding BTL billing. Check your bill carefully for any extra charges that seem out of the ordinary. Apparently they are adding 17 cents to your bill for paying with you credit card from your machine at home” … To one person this may not seem like a lot but start adding that up over time and the amount of customers BTL has and, well, you get the picture. $0.17 x 50,000 = $8,500 a month x 12 = $102,000 a year. And I bet they have more than 50,000 customers. This is called “Cramming” and it was a practice used by phone companies in the USA a while back. Not sure if it’s still done but I haven’t heard about it for a while and I’ve not noticed it on my bills. What is cramming? The practice of placing unauthorized, misleading or deceptive monthly charges on your telephone bill — and don’t even know it. These fees show up on bills with vague descriptions, like “service charge,” “membership,” “calling plan” and “voicemail.”

International Sourcesizz

Catholicism: Caravaggio and Kitsch
Some time ago when I was out in Belize I happened upon this little Catholic church out in the middle of the jungle. This was the humblest of cement block churches in a clearing in the jungle. It was San Pedro’s. St Peter’s Catholic Church. One of the things I find appealing about the Catholic faith is it’s practical universality. That is to say, it has room for opposites. St Peter’s in the jungle in Belize. St Peter’s in the Vatican City.


  • Black Tailed Indigo Snake (Drymarchon melanurus) , 1/2min. What a beautiful and graceful mating dance — at Basil Jones, Ambergris Caye.

  • De Belize a Cancún, The Final Countdown, 5.5min. Entrem a Mèxic, a la península del Yucatàn. Descobrint ruïnes maies, coneixent gent entranyable i recorrent la costa de camí cap a Cancún. Ha arribat el compte enrere, s'acosta el final de nostre llarg viatge...

  • Help Us Help Smokey - and Dogs and Cats Like Him in Belize, 1min. The Placencia Humane Society is a volunteer animal care and rescue organization on the Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize. We see lots of dogs and cats like Smokey that desperately need our help. But, to help them, we need YOUR help.

  • Belize 2015 Diving w/ Turneffe Island Resort, 4min. 1st day diving 3 different dive sites. Diving buddies included Judy, John, Dian & Tom. We saw Trunkfish, Lionfish, Lizard Fish, Spotted Moray Eel, Spiny & Atlantic Lobsters, Decorator Crab, Nassau Grouper, Queen Triggerfish, & Scorpion Fish.

  • Week 8 & 9 - Shark Attacks in Belize!, 6min. Ok so it's not the huge shark attack you are probaly expecting. A reef shark mistook a GoPro for a Lion Fish and tried to have a bite, but who could blame the guy.

    November 24, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    CARDI Conducting Activities to Assist Belizean and Caribbean Coconut Industries
    The European Union is financing a project (“Coconut Industry Development for the Caribbean”) through the Geneva-based International Trade Centre (ITC). The project is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of small-scale coconut farmers by identifying market opportunities, creating synergies between national and regional programmes and improving access to advisory services for improved coconut production. Stakeholders have welcomed this initiative for its potential to improve income and employment opportunities, food security, and the overall development of the Caribbean coconut sector. The Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) is contracted by the ITC to implement the project activities in nine CARIFORUM member countries. CARDI scientists are presently in Belize and have been interacting with key stakeholders in the coconut industry in the conduction of activities in mapping and characterization of local coconut plantations, strengthening producer and processing groups and, developing appropriate technological packages for intercropping vegetables and fruits and rearing cattle and small ruminants under coconut trees.

    Ambergris Today

    Letters to the Editor - Can Belize Keep Up with Tourism’s Harmful Footprint? Environment Weeps
    Dear Editor, In agreement with the current promotion of diabetes awareness in Belize, I take this opportunity to examine the growing illness of our society and environment from the impact of cruise tourism, a condition sickening the nation of Belize. I note the recent appointment made by the Right Honorable Prime Minister of Mr Yashin Dujon as CEO of the Ministry of Tourism. Mr Dujon holds a Masters in ‘Responsible Tourism’, a term which leaves much to be clarified. Ecotourism was first promoted by the United Democratic Party during its term of office from 1993-98. At that time, many workshops were held to educate and encourage the development of sustainable tourism endeavors and give clear focus and guidance for the fledgling tourism product. At one such workshop I attended at the Rio Bravo Station of Programme for Belize, participants from both the public and private sector from various Caribbean islands shared their valuable experience in mass/cruise tourism and the regrets they had after seeing the rapid and severe deterioration of their natural resources and sensitive habitats. All participants including representatives from local government ministries, Programme for Belize and the private sector, were strongly admonished to take up the challenge of making Belize a leader in this new approach for the region and to heed the warning given by our Caribbean partners.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    The Role of Budgeting Workshop
    Workshop Date: November 26th, 2015 Time: 9am to 12pm. Learn to create an accurate operating budget that helps your company achieve its goals. Your Immediate Takeaway Gain tools and insights to develop a realistic budget Get hands-on practice perfecting a budget Use budgeting to help determine strategic direction Being responsible for the budget means you're playing a vital role in your organization's future. Your budget enables you to pinpoint critical variables that impact profit so your company can successfully pursue its goals and continue to grow. Who Should Attend: Managers and anyone with budget responsibilities who are interested in developing or improving their budget planning skills. Presented By: Mr Omar Castillo, Sr. Business Adviser, SBDCBelize, BELTRAIDE Includes a light snack and refreshment. PRICE: $40.00 Workshops are now held at out BTEC Building on ITVet compound, Belize City.

    Entrepreneurship Symposium 2015
    The University of Belize hosted this year's Entrepreneurship Symposium last week. Great to see that they had a full house.

    Panama's 12th Birthday Party
    The Belize Zoo is having a celebration for Panama's 12th birthday. The Harpy Eagle will be having a meet and greet session, where he'll gladly stare at you while take pictures of him, starting at 10:30am. There will also be fun and games for the kids, and a special visit from the Belize Raptor Center. "Come join our education team this Wednesday as we celebrate Panama's 12th Birthday at the Belize Zoo. We will have a special meet and greet with a few of our avian ambassadors and prizes for people who know "What makes a Raptor" Raptors Rule!! Looking forward to seeing everyone!"

    November 1st – November 14th, 2015 Belize Fishing Report
    Many thanks to Pete for his leadership as the Orvis host for the 2 events, A mixed bag of weather didn’t help the results but overall it was very successful.

    Be sure to check out this month's Belizean Traveller deals!

    Ocean Academy Christmas Gala
    We are very excited about our first every Christmas Gala to be held on Saturday, December 5th 2015!! Thank you to our wonderful business sponsors and to all who are supporting out fundraiser! We are very excited to start of our December with this event and with one of the best entertainment bands SUPER FURIA!! Pay $10 at the door to watch the show and dance with the band!!!

    Metal Haven 2015
    Metal Haven is this Saturday in Benque. What a lineup! "Confirmed bands for Belize are IN BLOOM,ALMOST 7,VERGE OF UMBRA and ASCENTHIUM from Guatemala - THE AVERSIONIST&THE BLACK PORTRAIT and last but not least from Mexico -ICNOS"

    MANA in Cancun 2015 ....Booyahhh!!!!!
    Gracias Mexico lindo!!! awesome concert!!

    Channel 7

    GSU: High School Vice Principal Did Crack Deal At School
    He's the vice principal of Wesley High School, but police say Melvin Hewlett is also a drug trafficker. The 35 year-old career educator was caught in a sting set up by the GSU. Our information is that GSU busted a small time drug peddler who offered to lead them to his main supplier in exchange for some leniency with charges. So, last week Friday, before Midday, a team of officers followed this informant to the Wesley College on Yarborough Road. There, they observed him making an exchange with Hewlett, who had been identified as the main supplier. They then immediately closed in on both men. That's when Hewlett - according to GSU - spotted them coming, and he threw a piece of crumpled white paper into the Wesley College compound. The officers immediately detained him, and escorted him to where the paper had landed. When they retrieved it, and opened it up, the officers found 2 transparent plastic bags containing suspected crack cocaine. When they weighed it in his presence, they found out that the two bags contained a total of 14 grams. Now, anything over one grams is treated as drug trafficking under the law. So, the officers had to move swiftly to charge him with drug trafficking - because we are told they experienced major push back from higher ups. This is because Hewlett's is reported to be politically well connected - and that alone slowed police down from searching his home.

    16 Year Old Ivan Choc Killed By Friends
    Two men were charged this weekend for the murder of 16 year old Ivan Choc. On Friday the 13th Ivan Choc and his family were having dinner in their Camalote home when two masked men stormed in. The men shot Choc who was hiding under the table pleading for his life to spare. But the gunmen executed him right in front of his parents. Well, the two men who were charged are Camalote residents Damian Velasquez and Justin Banner. But they aren't just random shooters - they were friends of Choc. Belmopan Police told our colleagues at PLUS TV today that it was a very bitter fall out between the 3. Howell Gillett, OC - Belmopan Police "We immediately launched an investigation and based on that investigation we were able to locate a shotgun not too far from where the incident occurred and subsequent to that we also found some ammunition in a hotel room. Two persons were arrested for those ammunition. One of the two persons have been charged this weekend, along with another person separate from the one who was charged for the ammunition. Those two persons who were charged this weekend for Ivan Choc's murder are Damian Donovan Velasquez Bodden and also Justin Geovanni Banner. It seemed based on the investigation that the crime occurred as a result of retaliation. A shooting happened in the month of September and this is a retaliation to that shooting."

    Human Traffic:
    Those who've been around know it's happening all over the country in various forms, but law enforcement has had a hard time nailing the traffickers. But this weekend Orange Walk Police got lucky when 27 year old Guatemalan, Dania Paredes Contreras made a report blowing the lid on an alleged human trafficker running Dominguez Bar on Otro Benque Road in Orange Walk Town. Paredes told police that this woman, 33 year old Guatemalan Rosa Anita Garcia was running the bar - and twice forced her to have sex with patrons. The compliant is compelling: she tells police that she and her 48 year old mother Ana Contreras de Paredes were tricked into coming to Belize when Garcia told them that they would be employed at a fast food restaurant. But that was just a ruse, because they ended up having to work as waitresses at the Dominguez bar, which is when Paredes says she was forced to have sex with patrons.

    Man Charged For Traffic Death of Mother of 3
    Tonight, 25 year-old Earl Pitts Jr., a resident of Belama Phase 2 Belize City, is out on bail after he was charged for manslaughter. Police say that he was behind the wheel of a vehicle which crashed, killing one of his passengers. On Sunday, November 1, Pitts was the driver of a GMC Yukon SUV, and he had 33 year-old Sharmaine Humes, and 2 minors, ages 10 and 17, as his passengers. They were traveling between miles 24 and 25 on the George Price Highway when Pitts lost control of the vehicle. It careened to the shoulder of the road where it flipped 3 to 5 times, before coming to a complete stop. All persons inside the vehicle suffered varying degrees of injures, but Sharmaine Humes, a mother of 3, was critically injured to the head and body. She was hospitalized for 12 days, but didn't make it, and passed away ten days ago.

    6 Days After Cruise Tourist Death, Still No Answer From BTB
    On Friday we told you about the drowning death of 61 year old cruise tourist Karl Edwin Simmons. Simmons and his wife Esther had arrived on the cruise ship Norwegian Jade and went on a tour to Shark Ray Alley in the Caye Caulker Village Marine Reserve. Simmon saw his wife Esther drifting away and went to save her - but drowned. It happened 6 days ago, but still the Tourist Board they have no update into the investigation of what went wrong on the tour led by h2o Tierra. It was on a guided tour - and, regulations state that both he and his wife should have been under the close watch of tour guides. And while the BTB is mum, we have been contacted by a guest on that same tour who said that there was mass disorganization and inadequate snorkeling and safety equipment - as well as no medical equipment on board. Tour operator, Tom Wilson who is the owner of H2o Tierra told us he could not comment.

    Where in the World Is David Nanes Schnitzer
    Where is David Nanes Shnitzer? The international fugitive known in Belize as David Banes got Supreme Court bail on Friday - and according to sources - has not turned back up in San Pedro - where he had multi million dollar holdings. Shnitzer's Belizean passport was revoked on Wednesday November 18th when it was gazetted that, quote, "David M Banes, known as David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer…who was registered as a citizen of Belize as evidenced by certificate of registration dated 17th. November, 2012, was so registered by means of fraud, false representation and the concealment of material circumstance and by mistake." But that so called "cessation of citizenship" was never presented in court - and when the DPP's office asked for an adjournment to gather evidence, the Judge refused and granted bail citing Banes' various assets in Belize. Mexican authorities allege that Nanes Schnitzer headed the Mexican arm of Stanford's Ponzi scheme which allegedly defrauded investors in that country of 42 million dollars. Mexico has a 2011 arrest warrant for him for unauthorized securities transactions. Tonight, no one can say for sure where he is.

    Is Southside Still Safe After A Pair Of City Shootings
    There were 2 shootings in the city over the weekend. Yesterday morning at around 7:00, Liston Myers and his friend were walking in Antelope Street Extension area on Pitter Street when 2 men shot at them. Myers was hit to the abdomen while his friend escaped unharmed. Today Senior Superintendent Chester Williams told us that Myers wasn't the target. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, Commander, Eastern Division Southside "In relation to the matter with Mr. Myers, that incident took place yesterday morning around 7am. And it actually took place on Antelope Street Extension, not Orange Street. Mr. Myers was walking in that area in the company of another male person when they were shot at by two male persons. One of whom is already in our custody. We believe that the other person whose company he was in was the intended victim. But that's the motive we have." Reporter "Is that person known to police as being affiliated with any gang? Why would someone want to target that person?"

    Faber's Road Gunfire
    The other shooting incident happened on Fabers Road yesterday morning after 6:00. 27 year old Herman Ramsey and 35 year old Clive Arnold were socializing on Fabers Road when their friend Trevor Guy walked up to them and shot at them. Senior Superintended Chester Williams told us this one was not gang related and it was fueled by a feud among the men. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, Commander, Eastern Division Southside "Yes that incident took place after 6am Sunday morning and Mr. Ramsey and Mr. Arnold were in the company of another male person and apparently there was a dispute between the trio and that dispute resulted in one of them, Trevor Guy actually took out a firearm and fired shots at both persons. They received varying degree of injuries and are currently admitted in the hospital in a stable condition. We are currently pursuing Mr. Guy and I will say that that incident is not gang related. These people are friends, they are family members and when things like that occur, it's not the thing that the police can do anything to prevent because could never know what is brewing between people who are friends or who are families. So the matter as I said is being investigated by the police at this time."

    Cops Talking to Taylor's Alley
    Police are trying to defuse internal beefing within one of the city's major gangs. It came to public attention on Saturday morning when there was a fight or some sort of misunderstanding between the well-known street figure, Kenneth "Big Tom" Flowers and a few other men. Police have confirmed that there was no shooting but say they still had to organize an emergency intervention session. Senior Superintendent Williams told us more about this effort. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, Commander, Eastern Division Southside "The police, we are looking into a situation and I will say that this morning myself and Mrs. Finnegan, we had a lengthy intervention session with factions from the Taylor's Alley group as well as Big Tom. As you would know that they were one gang - they were all associates. But apparently something went wrong between them and that sparked one incident over the weekend and police were on top of it I must say. The police were in the area and responded very quickly. The parties involved were apprehended by the police and both parties are not requesting any court action. So in terms of pursuing the matter to court we are unable to do so.

    A 38 at 3:15
    On Saturday afternoon at 3:15, police found this .38 pistol with 3 live rounds in an abandoned lot in the St Martins area. No one was around and it was labelled as found property.

    Woman Alleges Police Brutality
    Tonight 29 year old Albert Ramirez is in the KHMH hoping that he won't lose an eye. The Belize City resident was beaten at a bar on Orange Street named Picasso on Saturday night - and he claims it's an off duty policeman who did it. His mother, Inez told us that her son had gone into the bar to sell something:.. Inez Ramirez, Mother of Beaten Man "He went into this bar to sell something. When the police came, they ask him what was he doing there. 'I am the police, you have to respect me.' My son said sir I am not doing anything. The police say 'don't tell me anything.' The police had a Belikin pint in his hand and he whap my son in his face with the pint. Now my son eye is damaged. My son is lying in bed at the hospital. We don't now yet if will lose his eye. But I pray to God for my son not to lose his eye. How the police would have felt if it was him. How his mother would have felt if he was laying down in a hospital bed right now. The police abuse people. Before they protect us, they abuse us. But please stop it because you hurt lots of parents out there. Please I beg."

    Taste The Taco
    What makes Orange Walk Tacos so darn nice? It's a tough job - but someone had to find out, and never one to pass on a story with…shall we say….food incentives(?)…Daniel Ortiz went north yesterday to the fifth Tacos Festival to find out. He found out that tacos are more than just the common man and woman's culinary delight, they have a culture and mystique unto themselves: Daniel Ortiz reporting When we arrived at the Banquitas House of Culture, the 5th Annual Tacos Festival was in full swing. Hundreds of people had come out, all sampling the creations of different vendors, who were all hard at work. And, as you would expect, it was the mecca of tacos, vendors making them, people lining up to buy, and still others eating and enjoying all the different flavors and styles. For the organizers, it worked out once again just as they had envisioned it.

    Cops Playing Favourites?
    Are police holding back on charging a man because of his political connections? We can't say his name yet, because he hasn't been charged, but the former driver of a UDP Minister of State, is under scrutiny after a father and son complained that he threatened them with a firearm. It turns out that it was only just a pellet gun, but observers say that he should be charged with aggravated assault, since he passed it off as a real handgun when he threatened them. 58 year-old Francis Lewis and his son, Demrey, reported to police that at around 6:20 yesterday morning, they were at home on Gibson Street when the man threatened them over a domestic dispute. Both father and son say that the man staggered out of the vehicle, appearing to be under the influence of alcohol. He then pulled out a black weapon, pointed it at them, and threatened them. When father and son made the report to police, they detained the suspect, who handed over the weapon he said that he took with him to the Lewis home, which turned out to be pellet gun.

    Police Try To Increase Peace
    In our last segment we told you about the shooting incidents in the city that left 3 men injured. Now we have been consistently reporting on the community policing initiatives in the Southside that are geared towards turning these vulnerable communities away from crime and violence. In fact the Eastern Police Division held another community event yesterday in the Mayflower area. But are these initiatives working? Senior Superintendent Chester Williams admits that their efforts alone can't completely eradicate crime but they can at least minimize it. Sr. Supt Chester Williams, Commander, Eastern Division Southside "It was a fun day for kids. They partook in several sporting activities and they were awarded prizes, medals and so forth for different categories of sporting events that they partook in on that day. I must say that the event was well attended and there are a number of persons who participated in the different disciplines and sporting disciplines. So I think it was a success and we will continue to do things like this in the various hotspots. Because what we want to do is to show these young people that you know there is an outlet rather than to be caught up in gangs or criminal activities."

    Counsel To Cops
    In most cases, police officers are highlighted only when they are accused of brutalizing someone or abusing their power. But there is so much more to a police officer's job. The work load and the violence they are exposed to on a daily basis takes a toll on them and so today Belmopan police installed a chaplain - Ronald Hamilton of the New Beginning Church of God 7th Day International. Hamilton will serve as a counselor to police officers in Belmopan and in the Cayo District. OC Howell Gillet posted on his facebook, quote, "Too many times we see officers resort to drinking, neglect of their families, beating on people in their care and the list goes on. Well we are hopeful that with this new appointment all these and more will go away with time." End quote.

    Channel 5

    Camalote Duo Arraigned for Execution-style Murder of Teen
    A pair of Camalote men have been arrested and charged for the execution-style murder of sixteen-year-old Ivan Choc who was mercilessly shot and killed inside his home on November thirteenth [...]

    Where is David Nanes Schnitzer? He’s a No-show at San Pedro Precinct
    Where is international fugitive, David Nanes Schnitzer tonight? He is wanted in his home country of Mexico for his role in defrauding investors of millions of dollars, as much as [...]

    Another Daring Attempt on Big Tom’s Life
    After a relative calm, there were three shootings over the weekend in the city. The first was a brazen daylight shooting on Saturday afternoon on Orange Street near the entrance [...]

    Sugar Prices Key Agenda Item During B.S.C.F.A.’s Annual General Meeting
    Three major sectors in the agriculture industry are in deep trouble. In the shrimp industry, thirty million dollars has been lost due to a bacteria that has infected upwards of [...]

    Caneros Seek Increase in Cost of Locally Sold Sugar
    The B.S.C.F.A. held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday where key agenda items included the passage of a resolution to seek an increase in the cost per pound of sugar [...]

    Did Gapi Keep His Lavish Office at Cohune Walk Building?
    Has former Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega surrendered his precious office space to his successor at G.O.B.’s Cohune Walk Building?  News Five has been reliably informed that the erstwhile [...]

    Wesley College Vice-Principal; is He a Pusher?
    The vice principal and a teacher of Wesley College, thirty-five year old Melvin Newton Hewlett, is in plenty trouble with the law tonight. Last Friday morning, the Gang Suppression Unit [...]

    Guatemalan Woman Investigated for Human Trafficking in Orange Walk
    There is a report of an apparent case of human trafficking in Orange Walk Town. On Saturday, the Quick Response Team visited Dominguez Bar which is located on the Otro [...]

    Herman Ramsey and Clive Arnold Injured in Weekend Shootings
    Two shootings on Sunday occurred within minutes of each other in Belize City on the heels of the attempt on the life of Kenneth Flowers, aka Big Tom. Just after [...]

    Gunmen Take Aim at Liston Myers
    Meanwhile, police has one person in detention for the murder attempt on the life of Liston Myers. While it is not believed that he was the intended target, around seven [...]

    Clive Jones Freed of Lengthy Burglary Sentence
    The court set free today Belize City resident Clive Jones; Judge Adolph Lucas made that ruling in an inferior case in the Supreme Court. Jones was convicted of burglary and [...]

    Theft Charges Against Former Brodies Employee Struck Out
    A former employee of James Brodies, who worked as a cashier at the supermarket, is also free tonight after the company requested no further court action in a theft charge [...]

    Earl Pitts Jr. Charged for Manslaughter after Fatal Road Traffic Accident
    Charges have been brought against the driver of a vehicle who hit and killed a mother of three children on November first, 2015 between Miles twenty-four and twenty-five on the [...]

    Leonardo Cano is New B.S.C.F.A. Chairman
    Seasoned canero Leonardo Cano is the newly-elected Chairman of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association.  He succeeds Ezequiel Cansino as chief presiding officer of the largest group of cane farmers [...]

    Cohune Walk Police Substation Reopened
    Residents of Cohune Walk are tonight resting easy and are a little safer with the opening of a police substation in their neck of the woods.  The housing community has [...]

    Chester Williams on Community Policing Efforts
    But the Eastern Division South Region of the Police Department is not fazed by the recent shootings in its jurisdiction. As a part of its continued community policing initiatives, on [...]

    Football, Basketball, Cycling and Table Tennis on Sports Monday
    Good evening, I’m James Adderley and this is Sports Monday.   We open tonight’s show with the showdown in Central Secondary Schools Sporting Association Male Basketball play featuring the 2 [...]


    Bar Owner Being Investigated For Human Trafficking
    A woman from Orange Walk Town is tonight behind bars waiting to be tried for Human Trafficking. On Saturday 21st November 2015, acting upon information received, Orange Walk Police conducted a raid at Dominguez Bar located on Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk, where they located Rosa Anita Garcia, Guatemalan National and owner of the bar. Also present at the establishment were two other females also of Guatemalan Nationality. The mother and daughter, ages 48 and 27 respectively, reported to authorities that on the 12th of November 2015 they were brought to Belize by Garcia under the pretense that they were going to be employed in a fast food establishmen but instead Garcia put them to work at the bar and forced them to sell beer and drink with clients. One of the females also reported to the cops that on two occasions Garcia forced her to have sex with strangers and when she refused to do so Garcia threatened to kill her mother and her two children who are in Guatemala.

    Orange Walkenos Get Tested For Diabetes
    Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. Most importantly, the disease is known as the number one killer in Belize. In an effort to bring awareness to the community about the disease and its causes the Rotaract Club of Orange Walk held a Diabetes fair on Saturday 21st of November at the Orange Walk Central Park. Community Service Director, Shanelle Lizarraga, told us why the club holds the event every year. “We currently have approximately fifty thousand Belizeans living with diabetes and so it is a very serious matter, it is a silent killer not many people are aware that they actually have it until probably it is too late and they don’t get tested the way they should so we are the Rotaract Club of Orange Walk want to take a stand against the disease and also bring awareness to the public in general so that was our main objective.”

    BSCFA Seeks To Change By-Laws
    Yesterday cane farmers belonging to the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association held their annual general meeting at Escuela Secundaria Mexico. While a number of items were on the agenda, on the top list of priorities was the presentation of the Flo-cert Corrective Measures and Objective Evidence and the presentation and ratification of the 2015/2016 Fair Trade Budget for premium plan. Oscar Alonso- CEO, BSCFA" “One of them has to do with the corrective measures that FLOCERT have accepted in relation to the none-compliances found in the audit that they did in June, and we presented that to them and they have approved the objective evidence which we be going to send also an important aspect was to have them approve a policy on the sue of the Fair Trade premium, we recall that last year and early this year they had made a decision to distribute 1.5 million dollars of the premiums that we received last year and the way it was done it was not in accordance with the criteria of Fair Trade ...”

    CARDI To Launch Coconut Project In Belize
    Representatives of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute, CARDI, are currently in Belize interacting with key stakeholders in the coconut industry in the conduction of activities in mapping and characterization of local coconut plantations, strengthening producer and processing groups and, developing appropriate technological packages for intercropping vegetables and fruits and rearing cattle and small ruminants under coconut trees. All this falls under a project funded by the European Union called “Coconut Industry Development for the Caribbean” through the Geneva-based International Trade Centre (ITC). The project is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of small-scale coconut farmers by identifying market opportunities, creating synergies between national and regional programmes and improving access to advisory services for improved coconut production. Stakeholders have welcomed this initiative for its potential to improve income and employment opportunities, food security, and the overall development of the Caribbean coconut sector.

    Vice Principal Of Wesley College Busted With Crack Cocaine
    A teacher from Belize City has been charged for possession of controlled drugs with the Intent to supply to another after he was busted with crack cocaine. He is no other than 35 year old Melvin Newton Hewlett, a teacher and vice principal of Wesley College. Reports are that Hewlett and another individual only described as a known drug peddler, were seen standing on the street side in front of Wesley College. That is when Officers of the Gang Suppression Unit decided to search the drug peddler but as the GSU approached the individual, Hewlett was seen throwing away a piece of white paper into Wesley College’s compound.


    Two men shot on Fabers road
    Another shooting occurred on Faber’s Road shortly before seven o’clock on Sunday morning. Herman Ramsey and Clive Arnold were reportedly walking when Trevor Guy took out a gun and shot them. They are both in the hospital in a stable condition. Senior Superintendent Chester Williams says the shooting was not gang related. Chester Williams: That […]

    Man hospitalized after early morning Sunday shooting
    A Sunday morning shooting in Belize City left one man hospitalized. According to reports, Leston Meyers was walking with a companion about seven o’clock yesterday morning when he was shot by two male persons. Meyers is in a stable condition while one of the shooters is in police custody. Senior Superintendent Chester Williams gave details […]

    Teacher found with cocaine on school campus
    The vice principal of Wesley college has been charged for Possession of Controlled Drugs with the Intent to Supply to Another. The thirty five year old Vice Principal, Melvin Newtown Hewlett, was busted last Friday by officers of the Gang Suppression Unit who were carrying out operations on Yarborough Road. A release from the […]

    Two men charged with Ivan Choc’s Murder
    Two men have been charged with the murder of a teenager from Camalotte Village. We got the details from officer in charge of Belmopan, Superintendent Howell Two men have been charged with the murder of a teenager from Camalotte Village. We got the details from officer in charge of Belmopan, Superintendent Howell Gillett. Voice 1: On the 13 of November we received information of a possible murder in the Camalote area and we did confirm that the victim was one Mr. […]


    PM Barrow takes post election 4 day leave to USA
    Following his speech at the Gariguna Settlement Day Official Ceremonies in Dangriga Town. Prime Minister Barrow departed the country on a four day personal leave. He returns to the country on Tuesday, November 24th but in the meantime. Minister of National Security Hon. John Saldivar will act as Pr...

    Okeke responds to GOB Ramos Bust donation
    Yesterday during the Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations in Danriga, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that the Government of Belize would make a substantial contribution to the outstanding payment price for the TV Ramos bust sculpted by Stephen Okeke. While the amount has yet to be disclosed to...

    Former journalist joins Bar
    Ivy Pitts is back in Belize after several years away studying law. Today she was formally made a member of the Bar of Belize and appeared in the Supreme Court before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. She spoke to us after her monumental accomplishment this morning. Ivy Pitts, New member BAR Assoc. Bze...

    Belize City Businessman hurt by armed robber
    A businessman was spared his life this morning during an armed hold-up in the heart of Belize City just before the lunch break rush. His wife had just left at around 11:30 to walk their dog and so Sunil Balani was alone inside MC Collections, one of three stores located within Little India Stores on...

    Women accused of stealing panties from Belize City store
    A pair of women from the North are accused of stealing over 200 panties from an Orange Street, Belize City store – and they were caught on surveillance cameras. 35 year old Donela Smith of Palmar Road, Orange Walk Town and 26 year old Johny Netty Lopez, a resident of Ranchito Village, Corozal Distri...

    David Schitnzer given second charge but out on bail
    47 year old Mexican-American David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer has been charged again with possession of a forged document which was issued legitimately, it appears, by the San Pedro Town Council. However, he is accused of providing false information to obtain the document. Still, he was granted bail of ...

    BSI responds to letter from Sugar Associations regarding sugar price
    A press release from ARS-BSI earlier today states that the company wrote all three cane farmers Associations yesterday, explaining the rationale behind the first cane price estimate for the 2015/16 crop. The Associations had written BSI requesting a review of their published first cane price estimat...

    Police making Progress in 16 YEAR OLD’S Murder
    On Friday night just before 8 o’clock witnesses say armed men entered a home in Camalote village and opened fire, killing 16 year old Ivan Choc. Choc was at his home on Young Bank Road having supper with his parents and siblings. The men were heard entering the yard and when the father opened the d...

    Cop Knocks Down Man, Kills Him
    47 year old Salvadoran Lucas Ayala was the victim of a fatal Road Traffic Accident yesterday when he was knocked down from his bicycle on the Humming bird Highway by an incoming vehicle driven by an off duty police constable attached to the Belmpoan Police formation. Emanuel Pech has more Emmanuel P...

    Cop Knocks Down Man, Kills Him
    47 year old Salvadoran Lucas Ayala was the victim of a fatal Road Traffic Accident yesterday when he was knocked down from his bicycle on th

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Belize City teacher charged for crack possession
    Belize City high school vice-principal 35 year old Melvin Hewlett was arrested and charged on Friday for possession of controlled drugs with the intent to supply to another after he was busted by members of the Gang Suppression Unit (GSU). Around 11:35 Friday morning on Yarborough Road, GSU members were on operations […]

    Two non-fatal shootings in Belize City
    Police are investigating a pair of separate, non-fatal shooting incidents in Belize City on Sunday morning which happened only minutes apart in different areas of Southside. In the first, Police are seeking a man identified as Trevor Guy for shooting two Belize City men; whom are now hospitalized […]

    Police intervene in Taylor’s Alley dispute
    Officer Commanding Eastern Division (South), Senior Superintendent Chester Williams would not divulge information regarding the weekend detention of several members of the Taylor’s Alley faction and known gang associates, the word on the street is that it was caused by an “alleged shootout”, in which no one was injured. […]

    Man charged in fatal traffic accident
    Mother of three Sharmaine Humes was killed in a fatal traffic accident on Sunday, November 1, between Miles 24 and 25 on the George Price Highway. Today, 25 year old Earl Pitts Jr. of Belama Phase 2 was read charges of manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct and […]

    Female bar owner under investigation for human trafficking
    Orange walk police have detained a Guatemalan woman after allegations of human trafficking were reported. According to authorities, on Saturday, acting on information received, the department’s Quick Response Team visited Dominguez Bar located at Otro Benque Road, Orange Walk town where they found three women. They were identified as […]

    Nissan Frontier stolen in Santa Elena
    35-year-old Phillip Emelio Sosa’s four door Nissan Frontier pickup truck was stolen from his garage at his home in Santa Elena Town on Friday, November 20th, while he was at work. Sosa told police that around 5:30 a.m., he left for work and upon returning at 8:00 p.m., he noticed that his […]

    Cayo police find weed in abandoned lot
    On Friday evening, November 20th, the police’s Special Branch Tactical Response Squad was conducting operations in the Cayo District, when a search in an abandoned lot led to the discovery of a transparent bag containing cannabis. The find was weighed and amounted to 80 grams, which was labelled as “Found Property” […]

    Cashier walks off theft charges
    Former cashier at James Brodie and Company Limited, 22 year old Alfonso Marin, is free of multiple counts of theft after his old employers dropped the charges against him. Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser struck out the five counts after being informed of the company’s decision in court this […]

    Belize City police find .38 revolver
    While conducting a search at an abandoned lot in the St. Martins Area of Belize City on Saturday, November 21st, officers discovered a .38 revolver pistol and three live rounds of ammunition. The firearm was deposited as “Found Property” since no one was in the area at the time.

    Accused burglar wins appeal
    This morning Justice Adolph Lucas set free labourer Clive Jones from a charge of burglary heard as an Inferior Court Appeal in the Supreme Court. Jones, represented by Anthony Sylvestre, had served 21 months of a seven year prison sentence on a burglary charge. He was accused and […]

    UDP Mesopotamia Committee confirms Shyne’s interest
    The United Democratic Party’s (UDP) Mesopotamia Committee, this morning, confirmed to BMG that Moses “Shyne” Barrow has indeed expressed his interest in running for electoral politics in the area and has started walking the area. According to UDP Mesop Committee Chairman Rodney Lord, Shyne has indicated to them that he is […]

    Weak cold front to increase moisture over next few days
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting sunny skies with cloudy spells today and mostly cloudy skies tonight. A few showers will affect mainly Southern and some coastal areas this morning and Northern as well as inland areas this afternoon. A few showers and periods of light rain will […]


    5 great options for starting a new Holiday tradition
    One of the most common things people say about Thanksgiving aside from how delicious the meal was is all the time and energy it takes to make it happen. Why not start a new Tropical tradition for Thanksgiving and let someone else do the cooking? Most Americans associate Thanksgiving with cooler temperatures over swaying palm trees, majestic rain-forests and historical Maya temples. In an effort to take the work out of the Holiday many resorts and restaurants are helping make both American and (to a lesser degree) Canadian Thanksgiving unofficial Belize Holidays.

    Belize in December - What to do?
    December is a great time to be in Belize; the weather is great and it’s the start of the high tourism season. Take advantage of the cool breeze, sunshine and clear blue skies. During this month you will find Belizeans in a festive mood as they prepare to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Christmas eve is a great day to visit the downtown core of whichever place you are to see Belizeans running around doing errands and buying last minute Christmas gifts. There is loud music everywhere and nonstop firecrackers exploding in the background. Christmas Day is a national holiday and most restaurants and stores are closed except for hotel restaurants. On this day locals have backyard family BBQs and stay home all day, however, the younger crowds usually go out with friends at nighttime. Boxing Day: The day after Christmas is also a holiday and most Belizeans head to the racetracks for a day filled with happy cheering and lots of drinking. The biggest horse racing event takes place in the village of Burrell Boom near Belize City but in the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena there is also a lively smaller event.

    The Best Hotel in San Pedro Belize: Xanadu Island Resort
    The tender bobbed in and out of the water as I stepped off of the hour long water-shuttle bringing us to the docks of San Pedro Belize. Both locals and travelers alike had chosen to take the shuttle out…however, we weren’t expecting the waters to be as choppy as they were when we first arrived to San Pedro. Thankful to be on dry land, and putting the queasiness of being sea-sick aside, we took the 5 minute shuttle ride to our pre-arranged accommodation through downtown San Pedro and made our way to the hotel that was arranged back in my home-base of Denver, Colorado about 2 months prior to my visit. As we dodged the mud puddles in the road and locals walking around the quaint streets, we arrived to Xanadu Island Resort where I was quickly greeted by some of the friendliest staff I’ve seen along with a much needed, and strong, glass of rum punch. Thus began a fantastic start to our stay…

    Ultimate List of The Best Hostels in Belize
    Home of abounding terrestrial and marine species along the Carribean, be mesmerized and plan your stay as we guide you through the ultimate list of BEST HOSTELS IN BELIZE – includes rates, location and great reviews that will surely help you with your travel!

    A Recipe for Ex Pats in Belize, who miss Whole Foods...:)
    That Ex Pat would be me--I miss the convenience of stopping at a healthy place and getting pre made, cut up healthy stuff for dinner. Since I made a recent blog about male-oriented food on the peninsula, I wanted to follow up with a healthy option for those who eat more like me :-p While the vegetables and fruits in Belize are mostly healthy and organic, and cheap!, there is NO PRE MADE ANYTHING TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE....unless you buy from a restaurant, but I do enjoy cooking and I like to know exactly what is in my stuff I'm eating. I came up with a recipe that turned out great, that I can keep in the fridge for several days, and eat out of instead of having to cut up and cook every time. I have been accused of using a LOT of ingredients and this one is no exception--if you are going to cook, and it is cheap, why not? You get more nutrients that way! :)

    International Sourcesizz

    Out of Mexico: Mennonite farmers leave as water supplies dwindle
    On the edge of a high plain fringed by craggy sandstone hills, Johan Friesen’s small farm is a testament to the rural providence of his Mennonite people. Neat fields of onion, soybean and yellow corn stretch behind his concrete and adobe house. In the farmyard, a few dozen cows stand in a corral, ready for milking, and a canary-colored reaper awaits repair. But beneath this valley of orderly farms in the center of Chihuahua state, the picture is less than serene, officials and farmers say. Underground reservoirs have been drained by thirsty crops, like corn, that are the mainstay of the Mennonites’ success, they say. Competition for groundwater – which officials have warned could run out in 20 years – has strained relations between the pacifist, Low German-speaking Mennonites and other farmers and, on occasion, incited violence.


  • Into the crack, 5.5min. Diving a crack in the reef off San Pedro Belize. It was a big stirred up from the diver ahead of me.

  • Belize Expedition, 7min. Jungle survival expedition with Ian Anderson Cave Branch. Four days of catching your food, filtering your water, building your shelters, and oh not changing your clothes. Followed by Altun Ha Mayan ruins

  • Santander Group, 3min. We've been a little quiet lately, but there's a good reason for that! Check out a virtual tour on the progress of the Santander Farms and Sugar Mill. Getting ready to start operations in February 2016. Built on integrity and responsibility and with productivity, development, job creation and community well-being at the forefront, The Santander Group is a privately held group of companies dedicated to the efficient and high quality production of sugar and its derivatives.

  • Go! Ranik 6 - Leben in Belize, 6min. Ranik travels around the world and takes us on his journey in his new German Vlog "Go! Ranik" :

  • Un"belize"able!!!, 4min. Our 2015 trip to Belize.

  • Belize 2015 Diving w/ Turneffe Island Resort, 4min. Nov 1st, 2015 - 1st day diving 3 different dive sites. Diving buddies included Judy, John, Dian & Tom. We saw Trunkfish, Lionfish, Lizard Fish, Spotted Moray Eel, Spiny & Atlantic Lobsters, Decorator Crab, Nassau Grouper, Queen Triggerfish, & Scorpion Fish.

  • Belize Style Lobster, 7min. This hilarious, self filmed, produced, directed, edited and distributed video shows "Cooking with Kenny" Chef Ken Barrick teaching you how to cook a lobster Belize style - just the way he learned on his trip to Belize. Just be careful you don't laugh yourself into choking. The food is delicious and the delivery will make you laugh so hard you'll cry.

    November 23, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Letter to the Editor: Lliani Paz on Ecotourism
    Dear Editor: In agreement with the current promotion of diabetes awareness in Belize, I take this opportunity to examine the growing illness of our society and environment from the impact of cruise tourism, a condition sickening the nation of Belize. I note the recent appointment made by the Right Honorable Prime Minister of Mr Yashin Dujon as CEO of the Ministry of Tourism. Mr Dujon holds a Masters in ‘Responsible Tourism’, a term which leaves much to be clarified. Ecotourism was first promoted by the United Democratic Party during its term of office from 1993-98. At that time, many workshops were held to educate and encourage the development of sustainable tourism endeavors and give clear focus and guidance for the fledgling tourism product. At one such workshop I attended at the Rio Bravo Station of Programme for Belize, participants from both the public and private sector from various Caribbean islands shared their valuable experience in mass/cruise tourism and the regrets they had after seeing the rapid and severe deterioration of their natural resources and sensitive habitats. All participants including representatives from local government ministries, Programme for Belize and the private sector, were strongly admonished to take up the challenge of making Belize a leader in this new approach for the region and to heed the warning given by our Caribbean partners.

    Wolfe’s Woofer: Home Cooking
    “Hey, Mr. Dennis.” “Hey, Moises,” I said. “Come on over and join me.” Moises sat down at my table on the Holiday Hotel Deck with his little brown bag of food from Celi’s Deli. “What are you eating this morning?” I asked. “I had three of those meat pies.” “I got six meat pies, a breakfast burrito and a breakfast tortilla.” “What?! How can someone your size eat that much food?” “I could eat more,” Moises said, “But I ran out of money. I feel like I’m starving to death.” “Wait a minute. Didn’t you get married last week?” “Yes.” “Doesn’t your wife cook?” “She cooks.”

    Police Drugs Report
    On Wednesday, November 11th between 5AM and 12:10PM, a team of San Pedro Quick Response Team and Special Branch personnel conducted a joint anti-drugs operation within San Pedro Town, whereby a search was conducted near the premises of a known drug dealer in the DFC Area, San Pedro Town. The search led to the discovery of a black plastic bag amongst some rubbish containing a total of 54.8 grams of suspected Cannabis, which was labelled as found property. A search was also conducted near the premises of a known drug dealer in the Bayside Area, San Pedro Town. The search led to the discovery of a transparent Ziploc bag in a garbage pile containing a parcel wrapped in transparent plastic and a small transparent plastic bag containing a total of 193.6 grams of suspected Cannabis, which was labelled and deposited as found property.

    Doctor Love: Toddler Mom
    Dear Doctor Love I am twenty years old and my sister is twenty-nine. She got pregnant when she was fifteen and her oldest son is now fourteen years old. Her son has always been pretty much of a brat because he has always gotten away with anything he does. She does not punish him or reprimand him. In the last two years he has gotten even worse. His grades in school have steadily gone down. He has been kicked out of school for fighting and stealing. Now, he has reached the last straw. He did not come home last Saturday until two o’clock in the morning and my sister was going crazy with fear. She called me to help her look for him but we did not see him until he came home at two a.m. They got into an argument and he hit her. I tried to call the police but she begged me not to. That’s when I decided to leave them alone to sort it out between them. My son is two years old and I do not want him to grow up like this. Please give me some advice. /s/ Toddler Mom

    Ambergris Today

    Amazon’s Mad Dogs Online Series Shoots Footage in Belize
    Strangely enough, when we reported about the online series Mad Dogs and how it was based in Belize, we found out later on that none of the filming took place in the country, but instead Puerto Rico. It was only based in Belize; not even the actors had placed foot in the country. We can only speculate that the filming was done outside the country due to lack of film resourced in Belize, but two weeks ago the crew arrived in the country to obtain some real footage to make the online series ‘more Belizean’. After downloading the first episode of Mad Dogs, we noticed that the plot of the story took place in Belize, but nowhere in the footage were we able to identify Belizean scenery. Even the airport footage was clearly not at the Phillip Goldson International Airport. “What a bummer,” we thought. After doing some research, we found out that filming of Mad Dogs was done in Puerto Rico for some odd reason. At first we were excited that the series would bring publicity to Belize, but then got worried that people might get the wrong image of Belize after seeing footage that was from Puerto Rico. Well now we find out that the writer and creator of the show Cris Cole was with his team shooting at the Michael Finnegan Market a couple weeks ago; they were going around the country obtaining real footage of Belize.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    New COPA service to BZE
    Anyone else see this ad from Copa Airlines? We thought we would share it and ask you all to do so too. Lets support Copa Airlines. This flight to Panama City, Panama will open up much more of the world to Belize.

    Children's Park Management Committee
    Like our page and keep up to date as we restore Caye Caulker's only children's park. 'We' are excited and hope the community join us in rebuilding the park so our island kids along with visitors can have a safe environment in creating fond memories!! Committee members will be introduced soon!

    Messages from the Gods, A Guide to the Useful Plants of Belize!
    This is the new book - the result of this 9 year research with the traditional healers of Belize: Messages from the Gods, A Guide to the Useful Plants of Belize! Come buy it in our factory in Santa Elena. A great Christmas Gift! A reviewer writes: "Over the course of more than 25 years, Michael Balick and Rosita Arvigo have forged one of the most significant partnerships in the history of ethnobotany. This splendid book, the culmination of their collaboration, will live on as the definitive text on the traditional uses of plants in Belize for generations."--Wade Davis, Ph.D. Professor of Anthropology and LEEF Chair in Cultures and Ecosystems at Risk, University of British Columbia. This book is gorgeous, many colored pictures, great descriptions. I haven't laid it down for the last three months.

    This Thursday at Crazy Canucks Beach Bar 2p.m.

    Full Moon Over the Reef Concert

    The Reporter

    Shooting victim is cousin of “Ghost”, killed in 2012
    Credible reports are that Liston Myers, the man identified identified as Sunday morning’s shooting victim, was not the intended target. Myers was repoetedly walking with a man who is believed to have been the intended target, but he escaped unhurt. Myers is the cousin of Leonard “Ghost” Myers who was one of four men whose throats were slashed in 2012 in a house on George Street. He underwent surgery and is now in a stable condition at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. The shooting is believed to be part of the ongoing internal George Street conflict which police have been trying to diffuse, but without much success.

    Shooting in Collet leaves man hospitalized
    A shooting early Sunday morning on Pitter Street in the Collet division has left a man hospitalized. The incident occurred at around 6:45 a.m. around the lane from Kim’s Shop. Residents heard two gunshots, after which the victim, still unidentified, ran a short distance before collapsing near a drain. His shooters, two youths, ran up Antelope Street and onto Elston Kerr Street.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Shooting in Belize City
    One man is hospitalized and undergoing surgery following a shooting incident on Pitter Street in the Collet Division. Around 6:45 this morning the victim was apparently shot twice around the lane from Kim’s Shop, and ran a short distance before collapsing near a drain, according to residents who heard the gunfire. His shooters, identified only as “two youths”, ran off up Antelope Street and into Elston Kerr Street.


    My Week in San Pedro, Belize: A Recap
    It’s November and the busy season, in my estimation, is here early. Visitors abound, new businesses are opening, existing ones are getting new looks…it’s all quite exciting. Here are the snap shots from my week out and about on Ambergris Caye. Breakfast/lunch at Estel’s is part of every week that I have in San Pedro. Proof that the Maya gods enjoyed a Belikin or two… And proof that I enjoy a fry jack or 10. (Fry jacks are deep fried flour tortilla dough – and Estel’s makes the very best in Belize.)

    Quesadillas de Carne
    1) The first step is to heat oil in a large skillet and fry the chopped onions for 2 minutes. 2) Mix in the meat and the chiles with the onions and mix well so that the meat is well combined with the vegetables; only the strips of meat have to stay flat to go well in our quesadillas. Season with salt, pepper and all the other spices in the list. 3) Once the meat is well cooked, test seasoning and add more spices if necessary. Add the chopped tomatoes until they are slightly cooked. Do not overcook them so that the tomatoes do not become too liquid.

    A great way to visit with vacationing friends
    Last weekend Shannon, her daughter Jana were doing a fast 2 day visit along with Shannon’s friends Alex and Albert – all from Texas. Knowing that the weather was still going to be stormy, I decided to check in last minute with Mayan Princess and see if they had a room open. Thankfully they did. This made it so much easier to spend time with Shannon and Jana. Living down south, with the rains, giant lakes and potholes I likely would have only made it to town to see them once to share a meal somewhere. So glad it all fell into place and we got to enjoy some quality time together. I cannot believe how much Jana has grown since the last time I saw her – from a cute little girl to a pretty and polite young adult. Shannon and I spent much of our time catching up in my room lying on the comfortable queen bed, chatting like teenagers and playing with our cell phones. Over the course of that time it was amazing how many times the sky changed as the sun tried to stay out and another heavy rain cloud took over. We both kept getting up to marvel over the sky and snap pics. My 3rd floor room had a better field of vision for this as opposed to theirs on the 1st floor. While we were doing girl time Jana stayed downstairs in their room to relax and read, coming up periodically to say hi.

    International Sourcesizz

    Marines help Central American troops develop training
    Central American troops gearing up to fight the brutal gangs and drug cartels plaguing their region will soon train at schoolhouses that small teams of Marines helped develop. About 280 Marines began returning to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, in mid-November following a six-month deployment to four Central American countries. It marks the end of the inaugural deployment for Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force — South, which was headquartered at Soto Cano Air Base in Honduras. The Marines spent the deployment working alongside military partners in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize. They built new schools, runways and other infrastructure in the troubled region while remaining at the ready to assist with any humanitarian crises that emerged during hurricane season. They also dispatched four small Marine Security Cooperation Teams to military bases in the region to assist local troops in honing their infantry and leadership skills through the development of new training programs.

    With apologies to Arthur Carlson, wild turkeys can fly!
    Wild turkeys face various perils at all points in their life cycles, from eggs to newly hatched young to adult birds. Turkey eggs are a favorite food of such wild animals as raccoons, skunks, opossums and some snakes. Young turkeys, known as poults, are often the prey of domestic dogs and cats, as well as a range of raptors, as well as birds such as crows and ravens. Larger predators — bobcats, cougars, coyotes, foxes and eagles — prey on adult turkeys. The wild turkey’s scientific name is Meleagris gallopavo. The wild bird is exclusively resident in North America, but domesticated turkeys are now raised around the globe. The wild turkey has only one close relative, the ocellated turkey, or Meleagris ocellata, which ranges throughout the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico as well as the northern parts of Belize and Guatemala. The extent of this fowl’s range is only about 50,000 square miles while the wild turkey ranges throughout the United States, as well as Canada and Mexico. Few birds have featured so prominently in the history of the United States as the wild turkey. In fact, the turkey came close to being named the official bird of the United States. Benjamin Franklin, who proposed the turkey as the official United States bird, was distraught when the bald eagle was chosen over the turkey. Franklin wrote to his daughter, referring to the eagle’s "bad moral character," saying, "I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as the Representative of our country! The turkey is a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original native of America."


  • Belize Sports 2013, 4min. Service trip to Belmopan, Belize

  • Belize Schools 2014, 7.5min. Service Trip to Orange Walk, Belize

  • Belize - Ambergris Caye - Hol Chan & Shark Ray Alley, 12min. Belize's the most famous protected marine reserve, in the northern part of Belize just east of Ambergris Caye. The park encompasses a portion of the Belize Barrier Reef where there is a small channel in the reef, or "Hol Chan" in Maya.

  • Zipline Belize 2015, 4min.

  • Birds singing in the morning June 2015 Belize, 1/2min. Mornings are some of my favorite times of the day. I always enjoy listening to the morning birds singing in the backyard.

  • B is for Belize, 3.5min. World Race Fusion in Belmopan, Belize for month 10.

  • French Family Belize September & October 2015 Video, 4min. Our final 2 months in Belize! Celebrating Belize Independence Day, Street Evangelism, Evangelism Training, Armenia Children's One Year Anniversary, Flood Clean up, and saying good bye to all the people we have come to know and love in this beautiful country! We will miss our sweet Belize!

  • Buorlinton St in Chan Chen, Corozal, Belize, 4min.

    November 22, 2015


    Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    A preview of awesomeness at The Truck Stop!
    It’s an outdoor food court, featuring two distinct food containers/restaurants, one ice cream shop and a really cool bar with an amazing mural (painted by the island’s one and only: Papo, the master) that is ALREADY becoming the new must-photograph item while on Ambergris Caye. When we arrived at the site, finishing touches were being placed, including the painting of the Cool Cone (ice cream shop) exterior. Ben has promised 14 flavors of ice cream courtesy of the Ice Cream Shoppe, including Maple Bacon, Salted Caramel, Guinness, even Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’d spoken to Chef Hasni about the plans for this container the night he invited us to the tasting, and he described the plans for Malaysian street food. I didn’t really know what to expect, but figured street food equals delicious naughtiness, and I was right! Arepas – I’ve heard of them, I’ve not really figured out what they truly are. The second food truck is primarily Latin American, and Arepas the specialty.

    San Pedro Fire Department and NEMO hold emergency drills
    The San Pedro Fire Department (SPFD) along with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) conducted a series of fire and emergency preparedness drills at various schools on the island. The drills began on Monday, November 16th, with lectures given at the San Pedro Roman Catholic School and Ambergris Caye Elementary School, and continued on Tuesday, November 17th at The Island Academy and the New Horizon Seventh Day Adventist School (NHSDAS). The main purpose of the exercises at the educational institutions was to educate the children on safety procedures and to know what to do during emergency situations, such as in the case of a fire or flood. The last drill of the week took place at NHSDAS, where at 2PM children were surprised when they heard the siren and the fire engine truck entering the school compound. Jeromey Timrose Augustin from NEMO and Fire Station Chief Officer Newton Lennan paid a visit to the school to speak about safety measures. Augustin spoke to the children about the dangers of flooding. She explained what to do in case of being caught in a flood and why is so important to stay away from stagnant waters after heavy rains. The children listened attentively as Augustin indicated the dangers in flooded areas such as electric cables that may linger under the water, broken glass, and the transmission of potential deadly diseases. At the end of her presentation, Augustin tested the children with questions regarding safety plans to take during a flood and many responded with the right answers.

    Football Tournament coming soon!
    With the Volleyball tournament approaching its end, a new sporting activity is being organized for the island. The San Pedro Sports Council, in collaboration with the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and the Ministry of Tourism and Culture is putting together an 11-aside Football Tournament. The competition will include two categories, male and female, with games been held during the weekends. The event will officially kick off on December 18th at the Honorable Louis Sylvester Sporting Complex. After the registration of teams, there will be a meeting with the teams’ captains and owners on Tuesday, December 1st, with Hector “Tito” Alamilla, Councilor in charge of sports. “At the meeting we will discuss the details of the tournament with team members. Some of the things that will be covered at the meeting will be, the requirements, the schedule of the games, and what prizes will be given at the tournament. The more teams we have signing up, the bigger the prizes will be,” said Alamilla. According to him, the SPTC will be improving the lighting on the pitch where the matches will take place. “The Town Board will also be assisting us with the illumination of the sporting arena and fixing up the play ground so that we can have the games running smoothly. At the same time, we will be working on setting up seating areas for the football fans that will come out and support their favorite teams,” ended Alamilla. He also mentioned that prior to the official competition; there will be a football marathon on Friday, December 6th which will be open to any team.

    70-year-old woman reports brutal attack
    A 70 year old woman reported to the San Pedro Police Station that on Monday, November 16th, around 9:30PM, she was heading home when she was violently assaulted. The incident occurred on Coco Plum Street in the San Marcos area, where the victim told police that a male individual dragged her into an empty bushy spot where he began attacking her. She received punches to her face and legs, and she lost consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, she noticed her blouse was torn and her underwear missing. According to Officer in Charge at the San Pedro Police Formation, Sandra Bodden they cannot confirm yet if the woman was raped, since they are waiting for a medical examination to confirm it. Initially she was treated at the local polyclinic where medical personnel declared her status as aggravated assault, and further checkups will take place in Belize City.

    Guidance Seminars held for SPHS Students
    The students of San Pedro High School (SPHS) participated in a guidance seminar on Wednesday, November 18th. Organized by On Eagles Wings Ministries (OEWM) and Developing Tomorrow’s Men Today, the seminar saw four speakers presenting in two different forums. In order to better achieve the seminar’s goal, the male and female student alumni participated in different forums aimed at targeting individual gender related issues. While female students participated in the “Being a Woman of Excellence” forum lead by OEWM, male students participated in the “Being a Man of Virtue” forum led by Developing Tomorrow’s Men Today. Female students gathered at the Angel Nunez Auditorium at 1PM. Their event started with a short invocation by Pastor Clive Welsh of Lighthouse Christina Radio Station and Board Member of OEWM Belize. Following the heartfelt prayer, Mistress of Ceremonies, Michelle Nuñez took over the stage welcoming those in attendance. Alida Sharp then entertained the audience with a special song fit for the occasion.

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    SAGA Top Chef Cookoff Fundraiser Dec. 8th
    At Island Time

    UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women
    From 25 November to 10 December, the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women will “Orange the World” to raise awareness and inspire action on the issue. This ‪OrangeDay‬, find out how you, your organization and your community can join us at U.S. Embassy Belmopan and start organizing to be a part of this global campaign.

    World Culture Band at the Soul Project
    The World Culture Band played a special show at the Soul Project this week. They had a new singer, and she harmonized well.

    Wine House Thanksgiving
    The Wine House is doing a special Thanksgiving dinner on Friday, November 27th. Great food and amazing wine to go with it. "All invited to join us in celebrating Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 2015 at Cost Less Wine House from 6:00pm to 10:00 pm... Smooth wines and soothing music (no life music for this event). Complimentary Thanksgiving Buffet to The Wine Club members! Non members $15.00 per person. The Wine Club membership is per year $50.00 for two person + a lot of benefits...come join! The Thanksgiving Buffet includes: Turkey, Ham, and some awesome trimming! Needless to say, wine is on hand for sale....

    Youth Week 2015
    Youth Week is almost here. The Department of Youth Services will be having events all over the country, starting on November 29th. "The Department of Youth Services will be observing youth week on November 29, 2015 through December 4, 2015. Different activities have been planned through our out district offices for the youth of Belize.. Visit the nearest office in your area for more information."


    Two Northenas Arrested For Stealing Underwear
    Two women from the north are tonight behind bars after they were accused of stealing more than 200 underwear from a store on Orange Street in Belize City. Reports are that on Tuesday 35 year old Donela Smith from Orange Walk Town and 26 year old Johny Netty Lopez, a resident of Ranchito Village, Corozal District were captured on surveillance camera stealing 150 assorted adults underwear valued at $1,050.00 along with 75 assorted children underwear valued at $187.50 belonging to Ingrid Perez, businesswoman and owner of Siloe Store located on Orange Street, Belize City. A report was made to police after the women left and the video footage was handed over to the cops for evidence. When the two women were taken to the police station, Perez and one of her employees were able to positively identify the women as the two who entered the store and stole the panties. After viewing the video footage, police visited the bus terminal and detained both women who fit the description of the alleged thieves caught on camera.

    Cruise Arrivals Give Good Numbers To The Jewel
    There is no doubt that Tourism in Belize has grown considerably recently, and it is now the second largest industry in the nation, but despite tourism has positively affected the agricultural, commercial, and finance industries, as well as the construction industry, there are times when figures of tourist arrivals fluctuate. This fluctuation was seen during the second quarter of 2015, where a lower number of tourists were arriving in Belize. The fluctuation was then blamed on poor weather conditions. While these fluctuations tend to make the tourism industry be affected, there are times when the results for Belize's tourism-driven economy are significant as the jewel has been welcoming almost one million tourists in a calendar year for the first time in its history since 2012. Since then there have been mostly good figures as is the case of the third quarter. A recent release from the Belize Tourism Board shows that tourist arrivals are on the rise as overnight arrival for the third quarter from July to September 2015 has shown a significant increase of 6.9%, when compared to the same period in 2014.

    American National Drowns While Snorkeling
    An American National has lost his life after he attempted to save his partners life whilst snorkeling at a popular dive site near Caye Caulker Village. According to authorities, on Tuesday November 17th, about 12:55pm, Caye Caulker Police visited the Polyclinic where the lifeless body of a Caucasian male person was seen apparently dead. Initial police investigations revealed that at 12:05pm on the 17th, 61 year old Karl Edwin Simmons, American Security Officer of # 450 Baywood Street Shoreacres Texas and his wife, 56 year old Esther Simmons, went snorkeling in Shark and Ray Alley located in Caye Caulker Village Marine Reserve when the sea current caused Esther Simmons to start drifting away.

    Family Members Say Loved One Was Raped, Doctors Say Otherwise
    Tonight, there is a disturbing report of an alleged rape and further allegations of police inaction. Due to the nature of the allegation, names cannot be called so as to protect the identity of the victim. According to relatives and friends, in late October a group of campaigners who were doing ground work behind Santa Familia Street in Orange Walk Town, found a female visibly unconscious near the steps of a residence in the area. From what we have been able to gather, the female was seen with a large gash to the back of the head and red ants all over her legs and thighs. The police were called in but allegedly did not respond in time and so the neighbors took action and transported the female to the Northern Regional Hospital for a medical check-up. A formal report was made at the Orange Walk Police station where a video from the victim’s phone had a recording of the night in question and revealing who she was with at that time.

    BSI/ASR To BSCFA - There Is No Room To Increase First Estimate Price
    On Wednesday we told you about the letter written to the Deputy Prime Minister of Belize Gaspar Vega by the three cane farmers associations. In the letter, the heads of the associations express concern with the first price estimate of $41.56 submitted by BSI/ASR and are asking for the company to review the assumptions which they used to reach that estimate in order for it to be increased including improving the TC/TS from 9.5 to 9.0. Apart from other proposals, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, Corozal Sugar Cane Producers and Progressive Sugar Cane Producers Associations are also asking Government to review the current price of sugar sold in the local market and for it to be increased by 25 cents. Basically, the three associations made the same proposals to BSI/ASR outlined in a letter dated November 12th. While the associations are yet to receive a response from GOB, they have obtained a reply from BSI/ASR and from all indications it is not a positive one. In the letter dated November 19th, BSI/ASR reiterates its own disappointment with the cane price estimate which fell by 21% compared to last year but also indicates that at this point in time there is no room to increase the cane price. Despite the fact that the company has considered the arguments put forward by the associations, they believe that the assumptions which led to the cane price estimate are considered realistic.

    Prime Minister Leaves The Country
    Today, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced his departure from Belize to the United States for personal reasons. According to a release issued by the P.M’s office, the trip will last four days. During the Prime Minister’s absence, Minister of National Security John Saldivar will act as Prime Minister from Thursday, November 19th to Sunday, November 22nd, as the Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Gaspar Vega is presently out of the country. Upon the DPM’s return, he will act as Prime Minister from Sunday, November 22nd to Tuesday, November 24th when the Prime Minister is expected back in Belize.

    Baby Nina To Be Placed Under Foster Care-Mother Allowed Visitation Rights
    Tonight marks seven days that two year Nina Perez will be spending without her mother as she remains in the custody of the Department of Human Services. As we reported, the mother of the child, Analiz Perez, claims that last Friday evening, a social worker accompanied by a police officer arrived at her home on George Street claiming that they were there to take custody of her two year old daughter, Nina Perez. The intervention from Social Services was the outcome of a decision taken by relevant local authorities acting on a formal request made by their Guatemalan counterparts through Nina’s Guatemalan Father. The matter was filed under the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction concerning the wrongful removal of this two-year-old Guatemalan child, at least, that’s according to Human services Department.

    Caye Caulker Chronicles

    The Top – I Just Conch Get Enough
    On Caye Caulker there are numerous open deck restaurants and I’ve been a client of most of them. This new restaurant has a certain “Je ne sais quoi” about it and should be experienced in person. No matter how I describe it, my words cannot do it justice. Where am I talking about? The Top – An Island Bistro. The Top is located above the Lazy Lizard bar up at The Split. I was invited Friday evening by the owners Jim and Dan and I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. That sounds insulting, but, being brutally honest, The Split and the Lazy Lizard were never known for their culinary skills. It was a daytime bar with loud music and strong drinks. People came to swim, sunbathe and drink copious amounts of bright green drinks. The Top is infinitely different and nice red wine graces your palate instead. If you don’t believe me about The Top, then I suggest you try it for yourselves. Chef Reynaldo has created a wonderful destination for dinner. Not only is he a really nice friendly guy, he has skills that I can only dream of. With respect to Chef Reynaldo’s culinary skills, not once, throughout the entire evening, did anyone from our table reach out for the salt or pepper. I actually forgot they existed during the meal because they were that far from my mind. Make a reservation, book a table or just show up. The Top is open from 6pm – 9pm Tuesday thru Sunday. There is also a full lunch menu 7 days a week.

    The Reporter

    Kareem Clarke memorial described a success
    Michelle Leiva, a student of Edward P. Yorke high school in Belize City is the first place winner of the first ever Kareem Clarke essay competition. Leiva’s prize-winning piece was featured during the Kareem Clarke’s first-ever memorial on the occasion of his birthday on Saturday. Second place went to Kyle Rodriguez of St. John’s College, and Kaylene Sedasey, also of E P Yorke rounded out the top three finishers. First prize was an Acer brand laptop; second prize was a tablet, and third prize was $500 cash. The event had a slew of local performers and DJs and drew about 100 persons. It raised about $5,000 in donations to go towards the St. Joseph’s primary school feeding program and the ‘Dara’ Robinson feeding program. Chairman of the Kareem Clarke Trust Fund, Alexis Milan told his media colleagues that while there were a few technical kinks along the way, the show was a success and the Trust Fund’s executive board plan to make the entity s legally registered one by next year, when it is also expected to be expanded into a bigger event.

    Prime Minister pledges “significant amount” towards payment of TV Ramos bust
    As part of his address on Garifuna Settlement Day in Dangriga, Prime Minister Dean Barrow pledged on behalf of the government,to pay a “significant amount of the outstanding balance for the bust of Thomas Vincent Ramos. In making reference to thr piece of art, delivered one year ago to the Dangriga town council, the Prime Minister said: “It seems that there is some difficulty in finding the funds to pay the sculptor for his work. The Government of Belize will be pleased to make a significant contribution towards the balance of Mr. Okeke’s fees.” Last weekend, social activist, Abdul Nunez led a three-hour long radio telethon during which he received over $6,000 in edges from at home and abroad to pay for the bust. Prior to that, sculptor, Stephen Okeke had collected an initial amount of $5,000. The Prime Minister explained that the only reason why the government will not pay the full $27,000 balance for the sculpture is because the government is also pledging another sizeable amount of money towards the Gulisi Primary School, an institution in Dangriga whose mission is to preserve the Garifuna language and culture.

    The Belize Times

    The People Will Decide – National Convention would see 2,793 delegates cast votes for a new Leader and National Executive
    In the upcoming days, the People’s United Party will enter another intriguing chapter in its outstanding history. A new leader will rise from within the ranks of the Party at a national convention to be held on Sunday, January 31, 2015. Following the Party’s loss by a close-margin in the November 4th general elections, Party Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca, who has been at the helm since 2010, announced that he will be stepping down and will help to guide the process of electing a new leader. On Wednesday, November 11th, the Party’s National Executive met at Independence Hall and gave support to the holding of a National Convention which will place key posts in the Executive up for election, as stipulated under the Party’s Constitution. As a result of this, the posts that will be up for voting are: Party Leader, Deputy Party Leaders (4), Party Chairman, Legal Advisor, National Communications Director and National Campaign Manager. Candidates for the posts must be nominated by a unit of the Party in writing to the PUP Secretariat.

    Free Zone businessman executed in Chetumal
    Ernesto Alonso de Miguel, a Mexican national known as “El Espanol” who operated a business inside the Corozal Free Zone, was shot dead in an execution-style attack along the popular Chetumal bay, just before midnight on Saturday, November 14, 2015. Miguel was at the “El Emporio” restaurant, having dinner with a group that included a Commandant in Chetumal’s Police Force, Augustin Guevara Martinez, another Police official, an unidentified Belizean who was his driver and two women, when a motorcycle stopped on the street and a gunman alighted, firing in their direction. Martinez was also fatally wounded in the attack, while the others survived by diving to the floor. The news of the murder has sent shockwaves in Chetumal and Corozal Town. For many years, Miguel was allegedly involved in nefarious business out of the Free Zone. He was accused of smuggling contraband liquor into Mexico via secret routes along the border with Belize.

    Barrow Threatens Channel 5, Plus TV and Kremandala
    “…we won despite the media who campaigned against us…I’m talking about that ‘wutless’ Channel 5, that ‘wutless’ Plus TV, and that ‘wutless’ Kremandala” Those were the menacing and hate-filled words that came out of Dean Barrow’s mouth as he delivered his “victory speech” in front of his Party headquarters on election night, Wednesday November 4th. Barrow, apparently filled with adrenalin from the news that his Party had successful tricked enough voters to give them a third term, felt he was truly Belize’s emperor who deserved to be revered and adored by the media, and that no one should dare to criticise him. Barrow made it clear that he was gravely upset with the manner in which the media handled his Government, and appeared to be riling up his supporters to turn against those media houses. If anyone is ‘wutless’ it is Dean Barrow himself.

    Human Services strips away 2 yr. old from Belizean mother at the “request” of Guatemalan authorities
    The Human Services Department has had to go on defense mode, following strong public outcry over their decision to forcibly remove a two year old baby from her mother, a Belizean national, at the request of Guatemalan authorities. The child’s mother, Analiz Perez, turned to Facebook over the weekend to express deep pain and sorrow over a situation that transpired on Saturday, November 14th at her home in Orange Walk Town. Perez said that she was awaken that morning to the news that a woman who claimed to be a Social Services Officer of the Human Services Department and a Police Officer turned up at her house requesting to speak to her. Upon meeting the visitors, Perez was told by them that they were actually there to execute an order for her child, Nina, to be removed and placed in custody of Social Services. Perez said the woman identified herself as “Asin Sury”, which has turned out to be a false identity.

    The great songwriters and singers of modern pop music, the Beatles, sang “Money Cant Buy Me Love”. This may or may not be true. But money can buy votes. That much is true. In Belize, money even buys voters. Or more precisely, money buys some voters. The recent general elections were basically a clash between power of money and the power to the people. This time money won. The lesson-much work needs to be done in informing and educating voters on how to turn the tables on wicked politicians who corrupt the democratic process by using money to swindle votes. The elections started to go corrupt three years ago when two important factors were introduced on a huge scale. The transfer of voters into targeted constituencies and the transfer of public funds into the hands of UDP politicians. Both are illegal but the UDP government and the corrupt UDP officials are one and the same so they got away with it.

    Talk is cheap, votes aren’t
    The 2015 General Elections are over and done with and in an ideal situation, the people would now close ranks, rally behind their leaders and forge ahead with the task of nation building. This is not an ideal situation. For that to happen, the winning party would also have to accept that they are a government for everyone and consider each and every citizen equal when dispensing goods and services. Not going to happen because we all know that it just does not work that way under our current system of governance. While it is a common sentiment that both parties, when in power, victimize members of their Opposition, (and while to some extent that is true), never has it been done so blatantly or acceptedly. Former Lake I representative Mark King put it succinctly when he openly proclaimed that in making considerations for anything, it was “UDP first, Belizeans second and PUP last”. In any other society, anyone affiliated with King’s party would have immediately distanced themselves from such a comment for to not do so would be tantamount to political suicide. Not only did anyone in King’s party condemn the comment but when confronted with the remarks, the Prime Minister seemed to give sanction to the statement. One would have hoped that the Prime Minister would have refuted the comment and rebuked King but when asked, he had only this to say, “Well, I wish he hadn’t said it but let’s not be hypocritical…” In other words, “It bees that way!”

    The more things change…
    The United Democratic Party has won its first third consecutive term in Government. But there is no euphoric feeling among Belizeans for our people know what a third UDP term means for the country. Just a few hours after learning that the UDP had ‘scraped’ a win, their leader was heard on live radio verbally attacking the media for daring to challenge his Government with the reporting of facts and true stories. Dean Barrow must have been referring to the scandals at the Immigration Ministry, or the reports of hustling at the Lands Ministry, the deaths of babies due to infections from poorly kept hospitals, or the discovery of rats at others – all pointing to corruption, mismanagement and incompetence throughout the eight-year, stunted two terms in Government. Barrow came off as if he was waging war on three media houses in particular. He has been allowed to get away with this kind of arrogant and manipulative behaviour over the past eight years, but in their third term it cannot be allowed to continue. A few minutes after learning that he had won in Belmopan, John Saldivar, a leading contender for UDP Leader in the next two years, was caught on camera practically wrestling away Police Officers who were about to detain one of his cronies, who in celebrating UDP victory lost his senses and shot his firearm into the air.

    SCA’ historic championship streak Volleyball champs – 8 years in a row
    The St. Catherine’s Academy girls won a historic 8th championship title when the 2015 secondary schools volleyball championships were held in Big Falls, Toledo district over the weekend of November 6-7. SCA will represent the jewel at the 2016 CODICADER Central American Scholars games in Honduras. SCA and Belmopan Comprehensive School volleyball teams clashed in the finals. The Western regional champs, Compre girls, dominated the Northern regional champs, Muffles College, 25-18, 25-7, 25-17 to advance to the finals. Meanwhile SCA made short work of the Southern regional champs, Stann Creek Ecumenical College, winning in three sets 25-13, 25-14, and 25-10 to advance.

    Galen Eagles win 3rd ATLIB basketball championship
    The Galen Eagles won their 3rd Association of Tertiary Level Institutions of Belize (ATLIB) national basketball championship, defeating the Sacred Heart Junior College Scorpions team at the Sacred Heart auditorium last Saturday. The Galen Eagles won 51-33; leading through the match: 1st qtr: 11-3; 2nd qtr – 17-9; and 3rd qtr – 34-24. Jarrell Velasquez scored 14pts, while Edgar Mitchell added 11pts for the Eagles. SHJC’s Jeffery “Turtle” Carrillo, Elvert Ariola and Nigel Martinez scored 7pts apiece and Jamie Carbajal added 6pts. The Most Valuable Player trophy was awarded to Jarrel Velasquez.

    Nazarene defeats E.P. Yorke 70-37
    The Nazarene High School boys ran over the Edward P. Yorke High school boys 70-37 as the 2015 high school basketball tournament continued on Tuesday, November 17th. Shakeen Valerio scored a monster 32 points for Nazarene high, while Chervin Theus put up 10pts and Gregory Theus and Winston Anthony added 9pts apiece. Ronald Crawford and Julian Luna tossed in 6pts apiece. Ashton Cleland and Johnny Andrews led E.P.Yorke with 8 pts apiece; while Nigel Myvette added 5pts, and Mordecai Lewis and Nicholas Philips chipped in 4pts. E.P.Yorke’s big star center Nicholas Phillips had been hurt in the first quarter and sat out the rest of the game.

    UDP Humpty Dumpty’s Farewell
    The UDP’s Humpty Dumpty, an irrational and immature politician who landed in Lake Independence by mistake three years ago, has been rightfully ejected by the power of the people. In keeping true to his silly behaviour, Mr. Humpty Dumpty decided to say farewell to the people of Lake I in a very strange manner after the elections. Check it out for yourself in the attached image as the wanna-be politician known for suicidal comments such as “UDP first, Belizeans second”, took to Facebook and accepted his political funeral but claimed that he will rise from the dead.

    Interesting November 4th Election Stats:
    The PUP lost majority seats by a difference of 371 votes only. The PUP got 47.29% of the total votes, or 67,566 total votes. The UDP had 50.01% of the total votes. The PUP lost in three constituencies by less than 80 votes. The three divisions were rigged with illegal voters who registered during the transfer period. The date to challenge the transfers was November 10th, six days after the elections were called. The PUP lost Cayo North by 159 votes on November 4th. In the January Bye Election, the PUP had lost by 1,316 votes. The PUP lost Dangriga by 320 on November 4th. In the July Bye Election, the PUP had lost by 637 votes. The PUP regained Lake Independence with Cordel Hyde winning by 1,999 votes. The PUP regained Caribbean Shores (lost it in 2008) with Kareem Musa delivering the biggest upset in the elections.

    Woman injured after falling into man-hole downtown
    A city resident sustained serious body injuries after she fell into a dangerous, unsealed man-hole. Witnesses heard the woman scream and saw when she suddenly fell into the man-hole. She sustained deep cuts on her feet and scrapes on her hand and body. The accident occurred downtown, along the usually busy, popular-for-shopping Orange Street. Drain man-holes left unsealed and unattended pose a serious threat to pedestrians. There are many of these reckless traps throughout the city; just waiting for an elderly citizen or a child to suffer a serious accident. Ensuring that these man-holes are properly covered is the responsibility of the Mayor and Councillors at the Belize City Council. But the Mayor is busy licking his wounds at his Lavender Chambers law firm while the Councillors are busy living flashy lives.

    Male student alleges sexual assault
    On Saturday 14th November 2015, at 11:52am, a 14year old male student of Benque Viejo Town accompanied by his mother reported that on Saturday, 14th November, 2015 at 7:30am, whilst sleeping in a sofa in the hall; he was awaken by someone touching his penis. Upon opening his eyes, he saw his step father nude and sitting on the sofa next to his foot and with his right hand touching his penis. He also stated that between the 24th and 31st October, 2015, during the course of the night while he was sleeping in the bedroom his step father went to his bed and also began touching his penis and gave him five dollars. Police detained the 40 year old step father pending charges of sexual assault.

    Port Loyola: the New Battleground Division
    In the November 4 general election, I lost the Port Loyola division to the three consecutive term Area Representative Anthony “Boots” Martinez by a mere 76 votes. That happened although my opponent outspent me at least 10 to one and had extensive access to government resources for the last eight years. That’s a spectacular performance, considering the 2012 defeat by 800 votes to Martinez. That was when I was green to electoral politics. On election night the media had no one posted at the Custom Department to cover the counting in Port Loyola. Like a number of political pundits they had already concluded that the exercise would result in another UDP landslide in the division. They did not know that as a result of the massive neglect of the division, the Area Representative was sitting on a powder keg that would eventually explode. There was a ground swell of support for my candidacy in Port Loyola. Upon visiting the homes in the division, I saw firsthand the hardship families are experiencing and under the theme: “Time for a change; we deserve better” my message addressed the concerns of the people for land, proper housing, jobs, and other basic things to improve their standard of living.

    Garifuna Settlement Day re-enactment in Belize City
    On Thursday November 19th, Belizeans celebrated the 213th anniversary of the arrival of the Garinagu people to Belize. This day is celebrated as Garifuna Settlement Day, and is a national holiday. On November 19th 1802, the Garinagu headed by national hero, Thomas Vincent Ramos, arrived in Belize seeking refuge, having been driven away from Honduras. While the main celebration activities are held in the culture capital, Dangriga, other towns and cities throughout the country have made it tradition to commemorate the day with special activities including a re-enactment of the arrival of the Garinagu.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Orange Walk hosts Tacos Festival
    If you are passing through Sugar City, Orange Walk Town, on Sunday, you have every reason to stop off for tacos, a staple of that municipality. But on this particular Sunday, there will be all you can eat, as the town hosts its fifth annual Tacos Festival. Every possible […]

    Edward P. Yorke student wins Kareem Clarke essay competition
    Michelle Leiva of Edward P. Yorke High School is the winner of the essay competition sponsored by the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund and received an Acer laptop courtesy of various donations. Second place winner Kyle Rodriguez from St. John’s College (High School) received a tablet courtesy Go Wireless Direct […]

    Baby Nina goes to foster parents
    Reports to BMG are that the Human Services Department has arranged to move two year old Nina Charlotte Barrera-Perez, the child at the center of an international custody battle, into the care of foster parents in Orange Walk Town. Her mother, 22 year old Analiz Perez Gutierrez, agreed […]

    First Kareem Clarke Memorial
    The first Kareem Clarke Memorial, organized by a group of local journalists, will be held this afternoon at the BTL Park from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 pm. in memory of the late slain reporter. The event will feature an award ceremony for the winners of an essay competition, held earlier […]

    Will Moses Barrow replace Finnegan in Mesop 2020?
    Moses “Shyne” Barrow indicated via his Facebook page Saturday morning that he intends to run for electoral politics in the Mesopotamia constituency in the next general election expected to be held some time in 2020. According to Barrow, when his uncle, current Mesop area representative Michael Finnegan, retires, he looks […]


    A Gorgeous Day To Walk The Beach…Somethings Never Change
    This blog post is mostly about how beautiful the beach looked on my walk northward to the bridge on Thursday afternoon. But inevitably…it turns into one about changes. People that visit Ambergris Caye once a year (there are many of them) have been bowled over by this year’s changes on the island. Perhaps it was the paving on the road north that kicked off an onslaught of building all over the island. And then to the old Sandy Toes Bar. Apparently there was a lease dispute and Sandy Toes has moved right next door…and has a new name. The old Sandy Toes Bar is now Playa Bar & Grill. And Ishmael has moved right next door – built and opened “Time Out”.

    1) We start making this choripollo, we slice the chicken in half inch strips, peeling the skin and making a few cuts in the flesh. Season the chicken parts with pepper, cumin, chicken broth and a little salt. 2) Cut the tomato and dice the onion; separately slice the green onions in 1/2 inch sections. Pour some olive oil in a pan and heat it up, then, at medium setting fry the onion bits until brown, but careful not to burn them. Once the onions are browned add the diced tomato. 3) Press in the garlic and simmer everything together for 1 minute. Now place the seasoned chicken parts to start cooking them, making them simmer about 30 minutes or so, until cooked.

    International Sourcesizz

    CARIBBEAT: Caribbean Life newspaper’s Impact Awards honor selflessness in Caribbean community
    The latest edition of the Community News Group’s Caribbean Life newspaper features the 2015 Impact Awards winners and the gala presentation event. They come from varied backgrounds and fields of expertise, but the recipients of the 2015 Caribbean Life newspaper’s Impact Awards share certain attributes — selflessness, determination and passion. The awardees, whose common traits include support for community concerns, are being recognized at the Impact Awards Gala on Thursday in Brooklyn at the Paradise Catering Hall, 51 Avenue U (between W. 11th and W. 12th Sts.). A portion of the event proceeds will help fund scholarships for Caribbean American students in New York City.


  • Belize Cancer Run 2015, 4.5min. The Belmopan Cancer society along with Our lady of Guadalupe High School held a Cancer Awareness run from Belmopan to San Ignacio.

  • Belize Trip 2015 Pt. 1, 17min. Molly, myself and some friends of ours took a week long trip to Hopkins, Belize. This is some of the footage we captured. Thanks!

  • Sharks and stingray excursion Belize, 24min. We moved around a lot from the area where rays and sharks were. We saw lots of barracuda and even a lion fish.

  • Whitney and Neil SCUBA Belize, 36min.

    November 21, 2015


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    Specials and Events

    Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, West Vision (Cayo) and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Rise and Shine Morning Show, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

    The San Pedro Sun

    Minute to Win it for Charity raises funds for San Pedro Red Cross
    It was another fun night at RoadKill Bar on Monday, November 16th during the second “Minute to Win It for Charity” game night. Island residents and visitors gathered at the iconic bar on Coconut Drive from as early as 7PM to either watch or participate in the fun challenge. The night saw participants playing elimination challenges that lasted one minute, in hopes of advancing to the next round and ultimately winning the championship. The best part of all was that proceeds from the game night went towards a charitable organization in San Pedro, and this week’s charity was the Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch. Those wanting to participate paid a $10 entry fee. The fee allowed one person to participate in the first game and a complimentary Travellers Rum drink. The elimination round games include ‘Paddle Jumper’, “Face the Cookie’, ‘Mochachino’, ‘Stick the Landing’, ‘Dizzy Mummy’, ‘How’s it Hanging’, ‘Rapid Fire’ and ‘Back Flip’. Ten persons started off but after each round, those who didn’t complete the task were eliminated. Of course participants that did not complete a challenge could buy back into the next round for $2. But at the end of the night, only two participants remained to face each other in the winning challenge.

    SPBA Cancels 2015 Lighted Boat Parade
    On behalf of the San Pedro Business Association and the Holiday Lighted Boat Parade Committee we regret to advise that we have been forced to cancel this year’s event that had been scheduled for Saturday, December 05, 2015 at the Central Park. Sadly, due to a few challenges we have been faced with, both financially and because of low participation we were not able to come up with a positive outcome. As a result of these we are canceling this year’s event; however our Holiday Lighted Boat Parade’s date has been set for next year which will be on Saturday, December 03, 2016. We will start planning as early as mid-year 2016 hoping to receive more support.

    Canine Behaviorist and Trainer shares skills with island pet owners
    International Canine Behaviorist and Trainer Oksana Pachomova is on Ambergris Caye providing training tips and techniques free of cost at the San Pedro Saga Humane Society. The lessons are currently being held Monday to Saturday from 3PM to 4PM and include a series of basic training techniques that pet owners can benefit from and apply to their dogs. Anyone who is interested in participating in the training sessions should be at Fort Dog by 3PM sharp where participants will be provided with a pup from Saga to work with. The lessons take place on the beach and classes are limited to ten persons per session. Pachomova is a well-educated dog behavior consultant, traveling to various countries and training dogs and people in local communities. According to her, she has a mission to help make dogs and humans understand each other better, in order to increase the quality of life of both. In an interview with The San Pedro Sun, Pachomova indicated that at the moment she is only involved with the training technique called “Positive Reinforcement”.

    SPHS Drama Club works on presenting ‘Our World IX: Shadows’ play
    Larry and Debbie Heimgartner have created yet another skit for the San Pedro High School (SPHS) as part of the ‘Our World Project’. The piece called ‘Our World IX: Shadows’ was written by Larry Heimgartner and touches on issues such as divorce, depression and suicide. The Heimgartners, who have been visiting Ambergris Caye for several years and working with SPHS to promote creative arts, were at SPHS on Tuesday, November 10th where eight students presented the first showing of the play to a small audience of alumni and teachers. The students selected to perform the ‘Our World IX: Shadows’ piece included Elina Palma, Rashawn Gonzales, Bessy Gongora, Eddie Jackson who did a depression monologue, Marthalicia Vasquez who presented a divorce monologue, and Giselly Rodriguez, Ilynn Camal and Yasir Roberts who presented a monologue on suicide. Divorce Depression Suicide SPHS Monologue Plays-4The play was written specifically for SPHS, because of the prevalence of such issues amongst the student population. “As the school counselor, I believe that education through the creative arts is a very effective way of providing students the opportunity to speak out, and most importantly, to assure students that they are not alone in the issues that they are facing,” said SPHS counselor, Alexis Guerrero.

    Ambergris Today

    Sheila Montero is New Miss Garifuna San Pedro
    Four young Garifuna ladies contested the title of Miss Garifuna San Pedro on the eve of Garifuna Settlement Day, Wednesday, November 18, 2015, Ambergris Caye. The Garifuna community of the island got together with the San Pedro Town Council and San Pedro House of Culture to put on a very beautiful pageant that was more educational event than a beauty pageant. Contestants included Zennia Nunez, Michelle Martinez, Ashanti Martinez and Sheila Montero; Ashanti was selected as first runner up. Garifuna Settlement Day and the Miss Garifuna Pageant were observed under the theme: “God is the strength of all things, Garifuna Progress lies in Education and Hard Work.”

    Misc Belizean Sourcesmzz

    Miss Earth Belize 2015 - Christine Syme
    Evening gown competition today

    First Friday of December Trash Pick Up Tres Cocos
    Our new trash barrels are helping, but there's still lots of work to do! Join us at the Paradise Theatre (just north of the bridge) for our monthly two hour roadside and beach clean up! Locals, expats and tourists are all invited to help out and show some Isla Love! Please be there by 9:00 am :-)

    19th of November Garifuna Settlement Day 2015 in Dangriga Town
    The Garinagus celebrating their culture in Dangriga Town 2015.

    BWRC Silent Auction Gala
    Don't forget about the BWRC's Silent Auction Gala fundraiser. Tonight at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Cloud 9 will be there. "Register now and join us for Nov. 21st at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel for the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic's Silent Auction Gala Dinner with Cloud 9. Register at the SI Hotel front dest or at BWRC in Central Farm. Tickets are $85. If you can't make it, but do still want to support you could comp a ticket or promote your business by donating a service or other auction item. Thanks so much to our friends and supporters. We could not do our job without your help!"

    ATLIB Basketball Finals
    ATLIB had their basketball finals at Sacred Heart Junior College last weekend. Congratulations Galen, for taking 1st place! SHJC took 2nd place. In the women's tournament, UB won.

    Happy Children's Day from the Museum of Belize (NICH) and Houses Culture!

    Miss Garifuna Cultural Beauty Pageant
    Photos from ReefTV

    San Pedro High School Culture & Central American Day
    The San Pedro High School showcased their annual Culture and Central American Day displays where they were judged on their outstanding presentations.

    Children's Day Parade in San Pedro
    The San Pedro Roman Catholic School pay tribute to Belizean Culture, Business People, Religious Aspects and much more in their annual Children's Day Parade

    Help rebuild our Community Christmas Tree on Caye Caulker
    If you are or know of any fishermen willing to loan/rent some lobster traps for the entire month of December, so we can create out community Christmas tree, majority of people I spoke to thinks we stick with this idea so let's do it, but of course it can only be possible with help from the community so spread the word. They can donate as many or as little as they please... Call 6021772 to arrange date pickups.

    The Art and History Departments of SJC launched a new electronic magazine called eMAGISzine. Please help us to share by downloading at:

    Kareem Clarke Memorial 2015
    clock Saturday, November 21at 4:00pm - 7:00pm at pin Show Map BTL Park. Poets wil include: From Youth Voices: Stephen Gabb; Shamira Gill-Card; Dwayne Murrillo; and, Denise Marin. A prize, courtesy Radisson will be raffled during the event. The MC will be William Neal. It's a family event. No alcoholic beverages allowed. It's all about clean fun and the pure talent of our youth!

    “Scarlet” with children!
    “Scarlet”, the macaw spreading the Beauty of Chiquibul at the Benque Community Pre-school in Benque Viejo del Carmen.

    Channel 7

    Nanes Gets Bail, Two Days After B'zean Passport Revoked
    On Tuesday, we told you about the international fugitive David Nanes Schnitzer, who's been living in Belize under the alias, David Banes. Well, tonight, he's out on bail after the judge determined that he isn't a flight risk. As we told you, Nanes Schnitzer was picked up by US Marshalls and San Pedro police 2 weeks ago. He was charged for having a fake driver's license - that was just one of many Belizean ID's under the assumed identity of David Banes. He has managed to get hold of a permanent residency card, a Belizean passport, a driver's license for Belize City, a driver's license for San Pedro, a social security card, a boat master's license, and a voter's ID. Because his real identity is now known, the Belizean authorities strongly suspect that fraud was employed to get these official documents. Bigger legal difficulties await him abroad, specifically in Mexico, where he is wanted in connection with the Allen Stanford Ponzi Scheme. Stanford, who has been sentenced to 110 years in the US, is convicted of defrauding investors of 7 billion dollars. Mexican authorities allege that Nanes Schnitzer headed the Mexican arm of Stanford's Ponzi scheme which allegedly defrauded investors in that country of 42 million dollars. Mexico has a 2011 arrest warrant for him for unauthorized securities transactions.

    Daring Downtown Attempted Robbery Leads To struggle, Shot Fired
    There was a brazen robbery attempt just before midday today on Albert Street, the heart of Belize City's Downtown area, near to our Channel 7 studio. It happened just before 11:30 a.m., at ML Collection Clothes Store, inside the Little India building, seen here. We're told by eyewitnesses the Indian shop owner was inside when an unknown gunman parked his bike a distance away and ran into the store. He allegedly placed the gun at the shop owner's head and demanded money. This businessman informed him that he did not keep money in the store, and that's when the assailant punched him in the face The businessman fought back, and that led to struggle, in which the gun went off. The bullet struck the ground and landed somewhere at the back of the shop. Apparently, that scared off the assailant, and he ran away without getting any money. The police arrived shortly after that, and they've been investigating the incident. Business persons nearby believe that there is a small possibility that the robber's face may have been caught on surveillance camera.

    Cruise Visitor Drowns On Caye Caulker Tour, Where Was The Guide?
    From time to time, we have reports of tourists drowning while on water tours - and usually, it's from some cardiac event related to snorkeling or diving. But, tonight there's a disturbing report about a 61 year old American tourist who drowned while trying to save his wife's life. Disturbing, because Karl Edwin Simmons was a cruise tourist, who was on a guided tour - and, regulations state that both he and his wife should have been under the close watch of tour guides. It happened on Tuesday afternoon - when the Texas resident and his wife, Esther were part of a tour by the H2o Tierra company in Shark Ray Alley which is in the Caye Caulker Village Marine Reserve. According to police, the sea current caused Esther Simmons to start drifting away. Simmons went to save her as a result he disappeared into the water and was later seen floating face down. He had drowned. Dr. Mario Estradabran certified cause of death to be "Asphyxiation by Drowning, Incidental".

    Family Homeless, Dwelling Destroyed
    A family is homeless tonight after their dwelling was destroyed by fire. This morning, the fire department was called to Allenby Street in Queen Square were the upper flat of a 2 story cement house had gone up in flames. No one was in the house and the owners had no idea until they came back to a charred home. The owners declined an interview, but the Fire Station Manager explained that this was an electrical fire. Orin Smith, Station Mgr. Belize National Fire Service "The National Fire Service received a call of a structural fire at #79 Allenby Street, Belize City. On arrival on scene, the upper flat of the two story concrete structure was seen on fire. Following a brief size-up, the Fire Department got into operation to extinguish the fire. The fire was later brought under control and extinguished. As a result of the fire, the eastern half of the structure was severely damaged by the fire. Preliminary investigation revealed that the fire originated in the room on the northeast section of the structure. It originated on a bed. The structure was not insured and was owned by one Mr. Reyes."

    "El Espanol" Was In A Zone Of His Own
    The laws of Belize say no one is supposed to live in the Free Zone - but according to the Por Esto newspaper from Quintana Roo, the slain King of Contraband Ernesto Alonso de Miguel, known as "El Espanol" - did just that - and he did it in this building - which, local law enforcement has confirmed even had a bunker, or a basement. Por Esto reports that he had a wine cellar and a ball court on the compound as well. 7News has confirmed that De Miguel was a persistent security concern on the Belize side, where he had worked out this unusual and illegal living arrangement from the mid - 2000's, but the king of contraband seemed to be too connected for anyone to put a stop to it. Recently, it became a non issue because Miguel had moved back to Chetumal - where he always moved around with a police escort. Last Saturday both he and a ranking police officer were executed in Chetumal while they had dinner at a restaurant named "El Emporio." Narcos had tried to take Miguel's life in Chetumal before but were unsuccessful.

    Cane Farmer Associations Beg For Better Price: BSI Says No Go
    Last week, we reported on the difficult times that the local sugar industry is going to have to fight through because prices for sugar are low in Europe right now. The factory owner, ASR/BSI, has released the preliminary price estimates for this year' crop at $41.56 per tonne of cane, which is a 21% decrease from last year. At this price, the farmers are very concerned that they will not be able to get a return on their investment, much less pay their loans to the bank. They're not convinced that BSI's estimate accurately reflects the market status in Europe. So all 3 Associations, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers, the Corozal Sugar Cane Producers, and the Progressive Sugar Cane Producers, wrote to the Deputy Prime Minister and BSI earlier this week. They asked that BSI adjust the figure, so that the farmers could get another 5 dollars per tonne of cane delivered. On Wednesday, the CEO of the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association told our colleague from CTV3 News about this joint letter: Oscar Alonzo - CEO, BSCFA: "The 3 associations met to discuss this situation about the cane price estimate, which in deed has been one of the lowest for the past several years. Collectively we are not happy and a letter was signed jointly by tem directly to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture to try to see if BSI can: 1) revised some of the assumption it has use in determination of the price estimate.

    Who's The Best Warrior?
    You may remember the Coast Guard Best Warrior Competition. That's an event where the elite Coast Guard Officers compete against each other in squads of 8 taking on some of the most taxing physical tasks, to see is the toughest, most battle hardened warrior. Last year, we were embedded with the Coast Guard to give you an in-depth look at what these soldiers put themselves through over the course of 3 days. Well, the competition is happening again, for the third time, and these gluttons for punishment are back at it to find out who is the best of the best. Today, we visited the Coast Guard Headquarters to see Day 1 of the competition in progress. Here's what their commandant had to say about it: Admiral John Borland, Commandant - Belize Coast Guard: "The event is going to be hosted over 3 days. Today is day 1 and we finish on Sunday day 3. So its 3 days and 6 evolutions and today we just concluded the first event which was Coast Guard Physical Fitness test, where we tested the men on their upper body strength and a bit of their endurance. The test included maximum push-ups, sit-ups and dips done over 2 minutes and then two mile run in the best individual effort.

    Small Business, The Way Forward
    Today Beltraide held its 1st Entrepreneurship Convention and Expo at the ITVET. Fifteen entrepreneurs were invited to showcase their products and services at the expo and participate in the conference. But this event was more than just displaying products and services and listening to guest speakers. It was about highlighting the progress these entrepreneurs have made and about planning a way forward for their business. Beltraide's SBDC program has helped over 700 entrepreneurs start up their business. This is the 1st event of its kind and it will be annual.

    Panty Pilferers To Prison
    Two women from northern Belize are in jail tonight after they were caught stealing 200 pairs of women's underwear at a Belize City store. 35 year old Donela Smith from Palmar and 26 year old Johny Netty Lopez, from Ranchito were allegedly caught on surveillance camera stealing the panties from Siloe store on Orange Street. They were taken to Belize City Magistrate's Court this morning and arraigned on a single charge of theft. The allegation is that on Tuesday, November 17, they stole 150 assorted adults underwear, value $1,050.00 along with 75 assorted children underwear, value $187.50, property of Ingrid Perez, the owner of Siloe Store. Police found the pair at the bus station. And even though they were caught on camera, the pair pleaded not guilty. Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser explained to them that the evidence before the court is very strong and that they should consider their plea before entering one.

    Say It Ain't So, Stephanie
    A week ago, we told you how 40 year-old Stephanie Moreira, a mother of 7, was sentenced to serve 15 days in jail for fighting with another woman. She pleaded guilty to throwing a rock at Georgia Curry, another Belize City resident, and using insulting words against her. It was an unusual sentence that Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith handed her saying, "You must learn a lesson that you cannot take the law into your own hands." The two women ended up in court because their children had been quarrelling, and it allegedly carried over to the adults when Moreira allegedly started to harass Curry, the woman who reported her to police.. Well now Curry says that Moreira's friends and family have been harassing her. Today, she came to us to explain to all who have been holding grudges that she never wanted any of this to happen to Moreira. She said that the defendant forced her hand:

    Children's Day For Special Kids
    It's Children's Day and fun activities were planned for the kids at various schools. We stopped in at Stella Maris School today and the kids were overjoyed with the games and bouncy house. But it's not only about child's play. Lindburgh Smith, the Information Coordinator at the National Committee for families and Children told us it's about including children with diverse abilities and making them feel more appreciated. There are 110 students at the Stella Maris School.

    Tacos Worthy Of Celebrating
    It may have become sort of an unwritten rule, that whenever you pass through Orange Walk Town, stopping to buy tacos is a must. And on Sunday, the organizers of the Tacos Festival are hoping that visitors from all across the country will head there to partake in the different flavors and styles of tacos that will be on sale. Dillon Jones, of Universal Radio, stopped by to tell us what you can expect this year: The Festival takes place near Banquitas House of Culture near the River Side on Sunday, November 22. The first vendors should be ready to sell from 6 a.m. It will come to a close at around 6 or 7 in the evening. This is the 5th Tacos Festival.

    Celebrating Garifuna In The City
    Yesterday was Garifuna Settlement Day and the observance was rich in communities across the south. But, not everybody can go to Griga and Hopkins and PG, so that's why the Garinagu population of Belize City has its own observance, which of course starts with a re-enactment of the arrival, or Yurumein. That played out yesterday near Save-U and 7News was there for the drums and dancing:...

    Garifuna At Home In Griga
    And while the Belize City celebration was spirited and celebratory - it can't compete with the culture capital, Dangriga. For the first time in some years, the Prime Minister travelled down for the official ceremony - which makes political sense since, Dangriga has a UDP Mayor and Representative. There, he got to see a rich display of culture:... Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Let me celebrate all Garinagu - all of the Garifuna nation. Our keynote speaker truly said 'It is Garinagu that in a real sense have educated this entire country of Belize. It truly has been said that the contribution of Garinagu to our Belize cannot be overstated. We cannot ever emphasized too much the tremendous value of the Garifuna contribution to what is this Belize, the jewel that belongs to all of us. While the country now known as Haiti was the first black republic in this hemisphere. And while a great deal is rightly made of that. Always remember that before there was Dessalines, Cristoforo, there was Joseph Satuye. One particularly vital part of Garifuna culture, Garifuna music lives on in the presence of so many brilliant current day Garifuna performers. Pen Cayetano is still very much with us. I know that last night there was a huge concert here I believe at Why Not Island where Chico Ramos and Supa G and Reckless I believe and Mime and all those who continue to ensure that with respect to this phenomenon known as world music, our Belize, Dangriga and our Belize occupies a special place on that map." And more than just praise for Garifuna artists, the Prime Minister also announced that an African-Belizean artists Steven Okeke would finally be getting paid for his TV Ramos sculpture.

    Road Slick - Accident Caused
    This morning, a Toyota Prado flipped in an accident at mile 6 on the Northern Highway - after the Haulover Bridge. The driver of the vehicle reportedly slipped off the road due to an oil spill left behind by a cargo truck. The SUV flipped and landed in the bushes as seen here. But that was not all, 5 vehicles that were trailing quickly braked, and had a domino effect multiple car collision. Luckily no one was hurt and only this vehicle was damaged.

    Remembering Reemo
    Amandala Journalist Kareem Clarke was killed by gun violence in July, but a group of his colleagues are working to keep his memory alive. The Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund executive members have organized the First ever Kareem Clarke Memorial, an event to be held tomorrow, on his birthday. The Memorial is set to highlight all the aspects of Clarke's personality to celebrate the way he chose to live, rather than to dwell on the terrible way in which he died. The Chairman of Memorial Fund explained why these journalists want you to come out tomorrow even and celebrate with them: The event takes place tomorrow at the BTL Park from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Entrance is free.

    Channel 5

    Popular Ducunu Vendor Loses Everything in Morning Blaze
    A father and son left their home on Allenby Street, Belize City, for work this morning; two hours later they got a distress call that their house was ablaze as [...]

    Alleged Fraudster with Forged Belizean IDs Granted $10,000 Bail
    Forty-seven year old Mexican- American national David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer is out on bail tonight. Nanes is wanted in Mexico in connection with what is known as a Ponzi scheme [...]

    Baby Nina Placed in Foster Home…Mother Allowed Visitation
    At news time tonight, we can confirm that arrangements are in play to deliver two year old Nina Charlotte Barrera-Perez into the care of foster parents in Orange Walk. It’s [...]

    Tourist Drowns at Shark Ray Alley
    There are many questions surrounding the death of an elderly American visitor who lost his life on Tuesday afternoon when he drowned off the coast of Caye Caulker.  Sixty-one-year-old Karl [...]

    Spilled Diesel Causes Major Pileup on the PG Highway
    There was a deadly traffic accident on the George Price Highway on Thursday. A forty-seven year old resident of Las Flores community in Belmopan was hit and killed. The vendor [...]

    Still No Arrest in Election Night shooting
    Sixteen days after he allegedly discharged his firearm in public on election night, a close affiliate and supporter of Minister of Police John Saldivar has yet to be charged, or [...]

    Eastern Division South Commander Says Police Attitude Has Changed
    Before the Garifuna Settlement Day holiday we caught up with Eastern Division South Commander Chester Williams as he and his officers walked on Oleander Street in the City, meeting and [...]

    Williams Claims Police Have Regained Community’s Respect
    Williams told News Five that before any community is willing to respond to Police intervention, that department must have legitimacy. The Commander of Eastern Division South claims that slowly, but [...]

    Two Women Arrested For Stealing Underwear
    Two women one who resides on Palmar Road, Orange Walk, the other from Ranchito Village, Corozal Town, are on remand tonight for stealing over two hundred pieces of underwear from [...]

    Murdered Contrabandista home well secured
    According to a newspaper in Chetumal, Ernesto Alfonso de Miguel who is also known as “En Español” lived for various years at the Corozal Free zone in a bunker. The [...]

    PM Barrow Pays Tribute on Garifuna Settlement Day
    Garifuna Settlement Day was celebrated on November nineteenth with festivities in various communities across the country.  In Belize City, Yurumein, or the traditional re-enactment of the arrival of the Garinagu [...]

    Barrow Says GOB Will Show Appreciation With Finance
    While the bust of Garifuna hero Thomas Vincent Ramos has been ready for quite some time, all efforts to compensate sculptor Stephen Okeke have fallen short.  That is until Thursday [...]

    NCFC Embraces Diverse Abilities on Children’s Day
    International Children’s day is marked in calendars around to the globe. It doesn’t matter on which day the celebration is held; the mission is to ensure that children around the [...]

    Orange Walk To Hold 5th Annual Tacos Festival
    The original, authentic, annual Orange Walk Tacos Festival is back, and organizers say it will be bigger and better than ever. Going on its fifth year, the festival showcases every [...]

    Sights and Sounds of festivities from Garifuna Settlement Day
    Dangriga is the koltcha capital of Belize and on Thursday it lived up to its name for Garifuna Settlement Day. The activities started early morning with the re-enactment of the [...]


    Prime Minister Takes Personal Leave
    Prime Minister Dean Barrow is out of the country as at yesterday on personal leave. According to a release from the Office of the Prime Minister, the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar will be acting as Prime Minister up until Sunday, November 23 when the Deputy Prime Minister, Gaspar Vega is scheduled to return […]

    Global Entrepreneurship Week Commemorated with Beltraide Convention
    Global Entrepreneurship Week is celebrated for one week in the month of November, each year. It is a week put aside to celebrate innovators and job creators who bring business ideas to life, thus contributing to the country’s economic growth. As a participant in the recognition of entrepreneurs, the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC Belize) […]

    Year Three of the Best Warrior Competition Underway
    The Belize Coast Guard is into its third annual Best Warrior Competition which began today and will continue over the next two days. It is a competition among law enforcement officers in which they are tasked to undertake grueling physical combat training to find out who is the roughest and readiest soldier. The Best Warrior […]

    House Fire Forces Evacuation of Students from Nearby School
    A two story concrete home on Allenby Street in Belize City caught fire sometime after nine o’clock this morning. No one was present in the uninsured, south side home when the structure became engulfed in flames. Inspector Ernel Dominguez is the Executive Deputy Officer for Precinct One spoke and he spoke on the quick response […]

    Police Investigates Attempted Daylight Robbery
    Police were called to an area on Albert Street in Belize City where there was an attempted robbery just before midday today. Reports are that an armed man entered the store, Little India and demanded money. The businessman, Sunil Balam, however told the robber that he had no money. Subsequent to that a gunshot was […]

    Traffic Incident Claims Man’s Life in Western Belize
    A road traffic incident in western Belize has left one person dead. With the details, we join Angelica Cruz. ANGELICA CRUZ “A fatal traffic accident on the Hummingbird Highway between miles 54 and 55 in front of Lopez Auto Salvage left one man dead. Based on information received on Thursday afternoon sometime around 1:15pm Love […]

    Police Responds to 5-Car Pile-Up on Highway
    This morning just before eleven o’clock, an accident occurred on the Phillip Goldson Highway between miles six and seven. A total of six vehicles were damaged. One silver Toyota Prado landed on its side and the five others traveling behind the Prado collided into one another. Love News was on the scene and spoke to […]

    Childrens’ Day Celebrated in Belize
    Today is being celebrated as Children’s Day and in many schools around the country, the children are being recognized and treated extra special via different programs. In our Morning Show today, there was a segment with Kyle Miller of the National Committee for Families and Children, NCFC that spoke of children and the various ways […]

    BSI Responds to Farmers on Low Sugar Prices
    Last week we reported that sugar cane farmers were concerned over the first cane price estimate for the 2015/2016 crop. Cane farmers were asking BSI/ASR to review the prices with a view to see an increase. Today the company issued a release in which it stated that it had written to all three cane farmers […]

    NEMO Warns Residents in Flood Prone Areas
    The rains continue to be sporadic over various parts of the country and are making it somewhat difficult for the flood prone areas to go back to normal. The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) continues their efforts in monitoring the situation in various parts and just before five o’clock this evening they issued a Supplementary Advisory. […]

    The Reporter

    Two persons rendered homeless by fire
    Two persons are left homeless as a result of a fire in Belize City on Friday morning. The blaze was reported at 9:05 a.m. on the upper flat of a two-storey concrete house at 79 Allenby Street, near St. Ignatius primary school. Fire officials have concluded that faulty electrical wiring was the cause and a light above a bed was where the fire started. The house, owned by a man only identified as Mr Reyes, suffered significant scorching, while the contents were destroyed. Nothing was insured.

    Cuba blames US for migrant crisis at Costa Rica border
    Cuba has blamed US policy for a surge in migration from the Communist-run island to the United States. The Cuban foreign ministry said US laws dating back to the Cold War encouraged illegal emigration. The statement was published as almost 2,000 Cuban migrants remained stranded on the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The Cuban migrants say they want to reach the US, but Nicaragua has so far denied them passage north. Under the 1966 Cuban Adjustment Act, Cuban nationals can become residents in the US much more easily than applicants from other countries. The Act was revised in 1995 under the Clinton administration. From then on, Cubans who made it onto US soil were allowed to apply for residency but those intercepted at sea were turned back. The policy has become known as “wet foot, dry foot”. In its statement, the Cuban foreign ministry said that the policy “stimulates irregular emigration to the US and constitutes a violation of the letter and the spirit of current migration agreements”.

    Merchant shot on Albert Street
    A merchant was shot just before midday on Friday during an attempted armed robbery in downtown Belize City. The incident happened at ML’s Store located beside Mirage on Albert Street, when the merchant, who was accosted by an armed robber, grabbed the handgun and the thief fired a shot. The bullet hit the maerchant in his palm. The thief reported walked in the store, produced the gun and demanded money. Instead of complying with the thief, the businessman started to struggle with his assailant. Police are on the scene investigating.

    Breaking Belize NewsPJ

    Women accused of stealing panties from Belize City store
    A pair of women from the North are accused of stealing over 200 panties from an Orange Street, Belize City store – and they were caught on surveillance cameras. 35 year old Donela Smith of Palmar Road, Orange Walk Town and 26 year old Johny Netty Lopez, a […]

    American tourist drowns at Caye Caulker
    Caye Caulker police saw the lifeless body of 61-year-old American security officer, Karl Edwin Simmons at the village’s polyclinic on Tuesday, November 17th when they responded to reports of a drowning incident on Shark and Ray Alley in a marine reserve. Initial investigations revealed that around midday on the mentioned […]

    Kyle Domingo charged with attack on women
    26 year old tour guide, Kyle Domingo is behind bars after being denied bail when he appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court of Senior Magistrate, Sharon Fraser in Court #2. Domingo, a resident of Madam Liz Crescent in the Fabers Road area was read two counts of […]

    David Schnitzer given second charge but out on bail
    47 year old Mexican-American David Miguel Nanes Schnitzer has been charged again with possession of a forged document which was issued legitimately, it appears, by the San Pedro Town Council. However, he is accused of providing false information to obtain the document. Still, he was granted bail of […]

    Belize City woman fears for life after family feud
    It was reported in various outlets last week that a Belize City mother of seven was sent to jail for 15 days by Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith. 40 year old Stephanie Moreira was found guilty of using insulting words and harm, but thought she deserved a fine after […]

    Former journalist joins Bar
    Ivy Pitts is back in Belize after several years away studying law. Today she was formally made a member of the Bar of Belize and appeared in the Supreme Court before Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin. She told us that she was proud and humbled by her achievement and […]

    Benque police operation results in over 900 grams of weed
    Benque Viejo Del Carmen police have confiscated over 900 grams of cannabis. On November 18th, Benque Viejo Police and personnel from the Quick Response Team and the assistance from members of the Special Branch conducted a special operation on Baron Bliss Street where their attention was drawn to a black […]

    Relatively moist and unstable conditions will continue today
    The National Meteorological Service of Belize is predicting cloudy skies at times today with some showers and isolated thunderstorms over most areas this morning, then mainly inland this afternoon. Skies will be partly cloudy tonight with few showers and isolated showers mostly over the South Winds will be blowing from […]

    Orange Walk Police anti-crime initiative yields over 400 grams cannabis
    The Orange Walk Police Department’s anti-crime initiative has been yielding positive results since its inception on November 15th. So far police have carried out several search operations that resulted in the arrest of persons and the ridding of drugs from off the streets. Another operation was carried […]

    Over 4,000 cane farmers to meet and discuss start of crop
    Over 4,000 cane farmers are summoned to attend a special General Meeting this Sunday in San Roman, Corozal at the Escuela Secundaria De Mexico Auditorium. Stakeholders are expected to meet early next week to finalize a date to start the 2015 – 2016 Cane crop season, which tentatively is […]

    Orange Walk Police find contraband fire-crackers
    Police in Orange Walk have scored a large volume of illegal contraband fire crackers from off the streets. According to the report, on Wednesday November 18th, about 12:00 a.m. Orange Walk Police conducted a search inside the old Tobacco Plantation on the Chan Pine Ridge road near the BSI/ASR […]

    Orange Walk Police justify the use of force
    Following an allegation of excessive force on a civilian, Orange Walk Police issued the following official report to clear misconceptions regarding a shooting incident in Trial Farm Area. According to police, on Wednesday November 17th, Police Constable Akeem Augustine, who is presently attached to the Orange Walk Police […]

    Prime Minister leaves country
    In a press release issued yesterday from the office of the Prime Minister, it informs the nation that Prime Minister of Belize Dean Barrow will depart the country today on a four day personal leave. The Prime Minister returns to the country on Tuesday, November 24th. During the Prime Minister’s […]


    Ambergris Caye Has a Truck Stop and I Predict a HUGE HIT
    The first thing you are going to ask is “When does this wonderful place open?”, so I will answer that immediately. Saturday 11am to 8pm. The Truck Stop – about 1.5 miles north of the bridge. San Pedro’s newest, hippest and only outdoor food court and beer garden. Here’s the food. Cool Cone…which will be serving The Ice Cream Shoppe’s GORGEOUS ice creams in standard and nutty flavours like Guinness, Maple Bacon and Pumpkin Spice Latte. The middle cart is RASA…Southeast Asian cuisine. Noodle dishes, satays…I will show you. And then the third “truck” – still being painted – will be Latin American. And more specificially – the South American corn cakes – arepas.

    The Global Citizens Club donates School Supplies to Belize School!
    Chaa Creek’s Pack-a-Pound Program receives a helping hand from The Global Citizens Club in North Carolina to donate school supplies to Belizean students. Chad Barringer, a middle school teacher in North Carolina facilitated the donation by bringing the school supplies to Belize during his vacation stay at The Lodge at Chaa Creek with the Pack-a-Pound initiative. The Global Citizens Club at Heritage Middle School consists of 6th, 7th and 8th graders who range in ages 11 to 15.

    10 Reasons to Retire in Belize
    If the following 10 reasons to retire in Belize don’t convince you to start making plans to move here, we invite you to visit in person where you’ll discover plenty more! 1. English is Belize’s official language, so you won’t need a translation guide or app. Whom can you thank? Belize was a British colony for 119 years. 2. It takes only a few hours to fly to back to Miami, Houston, and Dallas thanks to frequent flights on Southwest, American, Delta, United and regional carriers. 3. You can afford to retire here. For example, ex-pat favorite, Orchid Bay, offers beachfront condos, homes and lots with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Waterway villas with verandas overlooking rainforests and the sea boast pre-construction pricing starting in the low $200s USD.

    Garifuna Settlement Day celebrates a beautiful culture and the spirit of endurance
    The Garifuna people of San Pedro, Belize, have a new ambassador for 2015-16. She is Sheila Montero, sponsored by Victoria House. As Miss Garifuna, Sheila will help to tell the story of the rich history and culture of her descendants to the schools and other groups on the island. And it is an amazing — and heartbreaking — story to tell. The pictures here are the culmination of a week’s celebration of the Garifuna culture. For the first time in 19 years, Miss Garifuna San Pedro is not an appointed ambassador of the culture. She was selected from among four young ladies who on Wednesday night demonstrated their knowledge of the culture and history and ability to speak the Garifuna language, on stage at the municipal field.

    Meet Belize’s Actun Tunichil Muknal, a Maya Archaeological Site
    We began to prepare. As we put on our helmets and tightened the strap and my niece Allie was quiet as usual. We proceed to follow our guide Lenny down to the water’s edge and took our first look at what we were undertaking early this morning. The cave entrance is shaped like an hourglass and there is a pool of light blue water. It doesn’t look intimidating; it looks welcoming. Lenny turns and asks, “Can you swim?” We both answer yes. Yet I can’t help but think it’s a bit weird for him to ask us this question at this time in the tour. For the last hour, we’ve already trekked into the jungle, waded across waiste-deep rivers, and arrived at the cave entrance. There’s not a life jacket in sight. What was he going to do if we answered “No”? Our guide Lenny was very knowledgeable, but very dry in delivery. I was sort of hoping we’d have someone more charismatic so that it would create some excitement around this caving adventure, but you work with what you get. He was a bit like my niece Allie in a way – no nonsense, and doesn’t mince words unless you get her on the right subject. I pretty quickly learned that Lenny’s subject that he liked and would perk up a little about was history. So I kept asking him background questions about Mayan history and he entertained us for the long walk to the ATM cave. “You’ve got to love this,” I say to Allie, “you’re not the one getting asked a bunch of questions from me for once.”

    Two Indian Food Reviews and Frozen Custard
    The buzz around town is the new Indian Food place called Basmati Restaurant on middle street. It is in the old Moondancer clothing store building across from A&R. This is a really big deal because up until now if you wanted East Indian food you have to either fly over or have it flown in by Sumathi Restaurant in Belize City. The buzz around town is the new Indian Food place called Basmati Restaurant on middle street. It is in the old Moondancer clothing store building across from A&R. This is a really big deal because up until now if you wanted East Indian food you have to either fly over or have it flown in by Sumathi Restaurant in Belize City. Aimee ordered the Chef Special Vegetable Curry and Kristjan had the Potato Vindaloo (was supposed to be chicken). I had the Gobi Manchurian. We were all happy with our dishes and each others – of course we did tasters :) Everything we had was yummy and everyone agreed it was worth going back again.

    Taco with Pulled Pork (Tacos de Cerdo Deshebrado)
    1) Prepare the guajillo chiles and the sauce: soak them in hot water for 10 minutes, then remove their seeds and chop coarsely. Blend the chiles with the water they soaked in and the tomato paste and salt. 2) Pour this guajillo-tomato mixture in the roasting pan you are about to use; add the chopped cilantro, and finally put the pork in. We want the level of liquid to read about 2/3 of the height of the meat cut, or more. 3) Cook in the oven, at the temperature setting of 300 °F for 6 hours. After 3 hours open the pan and flip your pieces of meat.

    Lights! Cameras! Eatery! The Truckstop in San Pedro, Belize, is ready for its closeup
    Truckstop is the creation of local filmmakers Ben and Joanna Popik. It is modeled on the foodtruck phenomena that has held American foodies in thrall for years. Only, Ben and Joanna grabbed brand new shipping containers — four of them — and have distributed them around an artfully landscaped lagoon-side lot, about a mile north of the bridge.

    International Sourcesizz

    Crestview doctor coordinates Belize patient's tumor treatment
    A Central American man has a chance to live a healthy life with help from a team of Sacred Heart Health System doctors and a Crestview pediatrician. Adair Blanco, 21, has experienced complications following surgery four years ago in his native Belize to remove a brain tumor. Three big openings in Blanco’s cranium allowed regular infections to set in, Dr. Joseph Peter said. His family tried to get further medical help, to no avail. “Because he did not have financial assistance, the doctors were not able to do any more for him,” Peter said. With no relief available locally, Blanco’s family approached Peter, of Crestview Pediatrics, during his September 2014 medical mission to Belize.

    In the war of the jungle - grabbing a tree could get you killed
    It is instinctive. Clambering out of a river, up a slippery, muddy riverbank as you place a wet boot on the slope, you reach up to grab a tree to haul yourself up. It would be an automatic reaction for any civilian – just to reach out and heave up. But, as the Western Morning News joins soldiers of the Coldstream Guards, for jungle warfare training during Exercise Mayan Warrior, deep in the jungle of the Belizean sub-tropics, we learn that the simple act of grabbing a tree is an action that could get you, and your team, killed. Any small movement of a tree sways the canopy above – alerting enemy forces to your location and giving them a target on which to fire. Colour Sergeant Richard Amis, jungle warfare instructor, tells the WMN, which has joined the Coldstreamers on this exercise, how teams of soldiers must display the utmost personal discipline, and re-think their instincts, to learn how to move through the jungle undetected – a challenging task in thick foliage where your enemy could be an arm's length away before you are aware of them.

    JLO, P Diddy Plan American Music Awards Reunion 16 Years After Arrests Following Nightclub Shooting
    Ah, nostalgia. Sunday night will bring back beautiful memories on the American Music Awards. Jennifer Lopez is the host. And one of the presenters is Sean P Diddy/Puff Daddy Combs. It was a mere 16 years ago when these two were the Bonnie and Clyde of the music world. They were a couple on the A list of tabloids news. To wit: JLO and Diddy were part of a shoot out in a Times Square nightclub in 1999. Rather than stay and talk to the police, the couple jumped in a limo sped away. They ran 11 red lights in their efforts to escape involvement. The party they’d been attending was to celebrate the album release by Puffy protege Jamal “Shyne” Barrow. Combs and Lopez were arrested, but Lopez was exonerated. Combs and Barrow each stood trial. Combs was acquitted. Barrow went to jail for nine years. Combs paid civil settlements to three shooting victims, reportedly coming to around $3 million.

    The Birdman of Honduras
    By the time he was in the ninth grade, Lloyd Davidson knew he wanted no ordinary life. For starters, he asked his parents if he could attend McCallie School, a private boarding academy in Chattanooga—a military school at the time—pretty much for the fun of it. The travel bug bit hard in the summer of 1959, when he signed on for a free-diving camp in Tobago, which back then might as well have been Mars. But in his many wild dreams, Davidson could not have imagined this. “It’s been so surreal,” he says, standing under ancient Mayan temple ruins, holding a plastic tray of leftover tortillas, papaya, dog food, and toucan chow. “Saving the national bird of Honduras. Really?” The scarlet macaw is one of the world’s largest parrots, a nearly three-foot-long, overly exuberant, wildly colored embodiment of pirate ships, Jimmy Buffett, and tropical paradise. The birds were once found from Mexico to Peru, but populations have been exterminated across vast swaths of their range. They’re gone from most of Mexico and nearly extinct in El Salvador, and they exist in only isolated pockets throughout much of Central America. Guatemala and Belize share a few hundred. Costa Rica has about a thousand.

    10 jaw-dropping spots that will have you dying to take a dip 7. El Secreto Belize, Belize

    Birds, butterflies, and flowers might be blander than expected in the tropics
    Visitors to the tropics remember the bright colors. Take the blue-and-yellow macaw with its egg-yolk breast and turquoise back – “the usual gaudy colouring of the intertropical productions,” as Charles Darwin put it. But recent research in the journal Global Ecology and Biogeography contests the idea that wildlife and flowers in the tropics are more colorful than those in temperate climes. They may, in fact, be blander. People, including scientists, have a bias for “thinking that tropical regions are filled with really vibrant and exuberantly colorful things,” said lead author Rhiannon Dalrymple, who completed the study at the University of New South Wales in Australia. “But there’s never been any strong test of the idea.” To assess how colors change from one place to the next, researchers have relied on evaluating the hues of specimens by eye. But for the first time, Rhiannon and colleagues applied an objective lens: measuring color with instruments. The approach also allowed them to capture wavelengths of light, such as ultraviolet, that are invisible to people but apparent to bees, birds, and other animals.

    C’bean statisticians sign declaration for monitoring national public policies
    Caribbean statistical leaders have joined their counterparts from the Americas reaffirming their commitment to generating good-quality statistics for monitoring national public policies. The heads of statistics in the region signed the declaration that also allows them to re-affirm support for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development that was approved at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in September. The Mitads del Mundo Declaration was approved by the 36 delegations from member States and associate members of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) at the end of the eighth meeting of the Statistical Conference of the Americas (SCA) on Thursday. The declaration also urges the region’s governments to bolster their commitment to strengthening national statistical systems, establishing legal frameworks that provide professional independence to the national statistical offices, consolidate the leading role of official statistics and guarantee the human, technological and financial resources required.


  • Butterfly Twist Progression - 1 Day - Julian Rivero, 3min. This is my butterfly twist progression i learnt it in one day.Its been a while since i uploaded but ill try to upload more frequently. Other moves that i want to learn next are the Corkscrew and Cart Full.

  • Belize Spring Break 2014, 5min. Scuba diving, dolphins

  • Belize Celebrates Garifuna Settlement Day for the 74th Year, 4min.

  • Settlement Day Belize, 3.5min.

  • Belize Vacation Video Part 2 - Diving, 11min. The second video to be put up of our vacation in Belize on Sep/Oct 2015. This video is centered around footage of our dives while we were training for our Advanced Open Water Diver.

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