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April 24, 2014


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The San Pedro Sun

Easter Egg-Hunting at Caribbean Villas
Caribbean Villas was the place for families to enjoy sailing, live music, barbeque and good family fun. A highlight of the weekend included an Easter Egg-Hunting to yield scores of delicious candies for the sweet-toothed children of La Isla Bonita. Easter egg hunts entail employing clever camouflages to bury, cover and hide-in-plain-sight colorful candies for eagle-eyed children to find and enjoy. Island egg-hunting can be a little more challenging, what with the ants/bugs and bigger critters eager to find easy snacks. And let’s not forget the sand getting in the candy wrappers! So, the Easter Bunny got smart at Caribbean Villas, and with the help of his bunny army, hid colorful sticks every which way that little Easter hunters could find and cash in for loads of candy.

Stabbing in Caye Caulker leaves one injured
On Tuesday, April 15th, at about 10:40PM Caye Caulker Police responded to reports of a stabbing incident that had left one man injured and in need of urgent medical attention. 24-year-old Aquiles Canche was found at the Caye Caulker Health Center suffering from multiple stab wounds. Initial investigations revealed that earlier, Canche was socializing with his girlfriend Kathy Balam, 26, on the beach by the cemetery area. According to reports Canche was approached by James Crawford, 31 years old, who stabbed him on the back. Canche defended himself and hit Crawford with a pint bottle, but Crawford continued to stab him before fleeing the area.

SP Lions Easter Pancake Brunch A Hopping Success!
The pancake breakfast included sausage, orange slices and juice, with the ever popular topping table. Kids of all ages enjoyed loading their pancakes with butter, syrup, sprinkles, jelly, chocolate syrup, shredded cheese, marshmallows, sliced bananas and even jellybeans! The dining tables were supplied with crayons and coloring sheets with some parents even trying their artistic skills! Games included ‘Pin the Tail on the Bunny’, dunking for Easter Eggs, Go Fish, Egg and Spoon races and puzzle races. Three large Easter baskets were raffled off and at the craft tables children made Bunny Ear Headbands and Easter Egg Wreaths to carry home. Parents enjoyed photographing their children with the guest of honor, the one and only Easter Bunny, while some children were not so sure about the oversized hare!

The Amazing Flamingo Tongue Snail
Scientifically known as Cyphoma gibbosum, this small but brightly colored sea snail (mollusk) is common in many Caribbean and Atlantic coral reefs. Flamingo Tongues are typically found on soft corals, such as sea whips, sea fans, sea rods and sea plums. When it is alive, the snail appears bright orange-yellow in color with black markings. However, these colors are not on the shell, but are only due to live mantle tissue which usually covers the shell. The mantle flaps can be retracted, exposing the shell, but this usually happens only when the animal is attacked. On an average the shell is about an inch long and the shape is usually elongated and the upper side shows a thick ridge. The surface is smooth and shiny and may be white or orange, with no markings at all except for a white or cream-colored band. Flamingo Tongues specialize in consuming the toxic flesh of soft corals by utilizing their unique feeding appendage, the radula. This belt sander-like tongue structure is exclusive to the mollusk and it is used to scrape away the coral tissue so nutrients can be absorbed. Due to their indifferent feeding strategy, only segments of a bare-naked coral skeleton is left behind; however, the silver lining here is that the coral will slowly start to undergo regeneration to replace the affected areas. Flamingo Tongues are smart enough to know not to graze their host coral to death; instead, they transfer hosts periodically by crossing over to the next coral.

Ambergris Today

Huge Crowds Flood Ambergris Caye for Easter Weekend
An overwhelming influx of vacationers from mainland flooded the islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker over the weekend during the long Easter break. The two Belizean hotspots are a big draw for both local and international visitors during one of the biggest holidays in the country. It’s one of the biggest holidays in the country where hundreds of locals from the mainland flock to the beaches to enjoy some down time during the extended 4-day weekend. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, is one of the major hot spots in the country during Easter as it offers endless options of beach parties, water sports and beaches in which to relax on.

Overloaded Water Taxi Pier Collapses in Caye Caulker, Belize
There were no serious injuries reported on Saturday, April 19, 2014, when a section of a pier in the island of Caye Caulker, Belize, broke and launched some people into the sea while they waited for a water taxi off the island during the end of their Easter break. A portion of the San Pedro Belize Express (SPBE) Caye Caulker pier collapsed due to overwhelming overcrowding as passengers rushed to catch the next available boat off the island. The SPBE team, police, port authority and coast guard that were present during the busy weekend for the water taxi service made every effort to enforce safety and crowd control procedures to ensure passengers were boarded safely and appropriately on the vessels.

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Announces Reef Week Activities
The reef is a very important ecosystem for our beautiful island and country. In order to create awareness and help preserve it, every year Reef Week is celebrated in honor of our natural heritage. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve has a week full of activities which will take place from May 10 – 17, 2014 under the theme "Our Reef Needs Our Protection for Future Generations". Below is the schedule of activities for this year’s Reef Week.

Misc Belizean Sources

Belize City man shot and killed
A shoting incident this morning in Belize City has claimed the life of a 23 year old man. Police have confirmed that the 7 am shooting incident near the basketball court on Jane Usher Boulevard, resulted in the death of Patrick Bevans. According to reports, gunshots rang out at around 7 am and police who went to investigate, found Bevan’s face don, apparently dead with multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body.

Mayor Daniel Guerrero, Deputy Mayor Gabriel Nuñez and Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Minister of Tourism, Culture & Civil Aviation were interviewed by BBC World
from the UK. in regards to Mr. Kent Gabourel's participation in the Queen's Baton Relay which will take place on July 23 of this year in Glasgow, Scotland. (4 photos) You can find out more about the Queen's Baton Relay by clicking this link.

Belize Observes 12th Annual Vaccination Week in the Americas
The Ministry of Health is observing the 12th Annual Vaccination Week in the Americas (VWA) event. The week commences on April 26th and ends on May 3rd. This year will also mark the 3rd World Immunization Week observed from April 23rd to April 30th, 2014. Both events are celebrated with our international health partners to focus on creating awareness on immunization and vaccination. Immunization is widely recognized as one of the most successful and cost-effective health interventions ever introduced. The World Health Organization estimates that it prevents between two and three million deaths worldwide every year. In Belize, for the last ten years, we have seen a success rate of 96% vaccination coverage for children under the age of one. Despite this success, we make every effort to reach children under one and those infants having incomplete vaccination schedules.

Keli Engleson at Ironman
USA resident/yoga instructor and event planner in Belize, Keli Engleson runs/completes Ironman Los Cabos 2014 under USA and Belize Flags.

Cayo Film Festival Weekend
The Cayo Film Festival will be this Saturday and Sunday, April 26th and 27th, at the Cayo Welcome Center. Many films will be screened, including over a dozen documentaries filmed in and around Cayo.

New Business? Here Are 5 Tips on How to Craft a Great Brand. (Ask the Expert)
Q: How’d you know marketing was for you and what advice do you have for first timers crafting a brand? Huong Nguyen A: This is a fun one because I honestly didn’t think when I was young that I would end up in marketing. I did however love asking questions and was particularly interested in why people did what they did. I remember my mom once said to me “when you grow up you’re going to study why people behave the way they do.” and I think that is really at the heart of what “marketing” is all about. My undergrad degree is in journalism and digital media and my masterss Degree is in online media and persuasion. So at the heart of telling good stories in digital ecosystems, I found myself obsessed with digital marketing. I wouldn’t say I went looking for marketing but I am so darn happy that I stumbled into it, and it feels like a perfect match for what I really love to do — have a beautiful impact through building brands and creating amazing stories.

Patrick Bevans killed in Belize City
Police continue to investigate the death of 22 year old Patrick Bevans of Belize City. According to police around 7:00 a.m. Wednesday there were gunshots heard in the vicinity of Jane Usher Boulevard. Investigating officers found Bevans’s body face down, apparently already dead with multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body, on a side street not far from his home on Louise Bevans Street. Bevans died on the scene and was transferred to the KHMH morgue. Police recovered some seven 9mm expended shells. Police say they are questioning “persons of interest” at this time.

BDF rededicates military church
The St. George’s Military Church is the center of faith for the men and women of the Belize Defence Force, and today the national army opened its doors for rededication at a multi-denominational church service. Bishop of the Anglican Diocese Philip Wright; The Reverend Christopher Glancy of the Roman Catholic Church; Reverend Roosevelt Papouloute of the Methodist Church, Pastor Eugene Crawford of the Evangelical Association and other church leaders blessed the sanctuary and led the congregation in praise and worship.

Suspect in attempted murder charged
21 year old construction worker Lincoln Robinson is accused of attempting to shoot Anthony Young dead last month. He was charged with attempted murder, dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm when he appeared in the #1 Magistrate’s Court. According to Young he was with friends in a yard on Dolphin Street on March 23 when an assailant wearing a red cap rode up on him from behind, stared him down for 15 seconds, then pointed a firearm at him and shot once. Young dodged the bullet and ran toward the canal which he tried to jump across. He slipped and fell in and as he tried to get out he heard four more shots and then realized that he had been shot.

Four youths charged for stolen firearm
Four young men, three from the Maxboro community outside Sandhill, are accused of possessing a firearm that police alleged was recently stolen. 18 year old Ijahman Young of Belize City; 21-year-old Kashief Gallego, 20-year-old Akeem Garcia and 22-year-old Parris Williams are charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm and ammunition and handling stolen goods. Early on Tuesday morning, around 1:45 a.m., police on mobile patrol on Fairweather Street spotted a grey Toyota 4-Runner SUV with Corozal license plates driving at high speed. They set chase and caught the vehicle on Prince Street, where they conducted a search of the vehicle and its occupants.

Prison officer found with weed, gets charged
27 year old prison officer Ryan Rowland of Hattieville finds himself on the other side of the law tonight after he was charged with drug trafficking. Police say he was found with 55 grams of cannabis hidden in a plastic bag and concealed in the crack of his buttocks, and allegedly intended to bring it into the Prison for supply. He had reported to work on April 17 and the contraband was found during a search by fellow prison officers. Rowland appeared in the #1 Magistrate’s Court and was released on bail of $1,000.

George McKenzie Junior released from murder charge
On Monday, George McKenzie Junior, accused of murder, was released after a court appearance. On Holy Thursday morning, George McKenzie, Jr., was brought to court for arraignment after being arrested and charged for the murder of 57 year old Alfonso Cruz, a resident of Rhaburn’s Alley, who was shot and killed around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 12. Cruz was sitting on an old refrigerator that was in the alley when his assailant shot him once in the head from close range. Cruz died while being transported to the hospital. However, McKenzie was not arraigned because Police were awaiting word from Director of Public Prosecutions Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, and word came later in the day that more work needed to be done despite a ID statement and parade identification.

Chiquibul National Park Visitor Center
Congratulations to the Friends for Conservation and Development on the opening of the Chiquibul National Park visitor center! And thanks to Pine Lumber, for working with them to make it a reality. The park comprises around 8% of Belize. "Some pictures taken Chiquibul National Park:Chiquibul Trip April 2014 - Tapir Camp Inaug.. Bull Ridge built the house using hardwoods from the Chiquibul & Mountain Pine Ridge; in collaboration with Pine Lumber Co. Ltd. Thank you FCD! Welcome one, welcome all to the Chiquibul National Park Visitor Center!!! Come bring your family & friends to explore what our Jewel - Belize has to offer!"

Tomorrow Universe EDM Battle
Club Onyx is the location for the next Tomorrow Universe promo, and this one is an EDM Battle. It'll be Saturday, April 26th, and will go from 9:00pm until 3:00am. Blue Line Sounds, Platinum Sounds, and Tomorrow Universe will be there to make the night unforgettable. There will be giveaways through the night, including Tomorrow Universe tickets, wine, and phone cards.

Channel 7

Guatemalan Soldier Caught in Belize
The BDF caught a Guatemalan Armed Forces soldier in Belizean territory on Monday – and he remains detained tonight. But 7News has learned that arrangements are being made for the soldier to be released so that he can return to his country. He was found 250 meters – or a tenth of a mile inside of Belize. A BDF Patrol came upon the soldier and 3 others were in the Rio Blanco area on Monday. And though it is illegal entry, he is going to be set free. Today, we spoke with the Commander of BDF, and asked why the decision is being made where he won't be charged with immigration offences like any other Guatemalan caught illegally in the country. General David Jones told us that it's a protocol established between the BDF and Guat Armed Forces, in an improved relationship: General David Jones - Commander, BDF "We had a patrol out in the Rio Blanco area. Actually it was the day before, encountered 4 persons, an elderly man, 2 minors, and 1 Guatemalan soldier. The patrol in their made the decision to release the elderly guy, and the 2 minors because they didn't want them to sleep out in the jungle with them in the night, but they took the Guatemalan soldier with them into custody. They started to walk yesterday; it took them all day yesterday. They didn't reach in yesterday, and they arrived today. We have the soldier in custody, and between myself and the commanding General of the Guatemalan army, we decided the protocol between us, what we're going to do with him."

General Jones Stands By His Soldiers
But, as you heard the General say, the Guatemalan soldier being detained in Belizean territory doesn't hurt the relationship between both sides because of this new agreement. What does hurt the relationship are the fatal shootings of Guatemalan civilians by the BDF – four since 2012. The most recent case is Tomas Desdicho Ramirez is still under investigation. Today we asked Jones about the present status between the armed forces of both countries, and he said that tensions are high: General David Jones - Commander, BDF "I had a meeting with the Guatemalan General just about 3 weeks ago, in Guatemala, just about 2 days after the actual shooting of Mr. Tomas. He had expressed to me that yes, shooting incidents have occurred, however, it's only Guatemalans who have been killed. I expressed to him that yes, it is indeed that our soldiers were involved in the shootings. Guatemalans have been killed, but the OAS have always verified where the incidents occurred, what actually transpired, and vindicated the soldiers that it was always in self-defence. We're trying to move forward now from the tensions because in late 2012 there were tension, 2013 the tensions continue, and it is reaching a point where we don't want serious escalation between the military of Guatemala and the Belize Defence Force."

Morning Murder In City
The long Easter weekend was relatively peaceful in Belize City, but that brief respite ended with a violent murder this morning. It happened in the Port Loyola Area – which had witnessed two previous murders in the past three weeks. Today, the family of the latest victim told the media that all three killings could be related to an increase in gang activity in the area. 7news was on the scene: Jules Vasquez Reporting That is the scene that played out on Curl Thompson Extension this morning when Patrick Bevans's girlfriend rushed to the scene, followed by many of his ten sisters. 22 year old Bevans lay dead just 150 feet from his home. He was face down, amidst an array of bullet markers - we saw 9. Walking on these crutches, he was killed returning from the store. His sister asked to appear off camera:

No Identification Yet For Woman Found Murdered In Corozal
Last night, we told you about the nude body of the still unidentified woman which was discovered yesterday in the Savannah area off the road between Chan Chen and Patchakan Villages. The Autopsy showed that she was killed at another location by her assailant or assailants who chopped her to death. But who is she? Well, police want your help to identify her. Today, we went north to find out more: Daniel Ortiz Reporting The discovery of the nude female body in the Savannah, off the road to Chan Chen Village has investigators perplexed. First of all, even after extensive efforts, they are no closer to determining her identity. Supt. Andrew Ramirez - OC, Corozal Police "Yesterday, at around 2:35 p.m., upon information received, Corozal Police visited an area about a mile out of Chan Chen heading towards Patchakan on the left hand side, referred to as the savannah area, where they saw the nude body of a female, partially decomposed, with no hair and with several wounds to the head and face. The person also had the right hand severed off. We still have not identified that individual. We are asking the public for their input in relation to that."

Is Canton Finally Going to Get The Axe At CPBL?
CEO of Citrus Products of Belize Limited Henry Canton is on the hot seat, as rumours are swirling that he could be sent home soon. Sure, we've heard that before, but the vibe we get tonight is that the new CPBL board of directors is getting ready to give Canton the axe. Chairman of the Board Doug Singh didn't want to comment this evening, but told us that Canton remains in his seat as CEO tonight. Singh would only say there has been no final decision and they are still in negotiations. He suggested that a final decision could be made by the end of the week, but would not say what that decision might be – saying that as Chairman, he had to, quote, "handle things responsibly." If Canton is indeed on the way out, it would be seen as a major victory for the former majority shareholder, Citrus Growers Association, which has been trying to eject him from that seat for years.

Ministry of Health Says Get Ready For Chikungunya
You probably aren't familiar with the disease called Chikungunya – and it's not surprising since it is foreign to Belize – and until November of last year – it hadn't even appeared on this side of the world. But now it has: Chikungunya, or Chik-V as it is called, appeared on the Caribbean island of St Martin at the end of last year, and it has been steadily spreading since then; it is now in 10 Caribbean countries, with 2,300 confirmed cases and about 17,000 suspected cases. Thankfully, there have only been 6 deaths reported. The viral disease is carried by mosquitoes, just like dengue or malaria and it spreads either by the travel of infected persons, or in shipping containers. The good news is that it hasn't come to Belize yet, or, for that matter, anywhere on the American mainland, but the bad news is that Belizean health authorities say it will come. They had a sensitization session with health workers this morning and a press conference this afternoon. The Director of Health Services says that conditions are ripe for Chik-V in Belize:… Dr. Michael Pitts - Director of Health Services "So, Belize has no case, but I must say that we have all the environmental conditions. We're tropical just like the Caribbean. The mosquitoes are there; the environmental conditions are there, and the level of interaction is happening where I think that it is really safe to say that it's not if, but when it will come here."

COMPOL In Crooked Tree Dust-Up
A police constable has been transferred and could be facing charges after a dust-up with the Commissioner of Police on Saturday night in Crooked Tree Village. 7news has confirmed that PC Ogaldez is the one who was arrested by Commissioner Allen Whylie at the end of a day of horse races on Saturday. Best reports tell us that there were a number of drunken brawls erupting simultaneously and there were only two police officers on duty. Ogaldez was one of them and he fired three warning shots to disperse the crowd. Apparently, Commissioner Whylie disapproved of his actions, and sent the more senior officer to take away the constable's weapon. That led to hard talk between the Compol and the Constable. The constable then retired to the bar, but that's when the commissioner's brother in law allegedly broke a pint over the constable's head. At that point the constable threw curse words at the Compol, who responded by telling Ogladez he would be charged for a breach of discipline and firing 3 unnecessary shots. He was detained, put into a police truck and escorted to the Police Station in Ladyville. The constable had injuries from the pint though, and those were classified as harm. He has made a complaint against the Commissioner's brother in law. He has been transferred from Crooked Tree to Ladyville and remains on active duty with no charges at this time.

Special Constable Eldo Gets Special Treatment?
And in a follow up to a story we ran last night, Police Special Constable Eldo Itza is detained at the Orange Walk Police Station where he will spend the night, before being taken to court tomorrow on arraignment for Aggravated Assault and Harm. But, he could also be charged for trespassing and aggravated burglary – after all, he is accused of jumping the fence of a Chinese Store in San Jose Village, and going in to beat the proprietor and his nephew – all because they didn't want to sell him beer. This happened last Thursday and police arrested Itza on the scene, but let him go free over the weekend so that he could come onto the station this week at his convenience to get his charges. All this courtesy after he left a civilian and property owner with ten stitches in his head. We'll follow up on his arraignment tomorrow.

Coro Cops Caught Fugitives
There are several cases that Corozal police believe they've wrapped up: 3 armed robberies and a rape which were open cases for some time. Wanted fugitives Julian Dyer and Robert Locke who have been on the run for some time now were caught last week Thursday due to quick police work by Corozal police. Today, the Officer Commanding Corozal Police briefed the media on the operations which led to their detention: Superintendent Andrew Ramirez - OC, Corozal Police "Two things I want the public to know about are the arrests of Robert Locke and Julian Dyer. These were two people I would refer to as fugitives, transient criminals but these individuals were very dangerous in a society in a time such as this. Robert Locke was wanted for rape back in 2013, in October. He has been on the run, moving from district to district. We have tried all means and methods to try and apprehend Robert Locke. While on the run he committed burglary, aggravated burglary. He entered in a house and chopped up two individuals, two females, so he was very dangerous for us. He was apprehended Thursday, just before the stroke of midnight. And I want to applaud the officers involved, especially Corporal Isaac Pascual who led a team and PC Marvin Salam, and others. I particularly want to single out these individuals because they showed true leadership in relation to these tactical types of operations. They were not in fear of the consequences because they knew we needed to get these individuals off the street. Also we want to announce that we apprehended Julian Dyer. Julian Dyer also is a very dangerous person some people might call him public enemy. But he is no good news in Corozal. He has since been charged for three counts of robbery; that would be the Band Store, the Jing Jing store and also a customer inside the Jing Jing Store. He has been remanded July 4. We have Robert Locke being remanded until May 29. Again, we still continue to look for one Alex Reid, also known as "Cat", and we continue to ask the community to note that Alex Reid is still wanted by this formation for armed robbery."

Man Jailed For Easter Monday Weapon
20 year-old Michael Whylie, a resident of Pinks Alley, is in jail tonight after he was taken to court for gun police say they found on his property. According to police, they searched his house on Easter Monday at around 5:00 pm. They received intelligence that he had illegal items in his possession, and they discovered a 9mm pistol with 5 live rounds of ammunition in its magazine, which was hidden under a piece of zinc in his yard. He was charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm, and keeping unlicensed ammunition. He was arraigned today before the Chief Magistrate, where he was remanded to prison until June 3.

Teachers Trickle In For National Convention
Today the Belize National Teachers Union held it's 44th National Convention at the Holy Redeemer Parish Hall in Belize City. The theme this year is Building Solidarity and Defending Unionism – but today at the Parish Hall, the defence didn't look so staunch, since only a few hundred teachers attended the national convention. For the union, which is thousands strong, solidarity is key – and Belize District President Kathleen Flowers said that teachers have to show more visible support for their union: Teachers will get their raise at the end of July 2014, retroactive to the first of this month.

A Church for Soldiers
This afternoon, the Belize Defence Force opened its first on-site Church at its Price Barracks Compound. It might not seem that significant to you because there are many churches around, but for the BDF, it's an important milestone. General David Jones told us why: The church was built using funds from the BDF's recurrent budget.

Siarsha In Merida For Another Surgery
Three year old Siarsha Alavarez – the 3 year old with the rare skin disorder is back in Merida tonight. She has to take a highly specialized surgery to fix her eyelid, which has folded over and has her eyelashes growing on the inside which irritates her cornea. It's another symptom of the Stevens-Johnson syndrome which is an acute skin disorder. Her surgery takes place tomorrow at 9:00 am – and we'll tell you how it went in next newscast.

Channel 5

Murder in Chan Chen: woman is hacked to death and dumped in savannah
Corozal Police have been unable to identify the body of a young woman found on Tuesday afternoon. The partially decomposed body was discovered by a resident of Chan Chen, lying [...]

Patrick “Pata” Bevans executed near his home
Twenty-two year old Patrick Bevans a resident of Port Loyola was shot and killed this morning by an unknown assailant. The latest Belize City homicide is believed to be the [...]

Was George McKenzie Jr. targeted by police because of his father’s past?
Do you believe that George McKenzie Junior was purposely targeted by police because of his father’s past? Send your comments and responses using your SMART phones to 8686 or post [...]

14 year old knocks down toddler in Orange Walk Town
There was a road traffic accident in the village of Trial Farm in the Orange Walk District last Thursday. RTAs are very common, but the circumstances surrounding this one are [...]

Ministry of Health on alert; CHIKV detected in Latin America and the Caribbean
CHIKV, a mosquito-borne virus which causes an illness similar in transmission to dengue fever, has become an emerging threat within Latin America and the Caribbean.  Infection causes an acute fever [...]

Guatemalan soldier, detained in Belize, but to be set free
Armed confrontations along the Belize/Guatemalan border, involving the Belizean military and Guatemalans conducting illegal activities within our country, have been a perennial issue which some may say remain unresolved. And [...]

B.D.F. Commander welcomes enquiry led by U.S. Investigator
On Tuesday, Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington told News Five that American Investigator and Director of the International Forensics Science Laboratory and Training Center in the United States, Dr. [...]

Tour operators bound over the peace for 3 years
Tour operators Yhony Rosado and Vitalino Reyes both share a history of rivalry with each other.  In December 2013, Rosado and Reyes became embroiled in a physical altercation and were [...]

Adult and teenager charged for firearm offenses
Shortly after Patrick Bevans was gunned down in the Jane Usher Boulevard area early this morning; police set chased after a teenager who they caught up with and who was [...]

An update on crime in Corozal
The brutal murder of the unidentified woman has shattered what has been a very peaceful month in the Corozal District. The traditional Easter weekend was uneventful save for a few [...]

B.D.F. launches new St. George’s Chapel at Price Barracks
The B.D.F. today officially launched the opening of the new location for its Saint George’s Church located at the Price Barracks compound in Ladyville. The newly retrofitted chapel is to [...]

B.N.T.U. hosts 44th National Convention
The Belize National Teachers Union, the single, largest unified body of workers in the country, is hosting its forty-fourth annual national convention in Belize City.  Educators from across the districts, [...]

Issues affecting teachers are discussed at B.N.T.U. convention
According to Palacio, despite the unexceptional turnout the business of the annual gathering continues and issues, including the Occupational Safety and Health Bill will be discussed on Thursday.   Luke [...]


Corozaleno Charged For Drug Trafficking
Corozal Police pledged to increase its patrols during the Easter Holidays in order to reduce the crime rate in that municipality and that’s exactly what they did. In the case of drug activity the hike in security proved fruitful. On Holy Thursday, at about 7:10 in the morning, officers conducted a search at the residence of Earl Rancharan located in the Village of Calcutta, Corozal which led them to one small plastic bag containing suspected cannabis along with forty two small foil papers containing suspected cannabis and a small bunch of suspected cannabis found on top of a wooden table.

Corozal Recorded Its Third Murder
It has been confirmed, Corozal has recorded its third murder and the female victim remains unidentified tonight. What Corozal Police does know is that she suffered a heinous death but as far as her identity and the reason behind her cruel death, police are nowhere close to answering those questions. The nude body of the victim was discovered after one yesterday afternoon by a villager of Patchakan who was travelling on the Chan Chen Road heading home. The badly decomposed body of the victim was seen floating in an area known as the Quintal Lagoon located in the outskirts of Chan Chen. When we left you last night we told you that an onsite post mortem was scheduled for this morning. Reporter Victor Castillo continued following the story today and filed the following report. “This morning, the Forensic Team visited the area where an onsite autopsy was conducted and where on his expertise the doctor is basically saying it is of a young person, a female on her twenties about five feet five inches in height, dark complexion the body shows signs of clearness but because of the sun but the doctor has confirmed that it is of that of a dark individual. What I can say in relation of having visited the autopsy myself at the scene is that the person has sever chop wounds to the head area but to the body but to be more precise most of the injuries were sustained in the head which more than likely would have been one of the causes of her death and the doctor also indicated that the severing of the right body because there were also sever marks on the right leg indicating of animal prone, being a savannah I can assume it is alligator.


Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles Spends Easter Weekend in Belize
The Mayor of Belize City met with his Los Angeles counterpart over the Easter holiday. Mayor Bradley welcomed Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, to Belize when he arrived at the Phillip Goldson International Airport on Thursday. Mayor Bradley hosted a dinner reception in honor of Mayor Garcetti and said that Belize and Los Angeles share many common ties, and Los Angeles is an important partner to Belize, especially since the majority of Belizeans in the Diaspora live in the greater Los Angeles Area. Upon leaving Belize on Easter Monday, Mayor Garcetti was given a wooden plaque symbolizing both municipalities continued partnership.


Harmonyville Strikes Agreement with Various Investors
Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association, known as BGYEA, is well recognized for their move to acquire several hundreds of acres of land and distribute it to first time land owners. The targeted area, located along the George Price Highway from Beavers Dam Bridge all the way to the edge...

Senator Has no Comment about Facebook Postings
Porfilio Rodriguez, who calls himself Vanessa Paris Champaign, was murdered, that is what the good attorney and senator Lisa Shoman posted on her facebook news feed on Friday of last week. According to Senator Shoman’s post “she was stabbed multiple times; allegedly by the same set of guys who...

Patrick Bevans Shot and Killed
Police have confirmed the death of 22 year old Patrick Bevans of Belize City. According to police around 7:00 a.m. Wednesday there were gunshots heard in the vicinity of Jane Usher Boulevard. Investigating officers found Bevans’s body face down, apparently already dead with multiple gunshot wounds to the head...

Sherman Rodney Charged for Attempted Murder
Sherman Rodney, 22 year old resident of Belize City who was recently accused of escaping from police custody, is tonight on remand at the Belize Central prison for the attempted murder of Lloyd Augustus. Augustus was injured during an alleged fight at the home of Rodney. Rodney appeared...

Judge Orders Yhony Rosado and Vitalino Reyes to Keep the Peace
Yhony Rosado and Vitalino Reyes’ trial started and concluded today. The duo have been long time rivals as both men are in the tour industry but their rivalry goes beyond normal business competition; there’s have gone to actual physical blows. In court this afternoon, both men chose to give...

Michael Whylie Remanded for Unlicensed Firearm
20 year old Pinks Alley resident Michael Whylie was found with an unlicensed 9mm pistol at his residence over the Easter weekend. Today he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith where he was remanded without bail until June 3, 2014. Police went to the residence around 5:10 p.m. on...

Deputy Prime Minister Driver’s Truck Hits a 2 Year Old Girl
A two-year-old girl is recovering from injuries she received when she was knocked down on Holy Thursday. The vehicle which hit 2 year old Rachel Chan is owned by Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega’s driver but driving the vehicle at the time of the incident was a 14 year...

Police Say Why Throat Slitting Man Still not Arrested
Yesterday we reported on the stabbing of a Camalote resident on Friday Night . 20 year old Shane Parham went to a nearby Chinese Store in Camalote to purchase several items when he was approached by a named individual, also of Camalote. During a short altercation, it is alleged that...

BDF Church Rededicated
The St. George’s Military Church is the center of faith for the men and women of the Belize Defence Force, and today, the national army opened its doors for re-dedication at a multi-denominational church service. Bishop of the Anglican Diocese Philip Wright; The Reverend...

The Reporter

Murder on Jane Usher Boulevard
A shooting murder reportedly took place a few minutes ago on Jane Usher Boulevard in Belize City. Police are on the scene and are looking for one suspect.


24 Hours in the Belize’s Most Western Town of Benque Viejo
Twenty four hours is not enough time to experience any town properly. Especially not the town of Benque on the Western Belize/Guatemalan border. Though it’s small in population, only about 8000 people, Benque is pretty spread out. And my allotted 24 hours happened to be on Good Friday…one of the town’s busiest and certainly most colorful days of the year. Benque is making a push to grow the local tourism industry. It makes sense. There is a ton of stuff to visit around the area. The gorgeous Mayan site of Xunantunich is just a few miles away… the Mopan River runs right through the town and is perfect for tubing and canoeing… and some less explored caves like Actun Chapat and Actun Halal are close by. But Benque’s traditional celebrations are what drew me to the town. Semana Santa, or the Easter Holy Week, is observed by the whole community. Processions from Palm Sunday to Good Friday and the part I was excited to see? The sawdust tapestries.

“Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
The trial period with Ziggy is not going as smoothly as we had hoped. There’s little doubt that he is a well trained, loving and loveable dog. He is relatively young at eighteen months and still has a bit of boisterousness about him but when a command is issued he comes to heel (generally) very quickly. He’s also shown during the short time that we have had him that he’s a quick learner. So what’s the problem? Sounds like the perfect dog. And we think he could be apart from one thing. He wants to be with us all of the time. That’s good you’re probably thinking. What’s wrong with that? Well, we want Ziggy to sleep outside of the house (don’t worry there’s lot of cover and he has his bed out there)and he -very obviously- wants to sleep inside the house with us. Why obviously? The scratch marks on our front door, that’s why!

Beating the lunch hour slowdown and and what Dale Wallace jr can do for you
Yesterday Smart, BTL and Coral Cable were our first stops. Since Smart had a long line we bumped them down a few stops and got the other two done first as they close down for lunch hour. While there we got our new 2014 phone books, the popular mini size ones were out of stock so we have to wait a couple of weeks to get one. I posted the pic below on facebook page and had a few funny comments about still using an old school phone book. While I do tend to use the web based Belize phone book on most of the time, phone books are still handy here due to erratic internet and power outs. Next stop was to see Delito aka Dale Wallace jr, Many of you know him as the fantastic drummer in Fido’s house band but he is also owner of Grease and Shine Golf Cart Maintenance & Service Shop. Angie wanted to see if he had had time to fix the light in her cart. While he was assessing what was wrong with the current switch, we got to watch Dale pass on his knowledge by teaching his nephews about golf cart mechanics.

Bad Men Visit Penner and Offer Him Big Money to Roll Out
Firmer Immigration minister Elvin Penner is reportedly facing a different heat other than the contempt of Belizeans who have been outraged by his egregious act of issuing Belizean citizenship and passport to South Korean, Won Hong Kim who was jailed in Taiwan. NBZLIVE has credible information that Penner might be facing consequences of unfinished business due to his sudden dismissal from office last September. A source has confirmed to NBZLive that Penner was recently visited by persons of Asian descent who offered him BZD $1Million in order to get him to resign the UDP and leave the country. Penner, we were told refused the offer for fear of his life. There have been rumors that Penner has been receiving threats since the scandal broke on September 19, 2013 – the day he was kicked out of cabinet by Prime Minister Barrow. Those rumors have so far proven baseless since Penner has been able to freely exit and re-enter the country since the scandal broke. Even after he was criminally charged a few weeks ago, he was not ordered to surrender his travel documents.

International Sources

Region's conch, lobster trade under threat, say officials
The future of the Caribbean's conch and lobster fisheries remains under threat despite regional efforts to protect it, regional fisheries officials said here yesterday. The issue is at the top of the agenda of the 12th meeting of the Caribbean Fisheries Forum, the main technical and scientific decision-making body of the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM). The Belize-based agency coordinates the management of fisheries in the Caribbean Community (Caricom). Acting Permanent Secretary in Dominica's fisheries ministry, Harold Guiste, speaking at the start of the three-day meeting, highlighted efforts by the United States to declare conch an endangered species.

Common Caribbean currency unlikely
A Common Caribbean Currency is no longer practical for this region. That’s the word from Dr. Delisle Worrell, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados. Speaking at a function at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, in Washington D.C., Dr. Worrell said that while the common currency would have been ideal for transaction purposes, achieving this now seems very unlikely. Dr. Worrell spoke on the topic, “Macroeconomic Options for Very Small Open Economies”. After the presentation the Governor fielded questions from the audience which included a number of international economists. The common currency has been promoted as one of the components of monetary integration in the Caribbean, especially with the move towards a Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME).

High Airfares Impede the Consolidation of Tourism in Central America
Central America, an isthmus rich in nature and cultural heritage from Guatemala to Panama, not yet consolidated as a single tourist destination because of limits such as the high cost of its domestic air transport. This region offers, in just over half a million square kilometers, a varied world ranging from volcanoes, tropical islands, colonial architecture, parks, lakes or archaeological up to food, music and dancing. The efforts of each country to attract more tourists have beared fruits, as it shows that between 2002 and 2012 foreign exchange from tourism tripled, according to the Central American Tourism Integration Secretariat (SITCA). The image of Central America as a single destination has succeeded placing itself in a sector of the international tourism market, but when it come to providing plans to travel there the difficulties arise, admit authorities of the region.

Nouveau guide de l'expatrié au Belize
Le guide de l'expatrié au Belize st désormais en ligne. Nous venons, en effet, de publier plusieurs articles pour vous aider à mieux préparer votre expatriation et pour vous installer dans le pays. Vous pouvez lire ces articles en cliquant sur les titres suivants:

The Next Global Breadbasket: How Latin America Can Feed The World
Latin America and the Caribbean contribute 11% of the value of world food production and represent 24% of the world’s arable land. Addressing humanity’s great challenge — finding sustainable ways to feed rapidly increasing numbers of people around the world — is Latin America’s great opportunity. Across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), a more productive and environmentally sustainable agriculture system holds great promise for achieving food security around the world — as well as for the region’s development, for poverty alleviation and for social progress. Read more in a new report from the Global Harvest Initiative and Inter-American Development Bank.

How Expat Life Expanded Our Social Horizons
While living in the San Francisco Bay Area my husband and I both worked long days, and too many weekends. We rarely bumped into our neighbors, had little free time for socializing, and even less energy. We hoped that would change when we moved to Ambergris Caye, Belize—though we worried that by basing ourselves on a small island we might be in for a limited social circle.


Video: Reportage choc: Cœur des Gangs: Belize en Amérique centrale 2014 Entier, 47min.
Belize a été le premier endroit où un membre de gang ma donné une grenade de guerre dans les mains explique Ross Kemp. Alimentée par le chômage et un trafic . Belize a été le premier endroit où un membre de gang ma donné une grenade de guerre dans les mains explique Ross Kemp. Alimentée par le chômage et un trafic . Cayenne, en Guyane, est la plaque tournante du trafic de cocaïne, venue des pays voisins, producteurs de drogue. Dans cette guerre contre les narcotrafiquant.

Video: Tobacco Caye Belize, 2min.

Video: Belize Half Moon Wall Octopus, 15sec.

Video: 50 Days in Central America, 8min.
Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatamala, Belize, Mexico... then in the end NYC and Iceland :)

Video: DJ ZOG at Holiday Hotel Easter Bash San Pedro, Belize, 1min.
Miami Power 96 DJ and Entertainer DJ ZOG hyped up Easter Break in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize at the Holiday Hotel Easter Bash 2014. An overwhelming influx of vacationers from mainland flooded the islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker over the weekend during the long Easter break. The two Belizean hotspots are a big draw for both local and international visitors during one of the biggest holidays in the country.

Video: Go Pro Belize Trip 2014, 4min.
cool trip to belize

Video: Belize 1 EPI Belize 2014, 4min.
Looks like FUN! I guess you didn't help any missionaries because I didn't see any helping just relaxing. HAHAHAHAHA! Hope to see you soon!

Video: Belize 2, 7min.
stranger parts of the trip

April 23, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV3
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The San Pedro Sun

Island Invasion Easter Bash rocks Fido’s Courtyard
King of the Island Promotions’ Island Invasion did it again, bringing the party atmosphere to Fido’s Courtyard for the 3rd installment of their Easter Bash. With a crowd of close to 300, Island Invasion kicked off the party on Friday, April 18th. But the party really “tun ove” on Saturday, April 19th, with over 800 patrons enjoying the rhythms and tunes of some of Belize’s premier DJs. Spinning the best of club, house, dancehall, reggae and pop music was Fyah Statah Sounds (Selecta Ras and DJ Jaro), Tagg International Sounds (DJ Kris and DJ Jago), Air Invasion Sounds (DJ Trilla Man and DJ Biggz), Blue Wave Sounds (DJ Julian), and Evolution Sounds (DJ K-Mix and DJ Pinky). With a general admission of $10 before midnight and $15 after, the crowd flooded the gates from early; of course many opted for the exclusive VIP admission on the second flood for $30. Fido’s transformed into a club for the event, as party goers reveled until the wee hours of the next morning. It wouldn’t be an Easter Bash without a few cocktail and beers. Thankfully the bartenders at Fido’s were well stocked and prepared to satisfy the crowd. It was definitely the place to be for the weekend.

Letter to the Editor: Norwegian Cruise Line
I viewed with interest the hosting of a press tour by Norwegian Cruise Line and the explanation by NCL executive Colin Murphy of why the establishment of a cruise port at Harvest Caye would be such a wonderful blessing for Belize. What particularly prompts me to write is his astonishingly candid – and frightening – statement that “Really, what we are doing is locking ourselves into Belize”. Remember that word, “locked”. Although no longer a member of the Belizean media I could not help but think of a few questions for Mr. Murphy had I been present. Specifically could he explain: –why Belizean taxpayers should pay NCL over a hundred million Belize dollars in direct cash subsidy over the course of its exclusive concession, thus allowing NCL to recoup its entire capital investment at Harvest Caye?

The Party Doesn’t Stop with Tackle Box and Tuff E Nuff
The island certainly lived up to its name as being one the country’s most sought after destinations for Easter in Belize, as revelers flocked ashore this past weekend. Whether you decided to party on the beach, on a boat or under a palapa, there was one thing certain of this Easter weekend in San Pedro-there was absolutely no shortage to the party supply! Tackle Box hosted a weekend of fun under the theme: We Gwein da Blue Baby! Party goers danced the weekend away to the finest tunes being juggled by Dj Debbie, DJ Smallz, Federation 501, DJ Karizma , Tuff E Nuff Sounds, and Sweet Pain Band. Bartenders kept the Heineken coming and for those that wanted to take the party on the blue- Tuff E Nuff Tours took the party to the sea with their first ever Easter Booze Cruise. All who attended the were sure to have a memorable Easter 2014!

2014's San Pedro Sun Easter Egg
We have a winner!! 2014's San Pedro Sun Easter Egg hunt winner is Arlene Torres!! Congratulations!!!

Ambergris Today

Actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner on Easter Break in San Pedro
Not a stranger to Belize, this time Malcom-Jamal was in Ambergris Caye enjoying the sun, sand and sea and accommodations of Portofino Resort and X’tan Ha north of town, our sources tell us. He was reportedly on a tour of the country and visiting various locations. Malcolm had visited the country for the first time back in 2007 with his friend Daryl (Chill) Mitchell. Warner is best known for his role as Bill Cosby’s only son, “Theo Huxtable,” on the NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show, but he also starred in “Jeremiah”, was the voice of the producer character on “The Magic School Bus” and co-starred for four years on the UPN sitcom “Malcolm & Eddie.”

Belizean US Army Sergeant Returns Home
While Army Sgt. Karen Burbank was growing up in Belize City, Belize, her mother always emphasized that if she stuck with her education, she would succeed. She heeded that advice, and with five years of training and experience as a medic, Burbank recently deployed to Belize from the 349th Combat Support Hospital in Los Angeles. From April 7-17, Burbank helped people from her home nation receive proper medical care while working in the triage section of the New Horizons Belize 2014 medical readiness training exercise. Burbank was responsible for obtaining blood pressure and pulse readings and for determining patients' main reasons for visiting the temporary clinic.

Letters To The Editor: United Christian Women’s Alliance Belize (WALLBelize)
We are a Belizean organization of Christian women and girls desiring to nurture, promote and defend our faith, families and the welfare of each person. We are called to defend the life of the unborn, the rightful position of females within society, and to confront systems of oppression, injustice and exploitation through our message, service and by our influence on legislation. WALLBelize also joins the Roman Catholic Church in celebrating the dignity of all women and in condemning all forms of violence, aggression and disrespect of women. We also support their stand for the families and children of Belize. We are aware that our government is determined to implement the Revised Gender Policy 2013, including the sections that encourage violence and disrespect against both males and females in promoting abortion and same sex relationships, and in its earliest revision, also promoting prostitution. These concepts violate God’s plan for a male and female to unite in marriage and to produce offspring of both sexes and deny the rights of the female to develop in her role as a nurturing mother, sister, daughter and helpmate to her male husband.

Pic of the Week: Recovering from Easter Break in San Pedro, Belize
At first glance we thought it was a giant starfish at the edge of the shoreline, then we thought it was a drowning victim; but after a closer look we realized that this man was just one of the many who were recuperating from a long (but amazing) Easter holiday weekend break in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize. He is one of the few who still stayed on the island and surely found a great way to just relax and get his energies back. Sadly for many, they had to go back to work with tired bodies and all hung over. But there is nothing to complain about once you had an amazing time in PARADISE!!! Hoping everybody had an amazing Easter holiday weekend. See you all back next year. - photo coutesy of Desi Rosado

Misc Belizean Sources

Army veterinarian serves animals, country
For someone to go through basic officer training at 57 years old, he must have a fairly compelling reason to join the U.S. armed forces. That reason for U.S. Army Capt. Brian Joseph, now a veterinarian in uniform, was one former military work dog named Ringo. From meeting Ringo to wearing a uniform Seven years ago, Joseph attended a Continuing Education Veterinary meeting in San Diego, Calif. While perusing the exhibitors' hall on break during the meeting, he came across a U.S. Army Veterinary Corps booth. There, he met Ringo, a retired U.S. Marine Corps Belgian Malinois. "If Ringo wasn't there, I might not have stopped; but I stopped to talk to Ringo, and I heard about his experiences," Joseph recalled. "Ringo had done four tours in Iraq with the Marines, and he had retired and lived with an Army veterinarian."

BDF private stands guard during New Horizons exercise
Sitting quietly, acutely aware of his surroundings, a young Belize Defence Force guard stands watch over a construction site and the partially built walls of a new preschool. Having joined the volunteer BDF three years earlier at 16-years-old, Pvt. Guzman considers himself to be a seasoned guard. “It’s pretty quiet during the day, I get to enjoy the friendly environment,” he says about the worksite, “I enjoy coming to work.” Looking out through the opening of his tent, he points at the preschool in progress and says, “… this will help a lot of children, it will let them be at school and learn a trade doing something good for their life,” he smiles and says “I’m happy to be a part of it.” Pvt. Guzman, who volunteered to work security during the New Horizons exercise, says that he wanted “to observe how the U.S. military operates,” and he hopes that this joint exercise will integrate him more into the Regular BDF (which he someday hopes to possibly join in a few years) as they demonstrate the capabilities of the BDF in a joint environment.

CTGA Tourism Eco Conservation Camp Raffle
The Cayo Tour Guide Association is having their first Tourism Eco Conservation Camp this July, and they are having a raffle to raise funds for the event. Get your raffle tickets, and you could win 2 nights at both Blancaneaux Lodge and Turtle Inn for 4 people. Transportation to Mountain Pine Ridge and Placencia is included. Tickets are only $10, and you can get them from any CTGA member.

Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies” – an on-line opportunity !
The U.S. Embassy is partnering with the University of Belize to facilitate a 6 week FREE online course offered through Case Western University titled, “Growing Entrepreneurship in Transitioning Economies.” The course starts on April Th so sign up today! While the course work will be offered online and completed at your convenience, we will host scheduled review meetings with an Embassy facilitator to help participants better understand and discuss course materials. At the end of the course, the participants who successfully complete the course materials, and attend the review meetings will be given a certificate of completion to add to their professional resumes. If you decide to sign up for the course and want to attend the review sessions. Please email us at so that we can send you the meeting schedule and location in Belmopan.

Job Vacancy: Chief Executive Officer for the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality, Barbados
Applications are invited from suitably qualified persons to fill the following position: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CEO) Assigned duty station will be Barbados Reporting to the CROSQ Council, the Chief Executive Officer shall have responsibility for: spearheading the development and implementation of the CARICOM Regional Quality Infrastructure (standardisation, metrology and conformity assessment), including securing the support of donor agencies and key stakeholders; providing advice on the formulation of policies of CROSQ and the effective management and leadership of the CROSQ Secretariat

Water Taxi company issues statement on dock collapse
The San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi today issued a statement regarding the partial collapse of its dock in Caye Caulker village over the Easter holiday weekend. The company, in its statement, apologizes to its customers who were thrown into the Caribbean Sea when a portion of the dock collapsed and that it “is making every effort to fortify its ports and implement additional safety features to ensure this incident is not repeated.” According to the official statement, officials of the Water Taxi and “relevant authorities” who included the police, Belize National Coast Guard and Belize Port Authorities personnel, “requested that passengers wait on the beach to improve accessibility and ease the stress on the bridge.”

Teen driver knocks down 2 year old girl in Orange Walk
A two year old girl had to get 25 stitches and suffered three broken ribs after she was knocked down on Holy Thursday in Orange Walk. The child, identified as 2 year old Rachel Chan was knocked down by a pickup truck around midday on Thursday in Trial Farm village. Chan sustained a large cut wound to the forehead which required a lot of stitches. She was rushed by neighbors to the Northern Regional Hospital. The little girl was later transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial in Belize City for further treatment. The police department has not released any information on the incident so far, but sources say that the driver of the Ford pickup truck that knocked down the little girl, was a 14 year old boy.

Decomposed body found in a lagoon in Corozal
The decomposed body of a woman was recovered from the Quintal Lagoon in the Corozal district this afternoon. The name of the woman has not yet been determined. Reports say that a motorist who was on his way to Patchakan village detected a foul odor and when he looked out of the window of his vehicle, saw the body in the lagoon which is about a mile from the village of Chan Chen. Preliminary reports are that the body was nude when it was discovered and the right hand was missing. A large abrasion was also visible on the back of the head. There are no reports of any missing person in the Corozal area where the body was found.

This notice is in regards to an urgent activation of a Jasmine Alert. Twelve Year Old Beverly Martinez went missing yesterday and was last seen at 5pm in the evening. Please air this Alert AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and as many times for the following days. May we bring this child back home safely. Please find more details attached.

Un Viaje de Ida y Vuelta Concert
The Embassy of Mexico is having a free concert at the Cayo Welcome Center on Friday, April 25th, at 7:00pm. It's entitled 'Un Viaje de Ida y Vuelta' and will have 3 musicians from Mexico performing. "During this concert,the pianist Melanie Lopez, the guitarist and composer Victor Celis and the soprano Cristina Woodward will take the listeners to a musical journey through Europe, to countries such as France, Spain and Germany, ending the trip in Mexico, particularly in Yucatan. The concert will include sound combinations of piano-soprano, guitar-soprano, piano-guitar andending with the combination of the three instruments."

Zoo Pathway Pounces Forward
The Belize Zoo, which was just written up in the Detroit News(The Belize Zoo is a Hoot at Night), has gotten a lot of help with building the pathways which will make it fully accessible, and while the pathway isn't 100% completed, it is ready for the last phase. Thanks to everyone that's helped on its journey. "In its second year of development, the beautiful accessible pathway which winds its way throughout The Best Little Zoo in the world, STILL is not fully complete... The month of March has proven to be a magical month for Belize Zoo pathway progress. First off, a request for funding help which was submitted to the British High Commission, received a thumbs up! These good folks see the imperative need to have the zoo be accessible for all. They share our vision that the beauty of the zoo and its great character will have an everlasting place in Belizean society as a caring and forward-thinking institution. Wheelchairs, walkers, canes and strollers can easily travel the rose-coloured zoo pathway. Presently, the zoo is the only nature destination in Belize which is accessible, and we hope that this is a trend which will grow to other destinations in our country."

Rotaract Easter Fair Fundraiser
The Rotaract Club of San Ignacio had a booth at the Easter Fair, and they had a fun time raising funds for their community service projects, including the Disease Prevention Project. If you bought a raffle ticket, the winners have been posted. Thanks, Rotaractors, for all you do! "We want to give a huge thank you to Scotiabank Belize, JDB Pharmaceuticals, and Cash Genie Pawn Shop for donating towards making this fundraiser a success. Thank you for all the monetary, gas, and support given throughout the 2 days. The Rotaract Club San Ignacio is very grateful for your contributions to make the upcoming community services a reachable goal. Total funds collected excluding expenses was a little over $1000.00. These funds will go towards the Constitution Talk for the community and the Disease Prevention Project. Thank you all who came by to support the Lollipop and Tombola games; and thank you to all of those who bought our delicious bbq :) "

Holy Week in Benque Viejo
The Institute for Social and Cultural Research got 100's of great pictures of Holy Week in Benque. Another amazing week of culture in Benque. "As part of our pilot project to document Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), our team was present in Benque for the various activities of Holy Week. A very special thank you to the Mr. David Ruiz, the organizing committee and the community for allowing us this privilege."

Channel 7

Eight Year Old Girl Crushed in Holy Saturday Accident
The Easter Weekend was relatively peaceful, especially in Belize City, but 3 persons did lose their lives due to accidents, there are two possible homicides, and 1 Belizean was killed in Melchor. We start tonight's newscast with the death of 5 year-old Akeelah Wade, which happened on Holy Saturday at around 4:00 pm. She was on the front of a scooter which slammed into a Belize City Shuttle Bus at the intersection of Douglas Jones and North Front Streets. Little Akeelah was one of the 3 persons who were on the scooter, and they were all rushed to the KHMH after the accident. She died 2 hours later while undergoing treatment, turning the holiday into a time of mourning for her family. Today, 7News spoke with her parents, and they told us what they know of the accident which killed her: Cynthia Morgan - Meighan - Adapted Mother of Deceased "They were coming from Princess pool on their way home and my daughter Vishana Carcamo with Akeelah in front of her and my other daughter Kelsey Peyrefitte was at the back and on their way approaching corner Douglas Jones and North Front Streets that was where the accident happened. A brown metro was coming from North Front Street straight across and my daughter-in-law was coming from Douglas Jones Street heading to BelChina. More or less you can put together what happen from there."

Two-Year-Old OW Child Knocked Down, Truck Owned By DPM Driver
Much the same fate could have faced a two-year-old girl who was knocked down in Orange Walk on Thursday. She got hit by a pickup owned by Deputy Prime Minister Gaspar Vega's driver. Rachel Chan was walking across a street in Trial Farm village to meet her father when a Ford F-150 pickup truck being driven by a 14 year old knocked her down. The toddler received serious injuries and had to be rushed first to the Northern Regional Hospital, and then to the KHMH for emergency surgery. She had injuries to her spleen, intestine and head and was listed in a critical condition. But, after surgery, she has shown steady progress and is now in a stable condition and walking.

Boston Villager Found Dead, But Was It Murder?
When residents of Boston Village found 68 year-old Myra Miller inside her house on Friday evening, she was clinging to life. Her house showed signs of being searched, and based on what they found, the villagers believe that she was attacked while inside her home by an intruder who was trying to steal from her. She died on Sunday while at the KHMH, and though police continue to investigate the burglary angle, those who found her are convinced that the case needs to be treated as a murder. Yesterday, Daniel Ortiz went to the village, and spoke with residents: Inside the house of 68 year-old Myra Miller looked like someone had been looking for something - what is still unknown, but her personal belongings and clothes had been strewn everywhere. Daniel Ortiz reporting Investigators will have to determine whether or not the condition of her home is somehow connected to her death, but the villagers who found her believe that it was either ransacked or caused by a struggle.

Nude, Maimed Female Body Found In Chan Chen
And, so, while Belize Rural police cannot say definitively if foul play is involved in that death - Corozal police are leaning clearly to homicide after the grisly discovery of a nude female body in a pond near Chan Chen village. The body appears to have a large chop wound to the back of the head and her right hand seems as if it was severed. But her identity is a mystery since no one has been reported missing in either Chan Chen or Pachakan which are the two nearest villages. Due to the advanced state of decomposition, a post mortem will have to be done on-site tomorrow. Chan Chen is the northern most village in Belize and the body was found about a mile from there.

McKenzie Free of Murder After Surveillance Camera Shows Him At Restaurant
Last week, we told you about 19 year-old George McKenzie Jr., the son of slain street figure, George "Junie Balls", who was suddenly charged and then not charged for murder. As we reported, investigators took him to the Magistrate's Court to be arraigned for the murder of 57 year-old Alfonso Cruz, who was killed on April 12 in Rhaburn's Alley. They had a signed witness statement and a positive identification from a man who reportedly had the gun pointed at him moments before Cruz was murdered. Now, murder is a capital offense for which there is no bail, and so when his mother realized what was about to happen, she sought the intercession of senior police officers. Those officers were eventually able to get their hands on a copy of surveillance camera footage which showed that McKenzie was in a Chinese restaurant at the time of the murder.

Cross Country Hopes Dashed, Sober Lessons For Local Cyclists
The 86th. Cross Country, would a Belizean win it? Would the cycling gods be so kind? Well, looking at it statistically, probably not, considering that Belizean riders won in 2012 and 2013. But, in the heart and mind of even the casual cycling fan - if he or she is a patriot - a Belizean just had to win it! Except this year they didn't. Defending Champion Darnell Barrow had high hopes on his shoulders, as did National Road Champion Byron Pope. But hope can only go so far on the highway when 22 top foreign cyclists are trying to snipe at the crown jewel of Belizean sport. Here's how it played out on the road:.. Jules Vasquez reporting This year sign-in and bike check for the 109 riders in the 86TH Holy Saturday Cycling Classic started from 4:00 am, in front of the BTL Park. his year, the cyclists wore a black bow in memory of Ernest Dangalang Thurton and by extension all fallen members of the cycling family. Defending champion Darnell Barrow and National Road Champion of Belize Byron Pope took their positions at the front of the lineup.

Belizean's Mysterious Death In Melchor
A Belizean was killed in Melchor over the Easter. 22 year old Benque Viejo Resident, Edwin Javier Chan was fatally shot either late on Friday night or early Saturday morning, reportedly at Auto Hotel in the Barrio Campito area of Melchor. 7News has confirmed that Chan had a gunshot wound to the left side of his head, most likely from a handgun. Interestingly, he had not been robbed of his jewelry or passport, only his phone was missing. Police confirm that he seemed to have been beaten up before he was killed. His body was returned to Belize on Saturday night and he was buried yesterday. So, what led to his death? We do know that he left for Melchor at 4:30 pm on Friday night and was reportedly with friends. They say they left him there and returned to Benque Viejo. Interestingly, his passport has an exit stamp from Melchor dated Friday April 18th - the same day he entered at 4:30 pm. That suggests that on Friday night, he reached the Guatemalan side of the border - but did not make it to Belize. We know that because his passport had no re-entry stamp to Belize -suggesting that he was likely called back over to that side before he crossed back into Belize.

Budna On The Run!!
In other news out of Guatemala, the notorious Joseph Budna is a fugitive after he escaped from this hospital in Zacapa, Guatemala. Budna had been serving a 25 year sentence for kidnapping but was admitted to the hospital on April 11th . According to the Prensa Libre, Budna had an illness that causes bleeding all over the body. But, it seems Budna, who likes to pose as a healer, got well enough to escape the three prison guards who were put there to keep an eye on him. Budna had been serving time at the Los Jocotes prison in Zacapa until he was taken to the hospital in the same area. He is still at large, but police in Peten have put out an all points bulletin for him. Budna - who is a colourful character if ever there was one - also served time in Belize. After his release he was involved in many odd occurrences and then fashioned himself as a cross border fixer in Melchor. That led him to a kidnapping ring, where, it is alleged, he would mastermind the kidnapping of the children of wealthy persons.

Compol Vs. Constable?
Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie was involved in an ugly exchange with a drunken police officer in Crooked Tree on Saturday. It happened at the end of a day of horse racing, and the full details are tough to come by because there are so many different reports, many of them from persons who had been drinking. But best information suggests that Whylie publicly lectured a police constable who was drunk and disorderly, so much so that the constable fired his weapon while another policeman was trying to part a fight. Whylie reportedly lectured the constable - who then, reportedly, also disrespected the Compol. We tried to reach both the constable and the commissioner by cell phone for comment but none of them responded to our requests. We know also that the Commissioner's brother in law was involved in the confrontation, but, again, there are widely varying reports.

Special Constable Behaved Especially Badly
A police special constable is facing criminal charges after he allegedly beat up two Chinese men in San Jose Village in the Orange Walk District on Thursday night. The men, an uncle and a nephew operate a grocery store and it seems the special constable, Eldo Itza wanted to buy beer - but the store was closed. But he saw them cleaning up at the back door, and so he jumped the fence and started to beat owner's uncle. The owner, Ben Wong rushed to the store, and says that Itza hit him in the head with a beer pint. Wong had to get over 10 stitches for the massive wound on his head. He made a report against Itza, but it seems the fraternal order of police are taking their own sweet time about charging him. Any regular civilian would have spent the weekend in lockdown, but today, Orange Walk police told us they were waiting for Itza to come and get his charges. We were told that they don't want to embarrass him by going to pick him up - and will only do so if they have to. He will be charged with aggravated assault and harm.

A Pair of Weekend Drowning
2 persons drowned over the Easter Weekend, one in Cayo, and one Stann Creek. The first one happened on Friday at around midday where 37 year-old Arsenio Landero and his wife were traveling by canoe from Esperanza Village to Santa Familia. The canoe was unstable, and it overturned, dumping them both into the river. Landero didn't resurface, and an hour later, his body was retrieved by police. The other one happened at around 2 p.m. on Saturday. 34 year-old Santos Del Cid Amaya, a resident of Bella Vista Village, was swimming in the Swasey River. He went under and didn't resurface. 2 hours later, police officers found his body in a section of the river, about 1 and a half miles behind Red Bank Village. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police Bust Gun, Charge Men
This morning, Police busted 4 men with a gun believed to be stolen, and tonight, they are all on remand after being taken to court for it today. According to Police they were mobile patrol at around 1:45 a.m., when they saw a grey SUV travelling on Caesar Ridge Road at high speed. They pursued the vehicle and caught it on Prince Street. Inside at the time were 21 year-old Kashief Gallego, 20 year-old Akeem Garcia, 18 year-old Ijaman Young, and 22 year-old Paris Williams. On the backseat of the vehicle, the officers found a black 9 millimeter pistol with 14 rounds of ammunition in the magazine.

Man Jumped In Canal to Escape Gunshots
21 year-old Lincoln Robinson Jr., a resident of Tigris Street, is at prison tonight because he allegedly tried to kill 21 year-old Anthony Young. The incident happened on March 23; Young told police that he was socializing with some friends in a yard at #44 Dolphin Street when his assailant ambushed them from behind. According to Young, the man, who was wearing a red cap, looked at him for about 15 seconds, pulled out a firearm, and pointed it at him. He heard the gun go off, and that's when he tried to jump over the canal but fell into it. When he was climbing out, he heard 4 more shots, and felt his right ankle and left wrist burning, where he had been shot.

San Pedro Belize Express Pier Collapses
Thousands of Belizeans rushed to the cayes over the Easter weekend and most of them went on water taxi's. But, coming back nearly proved disastrous in Caye Caulker on Sunday evening at around 5:00, when hundreds of passengers queued up on the San Pedro Belize Express Pier to get on the boat back to the city. But the rickety wooden pier couldn't take the load and at about the half-way point, an entire of it collapsed - causing the waiting passengers to fall into the sea. Fortunately it was only a short distance down, and the water was shallow. No one was seriously hurt, passenger report receiving a few scratches and losing cellular phones. San Pedro Belize express sent out a release today saying that their staffers, Port Authority and Coast Guard were present and asked passengers wait on the beach to ease the stress on the bridge. But the release says, quote, "this request was met with rebuttals as the crowds continued to move onto the bridge against the directives of the authorities resulting in a portion of the bridge buckling under the pressure." The release adds that the company is quote, "making every effort to fortify its ports and implement additional safety features to ensure this incident is not repeated."

No Arrest In Case Of Man Stabbed Three Times In Throat
A young man from Camalote named Shane Parham almost died after he was stabbed three times in the neck this weekend. His family's concern tonight is for his health, but also because police appear to be in no rush to pick up the man who did it. It happened on Friday night and Parham was rushed to the hospital in time to save his life from a near fatal injury. His family reports that he is recovering and is in stable condition at the western Regional Hospital. Police told us tonight that they have been unable to track down the accused, but did detain his younger brother today. Parham's family and friends however say that the perpetrator is walking around freely - and they claim he's doing that because of political connections. Police deny that account and say they have gone to his home several times to pick him up. They are confident that he will be arrested.

Police Say Transgender Vanessa Champagne Was Not Assaulted
Over the Easter Holiday, rumours were raging on the social media that Transgender Vanessa Champagne Paris was assaulted, some even said killed, in Placencia. But police say they have nothing on record to reflect that alleged assault or any violent event involving her. We spoke with Inspector Mark Flowers, the Officer Commanding of Placencia Police, who said that he received multiple phone calls that Paris had been stabbed and killed, and so he and his officers made exhaustive efforts to look into those reports. But, it turns out that they were was only just rumours. So, we spoke to the Executive Director of UNIBAM, Caleb Orozco to find out if this incident did indeed occur. Orozco told us that he will have to go down to Placencia tomorrow to find eyewitnesses to present to police to prove that Paris was indeed assaulted. He said that Paris reported to them that 3 of the same men who assaulted the her on Vernon Street 2 weeks ago, were in Placencia and they attacked Paris once again.

Queen's Baton In Belize
The Queen's Baton is in Belize tonight for the 3rd time in its history of use as official symbol for the Commonwealth Games. It arrived at the Phillip Goldson International Airport at around 1:10 p.m. yesterday, and 7News was there. Daniel Ortiz has that story: Daniel Ortiz reporting The Queen's's on its 3rd trip, which will last for 288 days, where it will visit 70 Commonwealth nations, spanning over some 190,000 KM - or 118,000 miles. Alistair Camron - Travel Manager, Queen's Baton "The handle: elm wood from a tree that fell in the gardens of a place that's called Garrison House in old fortress on the isle of Cumbrae and the top is made out of titanium, it's all one piece, and it's made through a methodology called a laser sintering which is effectively 3D printing. In the top is a little piece of granite from Ailsa Craig just off the Scottish coast and we will gift that to the country when we leave. It's a little of Scotland that remains behind and it's the first time it's ever been done."

How The Race Was Won (And Lost)
In our last segment we showed you how it all went down in the 86th. Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic. But, as we close tonight, we'll have a little more for all you race junkies. The well-spoken second place finisher explained how he saw the race and the sprint shaping up between the dominant Mexican cyclists Magallanes and Rangel:.. Perry Gibson, Manager - Team Megabytes "In the end the foreigners really rode tactically; one attacking, one waiting and it were good that we had two where we were able to play our cards better." Alejandro Padilla (Miranda), 2nd Place - Team SMART (Guat) "These guys Florencio and Magallanes on the front earlier on - the thing is with them - I know them, I race with them quite a bit and they are really strong riders. They have a lot of experience in the races around the world and I know they have the legs to go the whole way. I knew Mexicans work together, even if they are riding for different teams and them racing different teams back home as well. But it's the same, imagine you as Belizeans, you go to another country and everyone else is a stranger, but between you guys, you race together, you'll help each other and that's what they did. At the end the problem we had was 3 Mexicans an American and myself and one time I got on Magallanes' wheel, when he saw the American wanting to work with the others and they didn't want to go, Magallanes saw that and he just went real hard. I thought for a while I could actually take it but coming into the end with all those guys (Mexicans) here, he jump from behind, I didn't have the legs to respond. I just waited as close as possible to finish second."

Channel 5

Nude body of a female found in lagoon near Chan Chen, Corozal
There is breaking news. At around two pm this afternoon the body of a woman was found in a lagoon on the Chan Chen Road in the Corozal district. She [...]

An elderly woman dies following what appears to be a home invasion
The past Easter weekend had its share of traffic mishaps, robberies and murders. We start our newscast with a report on a sixty-eight year old Jamaican woman who died on [...]

Belizean is murdered in Melchor de Mencos
The second murder of the weekend happened in Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala. The body of young Benque Viejo resident Edwin Chan was found in a remote area early Saturday morning [...]

5 year old Holy Redeemer student dies in traffic accident
There was another tragic loss of life two days into the Easter weekend and it involved yet another school-aged child. Sometime after five p.m., five year old Akeela Wade met [...]

Channel 5 blocked from covering 2014 Cross Country Cycling Classic
And now to an unfortunate issue close to home; Channel Five has covered the Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic for twenty-three years, but disappointingly, the tradition was broken this year. [...]

U.S. expert to investigate the killing of a Guatemalan national in Chiquibul
On March twenty-ninth, Guatemalan Tomas Ramirez was shot and killed inside Belizean territory. Reports are that a joint B.D.F. and Police Patrol came under fire by a group of men. [...]

Foreign Affairs Minister says Guatemalan incursions must be dealt with sans lethal force
It’s not the first time B.D.F. patrols have come under fire while patrolling our border…and Tomas Ramirez is not the first Guatemalan casualty of such an altercation. High level diplomatic [...]

George McKenzie Junior; wrongfully charged, now freed of murder
George McKenzie Junior was hauled before the courts on Thursday morning accused for the murder of fifty-seven year old Alfonso Cruz. Cruz was killed on the night of April twelfth [...]

McKenzie Junior’s family says he is being harassed because of his name
Attorney Matura-Shepherd as well as McKenzie Junior’s family maintained from the onset that he was wrongfully accused for Cruz’s murder. While the attorney questions the actions of the arresting officer, [...]

The latest on transgender woman, Vanessa Champagne Paris
Over the weekend, a transgendered woman who came into the public spotlight two weeks ago was the subject of a heated, emotional debate on Facebook. A post reported that Vanessa [...]

Was Vanessa Champagne Paris also assaulted in Placencia?
While Vanessa was not killed or seriously injured, Orozco says that the increased attention drawn to the LGBT community has to some extent resulted in them being targeted. He, however, [...]

2 men drown over the weekend
Thousands of Belizeans traditionally head to the beaches over the Easter holidays. But unfortunately, two persons lost their lives due to drowning. On Friday, just after noon, Santa Familia resident, [...]

2 men injured in motorcycle accident on George Price Highway
Earlier we told you about a motorbike accident in Belize City which claimed the life of a five year old. There was another incident on the George Price Highway on [...]

Joseph Budna escapes Guatemalan prison
Joseph Budna, a former freelance reporter, who gained notoriety for kidnappings in Guatemala is on the lam tonight. According to Prensa Libre, Budna had an illness and had to be [...]

The viral video of a visitor restrained by police in Caye Caulker
There is a video that has gone viral on social media. It involves a confrontation between police and a civilian, on Sunday afternoon. A visitor to Caye Caulker was physically [...]

Baton of Queen Elizabeth II arrives in the Jewel
Amid the bad news, there was a bright spot over the Easter weekend for those following the upcoming Commonwealth Games to be held in Scotland.  The Queen’s baton relay reached [...]

Sports Monday highlights the 2014 Cross Country Cycling Classic
Good evening, I’m James Adderley and here’s the sporting news.   The 86th running of the Annual Cross Country resigned supreme on Holy Saturday as expected from the biggest one-day [...]


Badly Decomposed Body Found In The Corozal District
Has Corozal recorded its third murder? All indications are that it has. This is after the badly decomposed nude body of a female was discovered a little after one this afternoon in an area known as the Quintal Lagoon located one mile off the village of Chan Chen in the Corozal District. Shamir Rancheran, from the village of Patchakan, was traveling on the road in his vehicle when upon reaching the area, the strong stench of putrefaction made him look outside his window. That’s when he made the gruesome discovery. Shamir Rancheran – Villager “Cuando mire de ese lado a ver pues mire el cuerpo y para asegurarme pues baje y pues lo bidé y me fui más adelante a buscar más gente para que vengan a asegurarlo y llame a la policía.” Víctor Castillo - Repórter “Bueno, cuando tu encontraste el cuerpo y bajaste a bajo a ver, descríbenos como vistes el cuerpo?”

Two Year Old Knocked Down, Fourteen Years Old Behind The Wheel
A two year old child from Orange Walk is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City after she was knocked down on Holy Thursday. Off the bat, we will tell you that police seem relatively tight lipped about the situation, so much so, that the accident did not even make it on the police sitrep today. But this is what we have been able to find out. We understand the incident occurred around midday on Thursday on Sapodilla Street and East of Guadalupe Street in Village of Trial Farm. Reports are that two year old Rachel Chan was crossing the street when she was knocked down by a Ford pickup truck belonging to Christopher Hendricks, the driver of Deputy Prime Minister Honorable Gaspar Vega. But Hendricks was not the one behind the wheel. The vehicle was being driven by a fourteen year old minor who ran over the child. Reports are that the 14 year old is a family member of Hendricks, who allegedly gave him the vehicle to drive. Chan suffered a large cut wound to the forehead and 3 broken ribs.

Another Chinese Victim Of Robbery In Corozal Town
Over the past few weeks the District of Corozal has played witness to a number of robberies. Statistics from the Corozal Police Department show that to date, there have been approximately 10 reported cases of robberies including those committed with firearms. The most recent case added to the list occurred on Holy Thursday a little before 9:00pm. This time, 51 year old Chinese Nationalized Belizean, Wei Shi Lui, was the victim. Around 8:55pm Lui and his sister were inside Chinese Shop located on 6th Avenue, Corozal Town, when three persons entered the store as Lui was closing for business. The three men, including one armed with a shotgun and another with a machete, ordered Lui and his sister to lie on the floor.

Civic Pride Campaign Launched By OWTC
How to properly dispose of household garbage is a problem faced around the world. If you thought that the biggest problems are faced by first and second world countries, you might want to think again. Statistics show that one person produces up to 4.3 pounds of garbage a day. Multiply that by our population in Belize – a little of three hundred thousand people. But there is no need to go that far because we can do the math for our population in Orange Walk Town alone. And this is also where the Orange Walk Town Council is getting their campaign on civic pride in an effort to clean up the town and keep it that way. Today, the Town Council along with several other groups launched the civic pride campaign at Town Hall. It’s an effort to encourage more cleanliness and love for this beloved town. Dalila Ical reports.

SPBE Water Dock Collapses While Passengers Board Vessel
On Saturday in Caye Caulker, passengers waiting to board the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi around 4:45 in the evening, en-route to Belize City, got more than they bargained for when the water taxi’s dock appeared to have buckled under the weight of the people. No one was seriously hurt but we understand that some of the passenger’s belongings and digital devices were water damaged. Today the San Pedro Belize Express management sent out a press release stating that the collapse was due to overwhelming overcrowding. The release further states that the mishap could have been avoided if the passengers had listened to the relevant authorities stating “The SPBE team and relevant authorities requested that passengers wait on the beach to improve accessibility and ease the stress on the bridge; however, this request was met with rebuttals as the crowd continued to move onto the bridge against the directives of the authorities resulting in a portion of the bridge buckling under the pressure. SPBE’s fleet consisted of fifteen (15) vessels and two (2) contracted catamarans to guarantee all passengers would be accommodated for during the Easter Festivities,” End quote.

Two Charged For Armed Robbery Of Bargain's Centre In Orange Walk Town
Last week Tuesday we reported that thieves targeted the Orange Walk Bargain’s Center and made off with over $7,000 dollars in cell phones and around $200.00 in cash. The entire ordeal, which lasted approximately two minutes, was captured on the stores surveillance camera which gave the authorities a look at the perpetrators. Since the incident, police have arrested 33 year old Leroy Rabatteau, security guard of Princess Diana Street in Orange Walk Town and a 17 year old minor who was captured by Corozal Police on Holy Thursday in the Village of Libertad in the Corozal District. Both men appeared in court today and were remanded until 21st of May.

Dyer charged For Armed Robberies
Locke was not the only wanted man that was captured by Corozal Police on Holy Thursday. The second individual that spent the Easter Holidays behind bars is Julian Dyer who was wanted by police for a number of armed robberies committed in that municipality and in Belize City for other crimes. Dyer was charged for three counts of robbery with a firearm. Dyer was charged for the April 7th armed robbery of Jing Jing Store, located at the corner of the Philip Goldson Highway and the Paraiso Junction. He is also being accused of robbing one of the customers who was inside the store at the time. As previously reported, three male individuals entered the business. One of the men pointed a gun at the owner of the store while another robbed him of three to four hundred dollars in cash. The third person attacked a customer and took one hundred and fifty dollars from his wallet. The men escaped on bicycles.

Robert Locke Recaptured
Remember Robert Locke? If you don’t, then let us refresh your memory. He is the man who managed to make it on Corozal Police’s wanted list after being accused of rape and most recently for injuring his ex-common law wife and ex mother-in-law. But Locke somehow managed to escape from police. His luck though, ran out on Holy Thursday when he was captured in the vicinity of Altamira Corozal around midnight. Locke was arrested and charged for Rape, two counts of aggravated burglary, one count of harm and one count of wounding. He was taken to court this afternoon to answer to the charges and was remanded until May 29th when he is scheduled to reappear in court. The charges of harm and wounding are as a result of a confrontation Locke had with his ex-common-law-wife and her mother. As previously mentioned, in the wee hours of April 16th 2014, Gloria Martinez was awakened by Locke who entered her house without her permission.


Construction Worker Faces Attempted Murder Charge
Twenty-one year old Lincoln Robinson, a construction worker of Tigris Street, was charged with attempted murder when he appeared today before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith. Robinson was also charged with dangerous harm and use of deadly means of harm. He was remanded into custody until June 21. The incident occurred on March 23. The complainant, 21 year old Anthony Young, reported to the police that he was in a yard on 44 Dolphin Street, socializing with some friends when his assailant came from behind. He said the person looked at him for about 15 seconds that the person took out a firearm and pointed it at him. Young said he heard a loud blast then he ran. He said he tried to jump over a canal but he slipped and fell in to the canal. He said that when he got out of the canal he heard four more gunshots then he felt a burning sensation and he realized that he was shot. Young was shot in his right ankle and left wrist.

Pier Collapses with Passengers
Over the weekend, thousands of Belizeans journeyed to the cayes for the Easter Holiday with many flocking to Caye Caulker, but as several were getting ready to come back to the mainland, a portion of the docking pier for San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi collapsed due an overwhelming pressure on the pier’s beams and the deteriotated conditions of the structure. While no one suffered any major injury, a release from the water taxi company says that along with employees, Caye Caulker Police, Port Authority and Coast Guard that were present made every effort to enforce safety and crowd control procedures to ensure passengers were boarded safely onto the vessel. The release says that passengers were advised to wait on the beach to improve accessibility and ease the stress on the bridge; however, this request was ignored and the massive crowd gathered on the bridge. While the portion of the pier was being fixed passengers of the Belize San Pedro Water Taxi were directed to the dock belonging to Caye Caulker Water Taxi.


The Holy Spirit Can Dwell in You and Make You Live Again
Our verse for the week is taken from the epistle to the Romans 8:11 “But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in me, He who raised Messiah from the dead will also give life to my mortal body through His Spirit who dwells in...

Senator Spreads False Facebook Rumors of Murder of Transvestite Vanessa
Facebook is known as a rumor mill, but what about when that rumor is traced back to the Facebook account of an accomplished lawyer and senator in the National Assembly? On Good friday, April 18, as Christians prepared to celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus, a most ghastly and totally...

Five Year old Dies in Easter Weekend Traffic Accident
There was one loss of life in Belize City over the Easter weekend after yet another traffic accident, this time in the busy Northside intersection of Douglas Jones and North Front Street. Police say driver for Progressive Shuttle Eyeon Bermudez was driving the bus on North Front Street toward...

Cayo Man Shot on Easter Sunday
A man was shot in San Ignacio on Easter Sunday. 23 year old Trevor Lamb was heading home with a female friend around three o’clock that morning. When they were on 2nd street they were approached by a male person who fired at Lamb. Lamb was hit to the...

19 year old Stabbed Multiple Times in Belize City
A 19 year old was stabbed multiple times on Wednesday in Belize City. 19-year-old Parish Corpius of Ladyville reported that on Wednesday night at about 11 pm, he was at his cousin’s house located at the corner of Pigeon and Parakeet Streets socializing when he was approached by...

Camalote Man Barely Survives Stab Wound to the Throat
The peaceful village of Camalote was disrupted on Holy Saturday Night with the reports of a stabbing incident. Police were called out to the Western regional Hospital in Belmopan following the report of a stabbing of 20 year old Shane Parham. Reports to Plus News are that around 8 pm that night, Parham...

Joseph Budna Escapes from Guatemalan Hospital While in Custody
Guatemalan newspaper, La Prensa Libre, is reporting that Joseph Budna, Belizean National, who was serving time at the Guatemalan prison escaped while he was being treated at a local medical hospital. Joseph Budna is no stranger to the media as, while living in Belize, he built up quite a...

Belizean Pilot Murdered in Guatemala
In other related news, a Belizean pilot identified as 22 year old resident of Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo Edwin Javier Chan was killed in Guatemala sometime on Friday, April 18th. According to reports, the body of Chan, who worked with Tropic Air, was discovered laying face down near...

Elderly Woman Murdered During Robbery of DVD player
On Good Friday, a thief turned murderer and the life of an elderly woman came to an end. 68 year old Myra Miller, who lived in a house located at mile 21 on the Old Northern Highway near the entrance of Boston Village, was discovered lying face down on...

Several Easter Drownings Reported
A man reportedly lost his life on Saturday, April 19th in the river of Red Bank Village. According to reports, Independence Police visited an area on the Swasey River Approximately 1 1/2 miles behind the Red Bank Village, Stann Creek District, where the body of a Hispanic man was...

The Reporter

Belizean convict, Joseph Budna, escapes Guatemalan authorities
Joseph Budna, 33, a Belizean who was convicted in Guatemala in 2013 of kidnapping and sentenced to 25 years imprisonment, is a fugitive on the run. According to the Prensa Libre newspaper of Guatemala, Budna was being hospitalised when he escaped from custody under the watch of two guards. Budna, who currently faces more trials for at least two more kidnappings, turned to Guatemalan police prior to his conviction in 2013 after he was targeted by two men who threatened and tried to blackmail him. Guatemalan police shot and killed one of the men in the process of protecting Budna.


Vacation at Victoria House & A Contender for San Pedro’s Best Burger
So yesterday, Easter Monday – a proper holiday in Belize, I took a vacation afternoon just down the beach from my condo. At one of (if not THE) prettiest properties on Ambergris Caye, the lovely Victoria House. I walked down to Victoria House’s beautiful beach. Since they have been on the island for over 20 years, the property has amazing mature palm trees and plants. The maintenance is impeccable. And they boast nicest lawn FOR SURE on the caye. It all just feels so civilized. And a resort where I am dying to spend the night. Even though it is a 5 minute walk from my condo.

International Sources

How Citizen Security is Changing in Latin America and the Caribbean
Faced with epidemic rates of violence, Latin American and Caribbean countries are expanding their investment in security and development cooperation. Many are doing so under the rubric of “citizen security”. Citizen security implies a commitment to responsible statehood and proactive citizenship in achieving public safety. It differs markedly from national security and law and order paradigms of the past. Governments from across the political spectrum are urgently exploring new ways to promote safer and more secure societies. Since the late 1990s, there has been explosion of innovation with more than 1,300 distinct citizen security interventions launched across Latin America and the Caribbean, according to the preliminary results of a mapping exercise. So what kinds of trends are emerging in the twenty first century? Although the United States still plays a dominant role in shaping the direction and character of security priorities, there are nevertheless new patterns of cooperation that privilege regional and local priorities over international ones. Three overall trends stand out. This post is also available in Spanish

Cruising in Belize
For years, Marian and I have watched the television show, Wheel of Fortune. Many times the prize given to the show's winner is a free trip to Belize and a stay at a five-star resort. The show's host raves about the beaches. Over the years, I've occasionally said to Marian, 'we should visit Belize to see for ourselves just what Belize offers'. So, a couple of weeks ago, as we were planning a trip to Houston, TX to visit relatives, I noticed a cruise going out of Houston to the Caribbean, with Belize one of the three destinations. I said to Marian, "Let's go on the cruise," so we did. I can honestly say, Belize City, and the nearby beaches is a worthwhile trip. It is beautiful. The beaches are magnificent. And, while neither Marian nor I are into snorkeling, we were told by several of our cruise buddies that the snorkeling and scuba diving is terrific. Belize has its own barrier reef. The barrier reef stretches 185 miles, and it has been identified as the largest reef in the Western part of the world, but smaller than the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The reef is home to as many as 500 species of fish. The reef was popular for diving.

St. Mary’s County church team travels to Belize
In January, 10 members of St. John Francis Regis Church in Hollywood, along with the director of Camp Maria in Leonardtown, traveled to Belize City, in Central America, with the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. The sisters taught at St. John’s School for 65 years, and the parish took up a special collection to build a “St. John’s Hollywood House” in their honor. Soon after receiving the donation, Sister Luke Boiarski, director of the lay mission volunteer program, called to ask if St. John’s would like to put together a team to actually go to Belize and physically build the house. This is known as an “immersion trip” and allows volunteers to experience firsthand the work of the sisters in their ministries throughout the world.

ONGs de Belize conhecem de perto o trabalho do Tamar
Um grupo de 13 representantes de ONGs e do governo de Belize, e da OAK Foundation, que trabalham com conservação marinha, envolvimento comunitário e áreas protegidas, fizeram visita de dois dias ao Tamar para ver como é realizado o trabalho de proteção às tartarugas marinhas. Conheceram um pouco da experiência em autossustentação, as operações no Centro de Visitantes da Praia do Forte/BA, a principal área de desova de tartarugas na região, a creche Finn Larsen e as atividades socioambientais. A delegação voltou para a terra natal inspirada na riqueza cultural valorizada e na capacidade de transformação de mentalidades e hábitos tradicionais para a conservação das tartarugas marinhas no Brasil. O Tamar aprendeu em todos esses anos de pesquisa e manejo a trabalhar em zonas de desenvolvimento costeiro, respeitando as necessidades dos animais e das comunidades, conta a coordenadora de pesquisa e conservação, Neca Marcovaldi. O objetivo da visita foi prover de informações e mostrar exemplos para que, dentro de suas realidades, os pesquisadores possam encontrar mecanismos que os ajudem a consolidar e implementar alguns programas e atividades de conservação em sua localidade.

How to Fix a Coral Reef
Scientists find a simple solution can give new life to some of the oceans’ most important ecosystems. Six feet below the surface of the Caribbean Sea, Lisa Carne holds a small ceramic disk with a chunk of elkhorn coral, its curled leafy shape resembling rust-colored kale, cemented onto it. She threads a plastic cable tie through holes in the disk, then fastens the other end of the tie to a lattice-like metal frame, one of a dozen or more anchored to the sandy floor. Carne deftly maneuvers her fins and scuba gear, careful to not disturb the surrounding coral, and repeats the process, attaching the ceramic cookies with their exotic flora onto the metallic grates, which sway rhythmically in the gentle current.

Equipped to Dive, Students Make Aquarium Their Classroom
“We run a diving program that’s basically shut down in the open water from around mid-November to mid-April,” said Joseph Gessert, the school’s diving safety officer. “So getting the kids in the water over the winter has filled a big hole. It helps keep their skills fresh.” For some of the students, it was their first experience in the crystal-clear waters of the tropics, albeit in miniature. Glover’s Reef mimics the underwater world of Belize. Fatima Moataz, a 17-year-old senior from Downtown Brooklyn, has logged plenty of hours in the city’s waters. She has surveyed for eel grass and scallops in Jamaica Bay for the National Park Service and helped restore oysters to New York Harbor through the Billion Oyster Project, an initiative led by the New York Harbor Foundation.

7 Unique Honeymoon Destinations You Haven't Thought of Yet
7. Belize: A wilder Mexico, on the cheap! If you love Mexico but want something a little more novel for the 'moon, try Belize. With the worlds largest sinkhole (it looks amazing!), gorgeous beaches and tropical jungles to explore, you'll love the many aspects of paradise that Belize offers! Plus it's a shorter flight than most of these other destinations... so that's a perk, right? So who's buying a bunch of awesome plane tickets to these amazing places right now? Well, I wish I was. Hopefully you'll be inspired and look up some of these unique honeymoon destinations for your own getaway. Which is your favorite?

Earth Day 2014: Find Out What Environmental Problems 20 Latin American Countries Face
Since the Industrial Revolution, human activity has destroyed the natural environment and is responsible for climate change. While not everyone blames mankind’s actions, a 2013 report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded with 95 percent certainty that people are to blame for at least half the climate change in the last half-century. "Climate change is a present and growing threat to economic development, and the goals of reduction of extreme poverty and the promotion of shared prosperity," said Erick Fernandes, the adviser for Agriculture and Rural Development in the Latin American and Caribbean region for World Bank, to Latin Times. "Unless the world takes bold action now, a warming planet threatens to put prosperity out of reach of millions, roll back decades of development gains and making it impossible to end extreme poverty by 2030." In Latin America, global warming has already made its mark with corals being bleached by warm temperatures, glaciers melting, cities becoming vulnerable to rising sea levels, and more. And it’s not just global warming that is threatening nature in Latin America: other forms of destruction (e.g. logging in the Amazon) is proving to be detrimental to biodiversity. In fact, according to The World Bank, Latin America is responsible for a small portion of global carbon emissions -- 12.5 percent, to be exact--but the region is the most affected by the temperature spike.


Video: Snorkle Belize, 3min.
Combo of the cut and shark ray alley

Video: How to Gather Cashew Fruit and Nuts in Belize, Central America , 4min.
Join us in a short video showing the kids gathering the fruit and nuts of the Cashew tree. They explain what they are doing and why. The fruit of the Cashew tree is called simply "Cashew" or "Cashew Apple" (it is not related to apples in any way). The Cashew is unique in that the single seed grows externally to the fruit. Please note: The Cashew tree contains an oil closely related to Urushiol - the irritating oil in Poison Oak and Poison Ivy.

Video: Swimming in the Belize River, 3min.
After a scorching hot day, I went with some friends to cool off and have some fun in the Belize River.

Video: Tropical Sunset in Belize - Timelapse, 1min.
Timelapse taken from the tower at Plett's Electronics.

Video: Pioneer Cherry Picking in Belize, 4min.
One weekend in our search for adventure we decided to go look for some May cherries. We found lots of them. After eating our fill we went for a ride through the newly cleared jungle

Video: Estreno RS: ‘Ritmos’, nuevo vídeo de Belize, 6min.
El soplo de aire fresco que llega a la escena pop nacional desde Navarra es, sin embargo, muy cálido: hablamos de Belize, trío Pamplonés de aires tropicales que prepara su primer trabajo y del que ya hemos podido escuchar tres temas: Egos, Babas y el estrenado hace unas semanas Ritmos, del que ROLLING STONE te trae ahora, en exclusiva, su videoclip. El trabajo, que puedes ver arriba, fue filmado por Santi G. Barros –hombre tras los últimos audiovisuales de Joe La Reina– en una sesión de directo de la banda, realizada en un lugar tan cálido y floral como la propia canción: el invernadero de Montreal Studios, en Subiza, Navarra.

Video: Flyfishing for permit in Belize, 10min.
Flyfishing at Tarpon Caye with an amazing guide

Video: Channel 5 blocked from covering 2014 Cross Country Cycling Classic, 3min.

Video: Baton of the Queen Elizabeth II arrives in the jewel, 2min.

Video: Belize Sunset in Paradise, 5min.

Video: GoPro Adventures, 4min.
Exploring Belize, Honduras, Mexico and Key West.

April 22, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Every picture tells a story- “The Drought is Over”
On March 28th The San Pedro Sun was invited to attend the St John’s College School (SJCS ) in Belize City’s annual reading fair. Held under the theme “Newspapers matter: they connect us to the world,” the event was aimed to encourage students to look at newspapers as an alternate source for reading. The drastic drought that threatened the lives of many is finally over. The country was shaken as the drought that started on September 1st has finally come to an end. Our country had to endure six weeks without rain. This resulted in millions of dollars lost due to animal and crop casualties. On October 14th the rain finally returned and everyone met it happily. The downpour begun at exactly 11:15 a.m. and lasted a solid 120 minutes.

San Pedro Police statistics register slight increase in Crime
The San Pedro Police Department has released the crime statistics for the month of March 2014. The report demonstrates a slight increase in major crimes, especially burglaries and theft. In addition, police report that the possession of controlled drugs is increasing with severity on the island. While crime is on the rise in San Pedro Town, police have reported a 50% decrease in crime for Caye Caulker Village. For the month of March 2014, Caye Caulker police only reported one incident of burglary, one incident of theft, one incident involving wounding, one incident of attempted murder, one incident involving harm and two incidents of damage to property. No major crimes were reported for the month of March in Caye Caulker.

Letter to the Editor: The Dons of the Done Deal
Dear Editor, I have attached a copy of my latest fable and would be tremendously grateful if you would find the contents worthy of publication in your esteemed newspaper. In the meantime, I wish you a fabulous day. Lucius Blackstone. The Dons of the Done Deal The last time we visited the happy land of Felize things were going wonderfully. The industrious people of that fair land, through hard work and cooperative effort had made their home the envy of their neighbours. They had stopped cutting down their trees and instead invited people to come sit in the shade and enjoy the many beautiful vistas to be found in the pristine peaceful forests. For combined with the beautiful white beaches protected by their famous reef, with crystal clear waters lapping gently upon the sand, Felize was indeed a magical land to visit. In fact, once word got around, people from all over the world were coming to see this beautiful place and the Felizeans prospered. Some opened hotels or tranquil retreats, others restaurants, or fed their families by showing visitors the many sights to be found in this wonderful land. More and more people came to stay, went home and told their friends abut it, so that each year Felize counted a greater number of guests, many of whom would spend more and more time and gold in this tranquil country. But fame can be a fickle mistress. While she attracts pleasant visitors who only want to enjoy the serene beauty of a place, she can also sing a siren’s song to the greedy, the sort of people who see dollar signs instead of nature’s bounty, and wish to plunder it for their own ends. And so it was that one day a cold north wind brought the people from the Land of the Midnight Sun. The captains of this fleet of hardy folk were experienced in the ways of making gold, and they knew a good thing when they saw it. “Well send our own Big Boats full of people who will pay to see this magic land. And we’ll make sure they pay us, and only us to experience the magic of Felize! We’ll make a fortune!”

Misc Belizean Sources

Belizean convicted in Guatemala escapes from prison
The Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre is reporting that Belizean Joseph Budna who is serving a lengthy jail sentence in Guatemala has escaped from prison. According to the Prensa Libre report, Budna was taken from the prison to a hospital for a medical checkup when he gave the two guards escorting him the slip. Budna is serving a 25 year prison sentence after he was convicted of the crimes of kidnapping and extortion last year. The prison guards under whose watch Budna escaped have been taken into custody.

Queen’s Baton arrives for Commonwealth Games relay
The Queen’s Baton, which heralds the launch of the twentieth Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland this summer, arrived this afternoon in Belize via the Philip Goldson International Airport. The baton contains a message from the head of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II, inviting athletes to join the Games. She will formally read it to open the ceremony on July 23. The baton is made of elm wood from the Isle of Cumbrae in Scotland, with a top of sculpted titanium and a granite gemstone which will be gifted to Belize on the baton’s departure. On hand to meet it were dignitaries of the National Sports Council (NSC) and Belize Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (BOCGA), whose President, Hilly Martinez, reported that Belize is sending its largest delegation to Scotland this year with four, possibly five, disciplines represented: athletics, cycling, table tennis, triathlon and shooting.

Queen Elizabeth II gets new portrait for her birthday
Today, Monday, April 21, is the 88th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was born in 1926 to King George VI and his wife Elizabeth, in London. While Queen Elizabeth II spent her birthday privately at home, in her honor gun salutes were fired in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and a new portrait of her was released, a black and white photograph by celebrated photographer David Bailey. The mother of four princes and princesses, she ascended the throne in May of 1952 and has seen generations of change across the world. She is the fifth-oldest head of state, being Queen of the United Kingdom and fifteen other countries including Belize. Click here to see additional reporting on the new Queen Elizabeth II portrait, including a pictorial of her reign.

The Reporter

Skin cancer on the rise
Cancer Research UK statistics show more than 13,000 people develop malignant melanoma each year, compared with around 1,800 in the mid-1970s. It says the rise is partly due to rising popularity of package holidays to Europe from the late 1960s. Sunbed use has also fuelled the increase, the charity has said. Malignant melanoma is now the fifth most common cancer, with more than 2,000 dying from it each year. Around 17 people in every 100,000 are diagnosed with the disease in Great Britain every year – compared with three per 100,000 in the mid 1970s.

More violence in Venezuela
Fresh violence has erupted in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, between police and opponents of President Nicolas Maduro. Masked protesters burned effigies of the president after a rally called “Resurrection of Democracy”. Police responded to petrol bombs in the Chacao district with tear gas and water cannon. More than 40 people have died in violent protests since February and hundreds of people have been arrested. The demonstrations started with students demanding action to tackle Venezuela’s high crime rate, its growing inflation and shortages of certain food staples. They have since grown into a wider opposition movement and many of the protesters say they will not stop until the government of President Maduro resigns.

Elderly woman beaten to death
Police are following leads into a ruthless beating of an elderly woman that claimed her life. The incident happened in Boston Village, Belize District sometime on Good Friday. Relatives and neighbours grew concerned when they did not see Marva Miller, 68, and after knocking on her door and calling out for her, they discoverd her lying face down and unconscious on her floor, bleeding from her head on Good Friday evening. Initial investigations reveal that someone broke into a window at the back of her house. A piece of board lay near her and there were sawdust visible on the back of her head where she had suffered a wound. Miller died on Easter Sunday after she reportedly suffered a stroke.


“Walking on Sunshine” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
After around forty minutes frolicking around (Ziggy that is, not me) we headed back home so that we could sit down and watch Arsenal stroll to a three goal win against Hull City. Ziggy was absolutely amazed by the skill and finesse shown by the Arsenal players. Three Arsenal fans in the house now. The fan base just went up by fifty percent! Feeling quite happy with ourselves it was time for breakfast. Bacon sandwiches for Rose and I and chicken (well. It was Sunday) and biscuits for Ziggy. With breakfast out of the way Rose and I then headed off to catch the 11.30 hours water taxi to Caye Caulker to meet up with most of the BATSUB guys for Ian’s farewell bash.

Sunset Sunday: Caye Caulker, Belize
We arrived on stunning Caye Caulker one week ago…and found it hard to say goodbye today. The relaxed island vibe was contagious, the Creole and Caribbean flavoured food was fabulous and the water was crystal clear and calm. Needless to say, we didn’t want to leave this little gem! The island (technically it’s a caye) is so small that it’s only a 2 minute walk from East to West. We definitely weren’t up for any sunrises, but we made it for sunset!

Shark Diving in Belize
OK that’s sounds way scarier than it was… These sharks are blind and I am not even sure if they have teeth like the predators you see on “Shark Week”. The type of sharks we swam with were “Nurse” sharks (the name alone should strike fear into you). They kill their prey by “sucking” them to death according to Wikipedia. So they may not kill you but they could probably give you one hell of hickey! Either way it was still pretty cool to be within a few feet of a shark larger than me. The sharks were not our only draw for the trip off of Caye Caulker, Belize. We went with Ragamuffin tours for the half day snorkeling tour which included a trip to “Shark-Ray Alley”. The alley was just as described full of Sting Rays and Sharks. Also seen on our trip were Stingrays, manta-rays, and a giant grouper. The tour companies seem to frequent the area and “chum”, so the smart fish head to the easy food. The grouper we saw look nearly domesticated as it swam with our tour leader. The grouper easily weighed several hundred pounds and dwarfed our guide. One of the most graceful things I have seen under water was the manta ray that glided past with just a flap of its massive rubbery wings.

Snorkeling at Silk Cayes – Placencia, Belize
The water is so clear that there are at least 5 shades of blue at the different depths. Then the island is completely surrounded by coral reef, and variety pack of colorful fish. The reef is a good depth to enjoy with just snorkel gear. Everything around the island is either just below eye level, or free dive-able. It’s hard to choose if the view way better from above or below the surface. The snorkeling was top 3 that I have ever done, but just look views from the sand! From shore we saw a lemon shark just as we were gearing up, and then he can back around lunch time as our cooks through some scraps in the water.

Belize Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie and Wife in All Out Brawl
Late breaking reaching NBZLive is that embattled Commissioner of Police, Allen Whylie and his wife were involved in an ugly and disgraceful melee on Saturday in Crooked Tree Village. The incident occurred during a racing event in the village. Sources from within the Belize Police Department who have pretty much had it with Commissioner Whylie told NBZLive that it’s time he submits that letter of resignation or he should be removed! According to eyewitnesses, a fight broke out among villagers from Lemonal, MayPen and Carmelita, all villages of the Belize Rural North constituency. A brave prison officer intervened to stop the fight but was soon overcome but the melee. Corporal Donald Gillett then got involved and soon got things under control. An allegedly intoxicated officer, identified to us a PC Ogaldez who is stationed in Crooked Tree took out his service revolver and fired shots in the air. That is when Compol Whylie instructed Corporal Gillett to take away the officer’s weapon.

International Sources

Belizean native returns home in US uniform
Born and raised in Belize City, Belize, Karen Burbank had it drilled into her mind by her mother that if she sticks with her education, she will succeed. Now a U.S. Army sergeant, Burbank has had five years of training and experience as a medic and recently deployed to Belize from the 349th Combat Support Hospital in Los Angeles. From April 7-17, Burbank ensured proper care was provided to people from her home nation. Working in the triage section of the New Horizons Belize 2014 medical readiness training exercise, or MEDRETE, Burbank was responsible for obtaining blood pressure and pulse readings, as well as determining a patients' main reason for visiting the temporary clinic.

Local Chocolatier Raises Funds to Visit Cacao Farm in Belize
In March 2011, Puja Satiani checked her phone for a brief moment between an afternoon workout and a meeting with colleagues at her law firm, when she got devastating news. Her paternal grandfather, one of the most meaningful presences in her life, had passed away. Her grandfather's death led to Satiani revisiting her life and priorities. "Around this time, I discovered premium chocolate, and there began my obsession with chocolate and its mother, the cacao bean. I became so obsessed with cacao and chocolate that I trained in France and traveled around France and Brussels. Upon my return, I started a small business handcrafting confections with premium chocolate and ingredients - all without preservatives," she said. "Since I started working with chocolate in 2011, I've dreamt about experiencing first-hand how cacao is grown and harvested and how the cacao bean is transformed into chocolate." Now Satiani has started a fundraising campaign to make that dream a reality. Via Indie GoGo, she aims to raise funds for a trip to Belize, where she hopes to follow cacao's journey all the way from the farm.


Video: After San Pedro Belize Express bridge collapse, 4min.
Hundreds of people on the dock causing it to break.

Video: Dive Belize - Part 1, 17min.
Creekozeen, Belize - April 2014

Video: Dive Belize - Part 2, 17min.
Creekozeen, Belize - April 2014

Video: Dive Belize - Part 3, 17min.
Creekozeen, Belize - April 2014

Video: Video: Dive Belize - Part 4, 3min.
Creekozeen, Belize - April 2014

Video: Dive Belize - Part 5, 17min.
April 2014

Video: Dive Belize - Part 6, 17min.
April 2014

Video: Dive Belize - Part 7, 17min.
April 2014

Video: Dive Belize - Part 8, 6min.
April 2014

Video: Guatemala, Belize, Mexico (Yucatan), 8min.
My journey through Guatemala, Belize and Yucatan (Mexico). March and April 2014 (3.5 weeks). Highlights: Vulcano Acatenango (3900m, Guatemala, near Antigua), Sailing trip in Belize and Diving in Cenotes (Tulum, Mexico), Semuc Champey (Guatemala)

Video: An Aerial Video of Ambergris Caye, Belize by J. Massey, 4.5min.
A really cool video done by J Massey using a DIJ Phantom Quad Copter to capture the beauty and specialness of La Isle Bonita. Once again this year Ambergris Caye has been voted The Best Island in The Caribbean.

Video: Dave Zook Belize Presentation, 2hrs1min.
For more information about getting involved with the project contact Dave Zook at or (717) 278-2456

Video: Police Brutality In Belize, 2min.
Yet another case of Police Brutality in Belize. Even though we at Belizean Comedy love to post funny stuff, we are also about exposing the real Belize, the side that people try to hide.

Video: airboat - Belize, 9min.

Video: Blue Ventures Exp. 2-14 (PART 3), 6min.
My adventure together with the amazing Blue Ventures Team and volunteers in Belize, 14 feb - 27 mar 2014. More videos soon, stay tubed. Like, subscribe and expect every part of nature.

Video: Dance of the Green Moray, 3min.
Green Moray Eels dancing during a dive at Esmeralda Canyon, Ambergris Caye, Belize. Interesting creatures. Beautiful in their own way.

Video: Belize Diving, 4min.
A film featuring some of the buetiful dive locations of Belize Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 2014

April 21, 2014


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Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5 and CTV3
Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, and the Dickie Bradley Specials

The San Pedro Sun

Doctor Love: Dental hygiene
Readers, please send your letters. They can be emails, formal letters or handwritten notes. They are edited solely for grammar and spelling. Also, they are sometimes edited for length. Dear Doctor Love, I am married to a woman with two grown children by another marriage. Her boy is my adopted son, which makes me the […]

Wolfe’s Woofer: Alcohol
“Stop at this store, Konrad,” I said. “Let me get some potato chips before they close. Do you guys want anything?” Konrad and Sherry both said, “No,” so I went on in to get my chips. One of our local drunks was at the counter with a bottle of rubbing alcohol. “I’m sorry but I […]

In Loving Memory of Stephen Alexander “Papi Box” Manuel
Stephen Alexander Manuel was born on October 10, 1956 in Belize City to parents Charles Manuel and Fidelia Rodriguez. As a child, he was very jovial and loved to play, often getting into mischief. He grew up lovingly among four sisters who to the very end, he cared for and protected. He ran away to San Pedro at the age of 11, fending for himself since then. On the island he became another member of the Dawson family, living with Mrs. Clementina and Dan Dawson. Carrying his full weight, at that age he became one of the island’s electric plant operators. He worked alongside men such as Mr. Gualberto “Wally” Nunez and Omar Arceo turning the electricity on and off for the island day in and day out.

Misc Belizean Sources

Girl dies in motorcycle crash
A 5 year old child perished on Holy Saturday when a motorcycle she was riding on with two other persons crashed into the back of a passenger bus in Belize City. The incident happened sometime after 4 pm yesterday on North Front Street near the BelChina Bridge. The child has been identified as 5 year old Akeela Wade. After the crash, the child was rushed to the KHMH where she succumbed to her injuries. The two other persons riding on the motorcycle received non-life-threatening injuries.

Cayo man drowns on Good Friday
A man from Santa Familia village, Cayo died on Good Friday, reportedly from drowning. 37 year old Arsenio Landero and his wife were traveling by canoe on the Belize River sometime before midday on Good Friday when the tragedy occurred. According to reports, Landero is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol and somehow during the course of the journey from Esperanza village to Santa Familia, the canoe became unstable and eventually overturned. While his wife was able to swim to shore and seek help, Landero went under the water and did not resurface. His body was retrieved from the Belize River about a half an hour later.

Partial collapse of a dock reported in Caye Caulker village
No one was seriously hurt this afternoon when a portion of a dock in Caye Caulker village broke, throwing some people into the Caribbean Sea. The dock belonging to one of the water taxi operators, appears to have buckled under the weight of the many people who were standing up waiting to board their boat for a trip back to Belize City around 4:45 pm.

The Reporter

Boat dock collapses on Caye Caulker
A crowded boating dock in Caye Caulker reportedly collapsed today. We are not certain if anyone was injured but some of the passengers who were waiting to board a commercial vessel fell into the sea. The incident occurred during one of the busiest times of year for boat travel in Belize, the Easter holidays.

Man drowns in Cayo District
A man drowned in the Cayo District on Holy Saturday. Reports are that Arsenio Landero, 37, and his wife were returning home in a canoe on the Macal River after spending the day socializing with friend. Reports are that the canoe capsized and Landero went under. His body was later recovered.

Traffic accidents claim two lives
A little girl lost her life in a traffic accident on Holy Saturday in Belize City. Keela Wade, 5, was reportedly traveling on North Front Street along with Kelsey Peyrefitte and Sonia Carcamo on a motorcycle when they ran into the back of a bus. The incident happened sometime before 5 p.Wade died about an hour later while receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner while Peyrefitte suffered an injured knee and eye. Police are investigating. Meanwhile, an elderly man was knocked down and killed on the Stann Creek Valley Road on Holy Saturday evening. Lloyd Savery Sr., 91, was reportedly heading home around 6 p.m. when somewhere near mile five a blue Kia traveling in the same direction knocked him down. Savery suffered head and body injuries and died an hour later at the Southern Regional Hospital. Police have served the driver of the vehicle with notice of intended prosecution.


From Benque to Belize City to San Pedro: It’s A Very Varied Easter Basket in Belize
I hopped on a 1pm bus from Benque to Belize City – most people do not travel on Good Friday and there were few buses. But mine was blissfully pretty empty and we got to Belize City in 2.5 hours. (The previous day, in a VERY full bus that stopped at what felt like everyone’s house, the trip took almost 4 hours.) Belize City, on Good Friday and then again on Easter Saturday, was pretty much a ghost town. I woke up at 530am to a heavy shower pounded on the tin roof and then quickly cleared. A beautiful breezy Belize City morning. The big event was the Saturday morning 86th Annual Cross Country Bicycle Race. The riders, many Belizean, some foreign, start from Belize City at 6am, cycle all the way out to San Ignacio and then back to Belize City sometime around noon. We headed to the finish line at the newly refinished BTL Park. With kiosks, a boardwark over the sea and actual grass, this park looks lovely. (Another word not often associated with Belize City.)

“Rose in Paradise” in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
Things like “who is going to take him for his walks” (me most probably), “who is going to feed him ” (Rose I’d say definitely), “who is going to bathe him” (think I got that one), and “who gets to pet and stroke him” (think Rose has unofficially claimed this one). Oh, and “who gets the poop scooping duty” (an uncontested me on that one. Not that I got to vote!). It’s not all been about preparing for Ziggy though. I did take up the cudgel (OK, the paintbrush) with the exterior side of the fence again. It didn’t last that long though because ants started to bite my feet (I really don’t have a clue what type they are but they are vicious. And there are so many of them). I manfully endured the pain until I ran out of the preservative I am using and then I very quickly scuttled indoors to lick my wounds (not literally of course). I also arranged for the water test for the boat that we are considering buying. Its set for 10.00 hours next Thursday. I’ll obviously let you know if the engine is ‘up to it’. If not, then it’s ‘back to the drawing board’. Hopefully not though.

International Sources

See the Global Shipping Revolution In These Beautiful Ocean Maps
The global shipping industry has completely transformed our world: Today, 90 percent of everything in your life arrives via cargo ship. These two maps prove just how dramatically international trade has increased, by comparing the oceans of the 19th century with those of the late 20th. Ben Schmidt, an assistant history professor at Northeastern University, culled decades of data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set to create a series of maps that show shipping lanes in black against a simple white backdrop. The visualizations lay bare the sheer volume of stuff that's trekked across our oceans these days. Two maps pointed out by QZ, in particular, illustrate the revolution in shipping. One shows routes in the 19th century: And the other shows routes from 1980 to 1997—when our contemporary global economy had already emerged: The contrast is wild. It's not just a boom in volume, but also in precision. The 19th century map is hazy and vague, with ships curling in and out of traditional routes, while the contemporary map is a study in precision mapping. The two maps also depict a more shadowy shift, as Schmidt points out. In the 1800s, this was how America (and other nations) gleaned intelligence about the world around it:

Overview of the CenRut project
What is CenRut? CenRut is a community-based project to create and freely distribute GPS maps of Central America. The project covers El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and Panama. How do I load the maps onto my Garmin GPS? The simple method (recommended): If you have a Garmin GPS, right-click on this link: to save the GMAPSUPP.IMG file onto your computer. Then connect your GPS to your computer and save the file in the /Garmin/ folder on your GPS ( for newer models create the /Map/ folder on your GPS and load the file there). Then disconnect your GPS from your computer and turn on your GPS. That's all! The complete method: please refer to the complete Windows or the complete Mac method below, as appropriate. How do I know if the Cenrut maps are correctly loaded onto my GPS? Start your GPS and go to Tools>Settings>Map>Info. You should see the following:

The Drug Cartels Long March on El Salvador
More than two decades after the civil war in El Salvador ended, the nation remains fractured—a situation being worsened by increasing drug cartel presence and influence. In its recent presidential election, Salvador Sanchez Ceren of the governing left-wing Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) barely defeated Norman Quijano of the right-wing National Republican Alliance (Arena). With more than three million votes cast, the margin of Ceren’s victory was only 6,364 votes, or 51.1 to 49.9 percent. Despite fraud allegations and a subsequent legal challenge by Quijano, an electoral court upheld the narrow victory for Ceren and the UN monitors certified the election results as valid. There are concerns that El Salvador could become another Venezuela, with American support for Arena over the past decade potentially leading to fresh political instability in light of their close loss in the latest election. The memories of paramilitary groups and death squads are ever-present.

Drug Cartels & Their Recent Control of Costa Rica
Costa Rica is under attack. Despite recent claims that “no terrorist groups or drug cartels lurk in the nation’s mountains and rain forests,” the evidence is quite the contrary. Even back in 2011, journalists were warning of the cartel influence creeping into Costa Rica. Since 2004, homicide rates – while still well below those of its neighbors such as Honduras and El Salvador – increased more than sixfold, and crime rates have doubled since the late 1990s. The nation was becoming popular (and still is) as a “warehouse” for cocaine being shipped from Colombia up to the USA. Some sharp lessons in realpolitik are coming to light for Costa Rica. Back in 1948, the country abolished its military and began grossly underfunding its police services in order to allow greater spending on health, education, other social benefits, and environmental protection. Now it has few institutional resources equipped to handle the growing cartel threat. The police and judicial systems are also exhibiting evidence of corruption. Polling data indicates that “nearly half of Costa Ricans consider citizen security the worst problem facing the country.”

Central American Criminal and Terrorism Nexuses are Maturing
As Central America's northern cone nations set records for willful deaths, Honduras leads the world with a murder rate of 90.4 per 100,000. El Salvador, Guatemala and Belize’s homicide rates are averaging, collectively, 42 percent per 100,000, as people literally fight for their lives. These seemingly unabated rates of murder, plus the kidnappings and assassinations of public figures, police, members of the armed forces and journalists, are the continuing and expanding product -- and chosen role -- of transnational organized criminals (TOC). And much of their achieved movement would not have been possible without facilitation and nurturing by rogue leftist political regimes, and paramilitary and guerilla-like forces, within this hemisphere. Each of the countries in the northern cone of Central America, as well as Mexico and the United States, have shared borders within the regions of hostile operational activities that witness fluid and seemingly unstoppable encroachment by the criminal insurgent-like actors. These TOCs, for the most part, use advanced military-type weaponry, superior firepower and more advantageous military tactics, including seen before elements of intelligence tradecraft employed by world terrorist organizations.


Video: Belize Honeymoon - Viaventure Central America, 5min.
An adventurous, young couple go on a fun, romantic, unique honeymoon in Belize where they climb temples in the jungle, swim in lakes and snorkel the reef with rays and turtles, make tortillas with the Maya community, kayak through ancient maya ritual caves, enjoy candlelit dinners beside firepits, luxuriate in hammocks and having massages, staying in wonderful luxury boutique hotels such as Ka'ana, Victoria House, Portofino, Nitun (Guatemala), El Convento (Guatemala)....... Email us for an example Honeymoon design and quotation

Video: Belize 2014, 7min.
Diving with Whale sharks

Video: Jet ski belize, 5min.

Video: Belize Esmeralda, 6min.
Diving the Belize barrier reef following nurse sharks, grouper and moray eels around.

Video: Belize - 24 Dec 2013 to 11 Jan 2014, 4min.
Belize!! Caye Caulker, San Pedro, Blue Hole, Half Moon Caye, Raggamuffin tours, Rendezvous Caye, Tobacco Caye, Placencia, Hopkins, San Ignacio, Tikal Guatamala, RTB!

Video: Chukka Ziplining in Belize, 15min.
Our ziplining adventure at Chukka in Belize. Awesome people and a great adventure!

Video: Fishing in Belize & Belize Fly Fishing, 3min.
Tucked away in the luscious green hills in atop the Caribbean Coast of the south part of Belize; this beautiful lodge is a place to get away from the world. The meaning of agritourism-chic is Jungle Lodge and a nature reserve that spans across 12,000 beautiful acres. This Belizean lodge has so much to offer while on your Belize fishing vacation, including amazing adventures, wildlife watching, delicious local cuisine, saltwater fly-fishing and some of the best hospitality in the world.

Video: Belize 2014, 9min.
Belize and Guatemala Spring Break 2014

Video: Pharrell Williams - HAPPY (We Are ISIS Belize), 4min.
We love Pharrell's Happy tune because here in Belize we are very happy. Study abroad with I.S.I.S and you won't believe how Happy an adventure in education will make you. See you soon

Video: Under water in Belize, 6min.

Video: Hol Chan, Belize, 17min.
SCUBA diving in Belize at Hol Chan marine reserve. This was with my father and mother. Also there is some great footage in here where a guy in our group decided to use these hilariously tiny fins, even though he was told there would be a current and to get real fins. He didn't have enough weight to crawl apparently so he ended up using up his air and having to have the dive master save him (and share his air).

Video: Field Crew Survey Team in Belize, 10min.

Video: Feeding a jaguar in Belize!, 2min.
We got to feed chicken to a jaguar in Belize name Junior. He also licked Brock's forehead. Such an amazing experience to be so close to such a powerful creature!

Video: SCUBA Belize. Eagles Ray, Sea Turtle, Dolphins, 10min.
On this dive we saw quite a variety of creatures. Eagle rays, dolphins, and sea turtles!

Video: Belize, Snorkling at Shark Ray Alley, 8min.
Lots of Nurse Sharks here. There were also some kite surfers nearby.

Video: Earth from Space: Great Blue Hole [HD], 3min.
Earth from Space is presented by Kelsea Brennan-Wessels from the ESA Web-TV virtual studios. In the sixty-third edition, we look at an underwater sinkhole in the Belize Barrier Reef. The Lighthouse Atoll in the Belize Barrier Reef is featured in this image acquired by Japan's ALOS satellite. In the upper-central part of the image, an underwater sinkhole known as the Great Blue Hole appears as a dark blue circle. Surrounded by the shallow waters of the coral reef, the Great Blue Hole measures over 300 m in diameter and about 123 m deep. Formed when the sea level was much lower, rain and chemical weathering eroded the exposed terrain. Water later filled the hole and covered the area when the sea level rose at the end of the ice age. Also visible in the image are two coral islands -- green with vegetation -- called cayes. The larger to the west is Long Caye, and the smaller Half Moon Caye is to the east. As part of the Belize National Parks, the Half Moon Caye Natural Monument was the country's first protected area. The almost 40 sq km island is an important breeding area for the seabird, the Red-footed Booby. The greater Belize Barrier Reef has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, but in 2009 it was put on the List of World Heritage in Danger. The reef provides a significant habitat for threatened species, including marine turtles, manatees and the American marine crocodile. The Advanced Land Observing Satellite captured this image on 29 March 2011 with its Advanced Visible and Near Infrared Radiometer, which is designed to chart land cover and vegetation in visible and near-infrared spectral bands, at a ground resolution of 10 m. Date of Production: 26 April 2013 Credit: European Space Agency (ESA)

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